ganhar dinheiro no Instagram - 4 maneiras

How to make money on Instagram

Ignoring Instagram’s business potential these days is synonymous with losing money. Social networking has become indispensable for anyone who wants to earn money on the internet. If you don’t use Instagram yet, want to get into the digital market, but don’t know what to do, I’ve listed for you the 4 most popular ways to make money on Instagram 

Is having lots of followers important?

Ter muitos seguidores é importante?  - ganhar dinheiro no instagram

It has probably crossed your mind that in order to make money on Instagram, it is essential that you have a large following. The truth is that the number of followers is not paramount.

I’ll give you an example for you to understand better… 

Imagine your profile has 10,000 followers, but not half of those people interact and engage with your content. In fact, not half of them see or care about the content they publish…

This means that, in reality, your 10,000 followers do not represent real sales potential.

Your sales potential is actually that one thousand or two thousand people who actually have an interest in what you and/or your company have to say.

In other words: a large number of followers will not guarantee you a good volume of conversions. It’s better to have 5,000 followers who are super engaged with the content and who identify with your values ​​than 10,000 people who have little interest and are not potential customers.

That’s why it’s important that you put aside the vanity metrics (that’s what we call these metrics that mislead us into looking like we’re performing well, when in reality it doesn’t yield results) and start focusing on engagement strategies and conversion.

On Instagram, what has been proven to work to attract and prepare people to buy is Content Marketing. Contrary to what many people think, this does not mean simply posting funny things on your social network and hoping that people like it.

Content Marketing is planning and executing content that speaks to the persona of your business and makes you a reference in your niche to these people. That way, when they’re ready to buy, your brand will be the first the audience will think of.

In the Content Marketing for Business training, we teach you exactly how to put this marketing strategy into practice to increase sales by 400%.

Understand the needs of your target audience, have strategies to create a good relationship with your customer and, above all, create valuable content. Thus, you will be able to have followers with a lot of sales potential.

4 ways to make money on Instagram 

ganhar dinheiro no Instagram - 4 maneiras

Now that you have the question of followers and what really matters on Instagram, I’ll introduce you to some popular ways that, when done well, can bring profitable results.

Follow the list and make notes so you don’t forget any details when applying to your profile.

1- Find partners to promote the brand 

Brands have realized the strength that some Instagram profiles have and that it’s a shot in the foot to compete directly with them. So, to reach the audience that these people reach, companies form partnerships.

These people promote the products, using them on a daily basis and showing their qualities. Thus, access to products happens more naturally than simply through advertisements.

It’s worth remembering that you don’t have to be a digital influencer with a number of followers. The most important thing is to have good engagement and interaction with the public, as well as trust and loyalty.

Note: if you’re just starting out, it might be interesting to look for small retailers that have to do with you to make financial partnerships for posts or in exchange for products and services made by that retailer. Select someone who suits your niche to reach the target audience and make the proposal, negotiate with them, see the appropriate and feasible measures for both to benefit.

2- Instagram as Affiliate Marketing Channel 

Affiliate Marketing is most recommended for those who already have a well engaged audience on Instagram. It works like this: the producer looks for an affiliate to promote the product through links and exclusive promotion codes for direct sales.

Unlike the partnership, the affiliate only receives commission per sale made. Everything is counted through the links of the website that he published.

What can make Instagram affiliate selling difficult are the platform’s standards. In the biography, for example, you can only publish a link; in stories, you can only include links when you have more than 10 million followers; on Instagram Shopping, only physical and proprietary products are valid.

These restrictions can make the affiliate’s job more complicated, so you’ll need to encourage buying through direct conversations or a good call to action (CTA) in the biography.

The most suitable option for people with few followers is the promotional codes, as there is no limit for dissemination. You can post to the feed and insert the codes in the photo caption or write in the stories… it all depends on how you believe your audience will convert more.

Note: If the link provided by your affiliate is too long, which is unpleasant when reading, we recommend that you use link shorteners, such as Bitly , one of the most famous shorteners.

3- Sell Photos, Filters and Presets

Selling photos is the simplest way to monetize your Instagram profile and can be the start of a lucrative career. If you already shoot for a hobby or are simply interested in starting photography, this is the opportunity to start becoming a professional and earn money on Instagram.

Companies usually invest in buying images from banks to include them in articles and publications. This can be an interesting audience for you to reach with your posts and then convert them to customers.

But not only photographers have opportunities here.

If you can create filters for images and presets, you also have a good chance of earning money within Instagram. The audience for this type of material is huge, ranging from corporate to individual, because in general, Instagram users like to keep the feed attractive.

In order to get a buying public, it is important that you use your profile as a showcase for your work. Show photos with these presets and make the before and after images clear, so you can arouse purchase desire in followers.

4- Sell physical products and Services

One of the most profitable ways to use Instagram is to recognize it as a sales platform and online store. Inside, you can sell your products – whether resale or self-created products – to a highly qualified audience.

If you choose this option, you must structure your store through the Instagram Shopping tool. That’s where you’ll have all the resources to brand products and sell using Instagram as a quick propagation medium.

Once you’ve created your business account on Instagram and done the entire product tagging process with Instagram Shopping, the next step is to create quality content to attract your target audience to your profile. Thus, you will have more  credibility and bring visibility to the brand, in order to drive sales.

Start making money on Instagram right now 

There are several ways to make money on Instagram, there is no doubt about it. These were just the top 4 ways we mapped for you to start monetizing your profile and working through a social network.

However, in addition to the product definition, there are other indispensable methods that you must improve so that your Ecommerce on Instagram is well structured. It’s important to adjust all the details of a business, especially if you’re starting out in the digital world.

To help you, the CEO of Ecommerce in Practice, Bruno de Oliveira, produced the Instagram Ebook with exclusive methods for you to explore the most profitable sales channel of the decade.

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