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How to make pictures for Live Stories on Instagram: step by step instructions

In 2017, the Instagram app has the ability to save stories for a long time. Before that, they were shown to subscribers for only 24 hours and disappeared without a trace. Now users have the opportunity to save them and continue broadcasting, only from their personal page.

Such stories began to hide under round pictures, which were located immediately after the block with a text description. Literate people quickly appreciated the full potential of such story collections and began to actively use them to promote their business through the social network.

Internet marketers have not only developed the principles of using Trending Stories, the most effective color for them (red, green, black or purple), but also revealed secrets for use even by ordinary users who just want to share with the rest of their daily life.

How to properly format the Instagram Relevant section

The Stories Highlights section has great potential if used wisely and wisely. To do this, you need to follow some design rules. First of all, you need to make sure that all stories are made in the same style.

Today there are the following main trends:

Corporate identity

For this, the picture, avatars and screensavers of the Actual must be made in the same style. This can be a drawing, general details, colors. In general, all images should evoke associations with a single brand, complement its main logo.

Today is the Internet overflowing with visual information. This is one of the reasons why users pay attention to simple pictures with minimal decoration. In Trending Stories, this can be used in the form of captions on section avatars on a uniform background. Nothing else is needed for page visitors to understand the essence and find the information they need.

Color spots

This trend is also actively used in the design of various pages on the Internet. For stories, it looks like accents of color against a uniform background. At the same time, pictures for Topical on Instagram may not be detailed, only schematically depicted. The main thing is to attract attention with a bright accent color. Then it will definitely attract the visitor’s eye.

This is the direction in which beautiful fonts are actively used for inscriptions. At the same time, the headpieces on the history should not be overloaded with information. So, you can use several fonts at the same time, but there should be a minimum of words on a uniform background.

Nice way show that the business is on the same level with the client, ready to listen to him and resolve any issues. Stickers for Actual, decorated in this style, give the impression that the author practically did not try. They will look more like the drawings and inscriptions of a child than the work of a professional designer. Although their creation requires at least, and sometimes more, time.

When creating a cover, remember that it will be cropped to fit a circle. Therefore, all important information should be in the center of the picture for stories.

No need to choose too complex designs, small pictures. This only interferes with the ease of perception. And small details will generally be invisible on a small smartphone screen. As a result, the picture will merge into a solid illegible spot.

When creating each of the sections, it is worth carefully considering its content. It is desirable that the photo / video gallery is in the same style. Then they will be easier to perceive, arouse interest and desire to see everything to the end.

Making stylish covers with Canva

There are many editors on the Internet to create beautiful covers. They can be used online, downloaded to PC and mobile device. Let’s take a look at the workflow using Canva as an example. The logic of actions will be similar to the rest.

First, you need to register on the site and activate a free trial period for 30 days. Over time, you can refuse it and use the service for free, but with slightly curtailed functionality, which does not particularly interfere with the creation of stylish avatars for Instagram stories. There are two ways to do this:

  • From scratch.
  • Using a ready-made template.

To create an online picture from scratch, you need to create an empty white workspace size 1080×1920. It needs to be filled with a color or textured background from the service collection.

Создаем картинку для Актуального в Инстаграм с нуля

After the background for the stories is ready, you can put an inscription or a picture on it. Create the inscription through the “Text” section.

Вводим текст

To search for icons, go to the “Elements” section. Enter the keyword there in the search bar. For example, the query “Delivery” returns several different items. It remains only to choose the most suitable for the general style of page design.

Добавляем изображение на картинку для Актуального в Инстаграм

Now it remains to save the picture in jpg or png graphic format. That’s it, the new cover is ready to be installed in Trending Stories.

The second way to create a cover seems simpler, but it won’t be as personal as creating it yourself from scratch.

The templates in the Canva collection are designed by professional designers. They are more beautiful and stylish.

At the same time, everyone can use them. And this automatically means mass character instead of individuality in the approach to how to design the page.

When choosing this option, you need to look at your closest competitors, for example, nail artists or restaurants. It is important to differ from them not only in the quality of design, but also in originality.

To create a cover in this way, you need to open the “Instagram Story” section. Here are the most beautiful templates.

Открываем раздел История Instagram

In order not to worry about the correct placement of elements, their aesthetics, you can immediately select the “Topical History Cover” tab. Here, the placement of each element is thought out in accordance with the technical requirements of Instagram for pictures.


This subsection also offers five different skins. With their help, you can easily arrange all the relevant sections on the page in the social network. But you can take only one template you like. Before publishing an icon for eternal stories, you need to check all its elements.

If necessary, you can change them to those needed for specific purposes. So, for example, the inscription “Manicure” can be changed to “Pink manicure”, etc. After that, the stickers for the actual are ready to use.

As noted earlier, Canva is far from the only editor that allows you to create wallpapers for stories. On the Internet, you can find many interesting options that will be more convenient and more interesting for a specific person.

Other useful Instagram picture apps

Here are the most popular utilities that allow you to process photos at a professional level, even without the need to use a computer. All actions are easily carried out in a few clicks on the screen of a mobile device.


One of the most used applications in the world. It has a lot of free templates for creating really cool stories.

Популярное приложение Unfold для картинок в Инстаграм

People love it for both its cool effects and unusual photo frames in different styles. The utility is distributed free of charge. Available for iOS and Android operating systems.


You can publish different videos in stories, but not always they are filmed in Instagram format. And in such cases, there are problems with the correct publication in the story. To avoid this, it makes sense to use the InShot program.

Мобильный видеоредактор InShot

This is a mobile video editor. It crops the video to the desired size, allows you to tweak some parameters. Free distribution. Available on popular mobile platforms.


The application was created for owners of GoPro action cameras. It allows you to crop videos to the format required for stories.

Приложение для создания сторис в Инстаграм

It also allows you to convert images from horizontal to vertical without much loss of quality and meaning. In the collection of the application there are interesting transitions between glues, graphics, soundtracks. Works on Android and iOS.


Another popular free photo editing app. In terms of quality, the finished images are not much inferior to professional ones.

Приложение для обработки фото для Инстаграм

With this utility, you can create videos from photos, add interesting effects, additional objects. To create a new video, you need to go through three simple steps. Application management is simple and intuitive. The program is available on iOS and Android.


Free full-fledged photo editor. In it, you can not only change the contrast, brightness, saturation. The utility has built-in tools for face retouching, creating unique collages. Ready-made pictures can be labeled. The utility is available on popular mobile platforms.

Фоторедактор Meitu

In all programs that work with photographs, you can also create covers for highlights. When working, it is advisable to remember the parameters used to process images. This will make it easier to create a gallery with a consistent style in the future. This will help a better collection experience and the fastest promotion of the page among subscribers.

Frequently Asked Questions

At first glance, it seems that everything is clear with highlights: these are stories added to the section for long-term storage. But here, too, people have different questions.

There are no restrictions on the themes for creating collections. Owners of a business and a commercial page on a social network should think about what questions are most often asked by direct visitors. It will be logical to move the answers to them into the current one, grouping them by topic.

Ordinary users can create galleries on the themes of leisure, favorite food, travel, work, children, etc. In this case, there are no restrictions. The less conventional the approach, the more visitor attention it will attract.

Absolutely everyone. This is a good reason to preserve your memories for a long time, create a positive image of the page, brand, demonstrate the dynamics, the process of creating something. Every advanced user of this social network should use this tool to the fullest.

According to the administration of the social network, all stories transferred to the sections of Actual Stories have an unlimited storage period. They will remain available to users until the page owner decides to delete them.

The owner of the page can only add and remove any photos that he likes. For this, Instagram has the appropriate tools.

The post itself cannot be edited. It gets to the Topical in the form in which it was published in stories.

Briefly about the main thing

Everyone on the Instagram social network strives to get as many subscribers as possible. It is important for him to share photos and videos with users, to create a certain image of a brand / person. And for this you need to use all the available tools.

The page should have the same style. The avatar of the profile itself and the avatar of the Actual must complement each other. It is better not to duplicate information on the page. Indicate all the most important points in the description, and use the story as an addition.

If you learn to use this tool correctly, the chances of effective free page promotion will increase significantly. People willingly share interesting and viral information. So why not make your page the way you want to tell everyone you know?

Sincerely, Tatyana Fedorchenko
specially for the proudalenku.ru project

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