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How to Make Reels on Instagram: Step by Step and 8 Content Types that Go viral

Did you know that Learning How to Make Reels on Instagram can boost your Instagram marketing strategy?

As with other resources of the platform, Instagram was inspired by the success of TikTok to offer one more functionality to its users, which is Instagram Reels.

But a lot of people still don’t know, but this is the feature of Instagram that has the greatest organic reach right now.

And yet, there are still thousands of people who still don’t know how to use this amazing resource that has a powerful reach. No more sitting out, huh?

Reels is a content format where you can share videos of 15 or 30 seconds in length, displayed in Stories or the Explore tab.

If you want tolearn How to Make Reels on Instagram as a marketing strategy, you need to at least consider the important tips and factors I share with you in this article.

When implementing usage from Reels in your range of strategies, I’m sure you’ll be able to make money on Instagram permanently and permanently.

Come on?

What Reels On Instagram Means

Reels is an Instagram feature that allows users to create videos of up to 15 or 30 seconds and include various features such as music, filters and even clippings from several videos, so that the content will attract a lot of attention.

Very similar to Cenas, a feature that was extinct by the platform, Reels brought a new face to the platform, offering newness to users.

A lot of people say the feature is an imitation of TikTok, just as it was at the time Instagram Story was launched.

The Reels it’s a way to attract followers, which is great for your marketing strategy.

Instagram Reels was inspired by the success of Tik Tok , just as Stories was an inspiration to Snapchat, for example.

Instagram Reels is a feature that helps you attract new followers to its profile, increasing more and more its audience and engagement, because, in general, they are funny videos and full of effects, such as music, filters, video clippings, among others.

Many people have already noticed the Reels has great reach, so they didn’t miss the opportunity to use the feature as a strategy within Instagram.

How Important Is Using Reels in Your Internet Strategy

Para que serve o Reels do Instagram para quem usa o Instagram como estratégia de Marketing

With the popularity of TikTok, Instagram owner Facebook saw the opportunity to insert a similar feature into the platform, targeting the competitor’s great success, to attract more users.

But it wasn’t just the platform that saw the opportunity. Many people and companies, from different segments and sizes, also realized that Reels is an excellent tool to reach more people and, consequently, make sales.

The opportunities for those inside Instagram are endless , therefore, for those who know how to use all the features offered by the platform, they will gain prominence in the market.

Research shows that 82% of Instagram users follow brands on the platform, and almost half of these users follow and like the photos published by the brands.

In other words, Instagram is a channel that connects entrepreneurs, brands and potential customers, interacting, creating proximity and gaining their trust.

Moreover , the same surveys show that more than 50% of users have purchased a product they know about on the social network.

Not to mention the platform’s ads, which can further boost your sales.

And that doesn’t just apply to big brands. Anyone starting an internet business can also use Instagram in their marketing strategies.

Incidentally, it is recommended that anyone working with affiliate marketing use Instagram in their strategies, because the platform, which started just like a photo-sharing social network, it’s a great tool to drive the success of any business.

Reels drives your results

With Reels, you’ll get more visibility for your online business, it will increase engagement and gain more followers. All of this means an increase in your sales as well.

Since Reels are published in the Explore tab, you can take advantage and insert the right hashtags to increase the reach of your videos.

Use social networks to apply marketing strategies is very important to drive the results of your business as an affiliate.

However, for your strategy to generate real results, you need to know each social network with which you will work.

Instagram offers several resources to make your business grow, but you need to know each of these resources well, precisely, to choose where to focus your energies on the platform.

Know how to exploit this social network so powerful for your business, create a relationship with your audience that is there, take advantage of the popularity of Reels to attract more followers to your profile.

Reels has the potential to grow the reach of your videos if you use the feature just intelligently, like adding assertive hashtags.

The feature is very easy to use and you can get closer to users and encourage engagement by posting content as challenges, for example.

With so much ease of use and great potential for reach and engagement, Reels cannot be left out of your strategy

Should I Post On Reels Or Tiktok?

The success of TikTok interfered with how long people stay on Instagram, so the platform decided to launch a similar feature, as it did with other platforms that have done a lot success, like Snapchat with its short videos and 24 hours duration, for example.

Both Reels on Instagram and TikTok were thought to offer its users the possibility to publish short videos and share with their users friends and other users.

It’s a way to offer fun with lots of creativity for users of both platforms. And if you’re already using TikTok, you can take your audience to Instagram.

Despite their similarity, Reels and TikTok have their differences, like, for example, Reels’ Instagram videos disappear within 24 hours after publishing.

The TikTok allows the user to publish their short videos permanently, and can delete them whenever they want.

The big advantage of TikTok is the wide reach that the platform offers, allowing one of your videos to go viral on the platform.

Another advantage of TikTok is that the platform has extended the duration of videos to 60 seconds, beating the 30 seconds that Reels offers . Also, as I said, in TikTok videos don’t disappear after 24 hours.

However, in TikTok, users don’t need to follow your profile to access your videos and, therefore, the videos are usually watched randomly, along with those of other users.

This prevents you from bonding with other users, making it difficult to apply marketing strategies on the platform.

However, Reels allows users to send direct messages, something TikTok does not yet offer.

As you have seen, each resource has its characteristics and both can be used in your internet strategy, and to identify which one can generate better results for your business, it will depend on your goals and objectives.

So, the ideal would be to use the success of TikTok to bring an audience to Instagram, which is a complete social network, with many features and which has the potential to boost your internet business.

But , if you want to choose just one, I advise you to choose Reels, because with it you will have practicality and variety in one place.

4 Ways To Use Reels For Your Digital Business

Como Fazer Reels no Instagram de forma comercial

Just as Instagram Stories have been called a copy of Snapchat, Reels has also been seen as an imitation of TikTok.

The fact is that Instagram is always following the internet trends around the world to offer its users something popular and attractive. ual, remaining present in people’s daily lives.

Due to the large number of active users every month, Instagram is no longer just a social network for sharing photos and having fun, and has become one channel that brings large and small businesses closer to their consumers.

And with such an attractive feature, where you can get your message across quickly, as a digital entrepreneur, you need to include Reels in your marketing strategy .

Now see 4 ways to use Reels for your digital business.

1. Publish your TikTok videos

As I said in the previous thread, you can use TikTok to bring your audience to Instagram.

Also, if you publish videos that you want on Reels have made more success on your TikTok profile, you will attract non-TokTok followers, and your videos will also be a hit with Instagram users.

2. Teach something relevant

Use Reels to publish content teaching something relevant to your followers.

Having a digital business, you can teach your followers how to choose a product to affiliate with, how to post product links or something related to your niche market and that your audience is interested in.

3. Show your products

Another way to use Reels for your business is to take the opportunity to show the products you promote.

Show your products, show them what they are different from competition.

If you sell physical products, show what the product looks like inside, open the packaging, show someone using the product… use your imagination to get people’s attention.

Since Reels is located in the “Explore” tab, any user will be able to view your content, so take the opportunity to attract even more followers and potential customers.

4. Show behind the scenes of your business

Take advantage of Reels on Instaram to present your business to your target audience, show who you are, what you do on a daily basis, why you promote these products or services…

Showing behind the scenes always generates a feeling of proximity to the public, and even the big brands have already noticed this and are keen to show the backstage of the company’s processes.

Content that behind-the-scenes shows create a deeper connection with the audience because it’s personal and builds trust, a trait that converts the most.

How to Make Reels on Instagram – [Step by Step]

Now If you already know what Reels is all about, see how to create videos in this powerful Instagram resource to boost your online business.

1. Click on “Story” and then select the “Reels” option.

Passo para aprender como fazer reels no instagram

2. On the left side of the screen appears a menu with several resources for you to use in your video.

Menu para postar o seu reels no instagram

3. In the “Audio” icon, just like in Stories, the user can add a song from the platform’s library.

Escolha o áudio para postar o reels no instagram

4. Under “Duration”, you can choose to create a 15- or 30-second video.

Defina o tempo de duração do seu vídeo no reels

5. In the “Speed” option, you can choose the speed at which your video will play.

Selecione a opção de Velocidade

6. In the “Effects” option, you will find the same effects you use in Stories.

Caso queira utilizar, selecione efeitos

7. In the “Retouch” icon, the user can disguise expression lines, some blemish on the face or whatever, so as not to appear in the video.

Opção de Retoque para quem deseja remover linhas de expressão facial

8. Under “Video Layout” you choose the display format of your video.

Opção para selecionar o layout do vídeo no reels do instagram

9. The “Timer” displays a countdown before it starts recording your video.

Como Fazer Reels no Instagram de forma comercial0

10. To record your video, just click on the center button at the bottom of the screen.

Como Fazer Reels no Instagram de forma comercial1

11. If you record videos that are less than 15 seconds long, you can edit it at the end.

Como Fazer Reels no Instagram de forma comercial2

12. If you want to delete the video or cut some part, just click on the left side of the record button.

Como Fazer Reels no Instagram de forma comercial3

13. When you record a snippet of your video, a new function appears, “Align”, which helps you frame your video.

Como Fazer Reels no Instagram de forma comercial4

14. When you’re done editing your video, click “Preview” to share.

Como Fazer Reels no Instagram de forma comercial5

You can use some editing features if you like, before publishing your video.

Como Fazer Reels no Instagram de forma comercial6

Content Ideas To Post To Reels

Como Fazer Reels no Instagram de forma comercial7

What Reels is a resource that can help you boost your business, you already know that right?

See now 8 content ideas to post on Reels and attract more followers to the your profile.

1. Tutorial

Tutorials are videos that teach people how to do something, in general, through a step by step.

This type of content is always a success and generates a lot of engagement, especially likes and shares.

Since Instagram only allows 15- and 30-second videos on Reels, your tutorial should be to the point, but you can speed up the video or “join clips”.

2. Tips

Another type of content that is very successful on any social network are tips.

By the way, lists are very successful on blogs too, so they are always present. You can find this type of content here at Core, for example.

Create Reels with tips on topics that your target audience is interested in and use the effects that the resource offers.

You can create a video of yourself pointing to each tip that appears on the screen or speaking the tips, in a nutshell, so that they fit into the 30 seconds and your audience is satisfied.

3. Dubbing

Dubbing is one of the most popular content on TikTok and responsible for several virals.

So if Instagram was inspired by TikTok to create Reels, so can you? to create your dubbing videos and attract many followers to your profile.

You can dubbing audios, famous scenes from soap operas, cartoons, movies and TV shows.

If it’s a funny dub, success is guaranteed. People love watching funny videos, and if they’re short then even better.

Also, this type of content is very shared on social media and is easier to go viral.

4. Myths and truths

One more content tip for you to publish on Reels is myths and truths.

You can use Reels to clarify, for example, some myths that people spread about working at home, about making money on the internet and others having to do with digital marketing.

You can create a video clarifying that it is a myth to think that to create an internet business one needs to invest a lot of money .

5. Challenges

Another really cool content idea that generates a lot of engagement and attracts more followers to your profile are challenges.

To create challenges, just create some actions that users will have to do at a predefined time period, using a hashtag.

Create a challenge using the editing features provided by Reels. Be creative and drive user engagement, increasing your business’ visibility.

6. Customer Testimonials

One thing you can’t miss, if your intention is to use Reels in your business strategy, are testimonials from satisfied customers.

This type of content triggers the mental trigger of social proof, causing other users to be convinced that your product or service is good, piqued the interest of those who are not yet your customer.

You can ask some customers to talk about how your product or service has changed their lives, and post it on your Reels.

7. Before and After

For those who are affiliated with slimming products or hair growth products, for example, the before and after is great content to publish on Reels and be very successful on Instagram.

Show your followers the transformation your product causes, using a transition effect between before and after to get even more people’s attention.

8. How Do They Think X How It Really Is

You can create a video showing, for example, what a lot of people think is the life of a digital affiliate and what it really is like.

Or, what they think it’s like to work at home (in your pajamas, lying on the couch) and what the reality of working at home is like (at the office, focused on the computer screen…)

Use your creativity, take the opportunity to join video clips, filters, music and everything that can make your videos creative and very attractive.


Take advantage of the reach of Instagram and use all the resources that the platform offers to increase the visibility of your business, create proximity to your target audience and gain more customers.

Being present on social networks is essential to keep your brand in people’s minds, and Reels on Instagram can help you with this task.

Create a specific strategy for Reels on Instagram and watch your results increase.

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