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How to Make Money on Instagram | Complete Guide

How to Make Money on Instagram? This is a question that comes up quite often on my Social Networks every day.

So today is the day you will learn and know the 6 Top Ways to Earn Income on Instagram and that really work.

All of these forms are low-stakes to get you started, and they’re all lucrative ideas for making money online through Instagram.

Created for being a photo-sharing app, Instagram has become one of the largest social networks in the world, surpassing the 1 billion user mark.

And, exceeding the expectations of its creators and users, it has become It became a very efficient tool for the business world.

Facebook, anticipating all this success, bought Instagram in 2012, when the platform had “only” 30 million users.

People love to share their photos on Instagram, whether it’s for vanity, for fun or whatever. is another reason, and this gives the chance for big and small brands to take advantage of this audience and apply their marketing strategies to leverage their sales and make lots of money.

And, if you also want to know how to make money on Instagram, keep reading this full article and check it out.

How many followers do you need to earn money on Instagram?

Quantos seguidores para ganhar dinheiro no Instagram

Those who think you need thousands of followers on Instagram are wrong to start making money on the platform.

You’ll learn how to make money on Instagram without having as many followers as you do. you (and almost everyone) can imagine.

First, the amount of followers you need to make money on Instagram will depend a lot on your niche.

That’s because it’s no use having a large number of fake followers, for example, if you need engagement in your publications to generate sales in this way.

The bots don’t like, don’t comment and don’t share content, that is, for those who need engagement as a sales strategy, they’ll need real followers.

There are several influencer profiles that actually have thousands of followers real, engaged and generating a lot of income.

However, there are still those profiles with a little more than a thousand followers and which also generate income, as it is a very engaged audience with the publications of these profiles.

So it’s great to have lots of followers on Instagram for you to earn money, but more importantly, regardless of how many followers you have, it’s to generate engagement with your brand.

But, if you generate engagement, you will have more followers as a result.

So, try to make many interesting and daily posts, so that the public is interested in your content and wants to follow your account.

It is from this engagement that your account will have more visibility and, as a result, you’ll gain more followers.

And the more valuable content you consistently publish, the more followers you’ll generate and the more money you’ll earn, depending on the strategy you’re using are using it.

06 Best Ways to Make Money on Instagram

Now see how to make money on Instagram, through some very simple ways.

Check it out!

Become an Affiliate

Ganhar Dinheiro no Instagram sendo Afiliado digital

The first way to how to make money on Instagram is, for me, the best one, which is being an affiliate .

Being an affiliate of some physical or digital product, with Instagram you can reach a large number of people and do it their customers.

As already mentioned here, Instagram has become a powerful tool to promote any type of business, as it is a social network that has more than 1 billion users, which gives you the chance to generate a lot of visibility for your business and, as a result, sell more and earn money.

As an affiliate you will have a unique link to promote your product or service and receive commission for every sale made through that affiliate link.

Make daily posts on your Instagram profile, publish videos in stories, maintain consistency in posts, so that your brand remains in people’s minds.

The more posts you make, the more engagement you generate, and the more engagement, the more visibility, the more visibility, the more followers and the more followers you get for your profile, the more sales you’ll make as an affiliate.

It’s a chain reaction.

Disclose your affiliate link in all your posts you make, leave the link in your biography…

Use the bitly to camouflage your affiliate link.

Leave your blog or website link on every post you make. Use text in the images and leave the link in the description.

Follow relevant people from your niche.

Look for influencers who have a large following and who work in the same niche.

Follow the followers of these users too.

All this makes your profile gain visibility and start being followed by more people.

Publish daily stories and ongoing, talking about the benefits of your product or service and how it can transform a person’s life.

Publish about 5 to 30 stories a day.

Since Instagram does not allow the user to post videos longer than 15 seconds, you can use the feature to create up to 30 continuous videos to get the full message across about the product or service you are promoting as an affiliate.

Publish success stories and the before and after some customers use your product or service.

This attracts even more followers, as people are curious and influenceable, and testimonials from other customers are impactful and end up influencing the purchase decision of other users.

You can earn a lot money on Instagram by being an affiliate.

There are currently several affiliate program companies, but the platforms I recommend are Hotmart , Monetizze and Eduzz .

They are reliable platforms, secure, which provide all the support for you to work as an affiliate, autonomously, with your own business.

Monetizze and Eduzz provide physical and digital products for you to join.

Hotmart only offers digital products. By the way, it is at Hotmart that I work with my digital product, which is the Online Business Formula training, which I make available for affiliation.

The three platforms are great, I suggest, they are totally reliable, you can put your data with peace of mind as it will be protected.

In addition, the three platforms do all the bureaucratic part, leaving you with more free time to work on your sales strategies.

Make sponsored posts 

Faça Posts Patrocinados.

Another way to earn money on Instagram is through sponsored posts.

Sponsored posts is more for those who already have a good number of followers, however, you can already apply the strategies to get more followers and thus start earning money on Instagram with sponsored posts.

In this strategy, you post a photo or video, with the hashtag or brand link, or even mention the brand during the video (or do all of these together).

Then you share with your followers (the more followers the better) and you get your money.

But even if the number of followers you have isn’t huge, but if they are always engaged with your profile, liking it, by commenting and sharing your posts, most likely a brand will sponsor you if they are interested in the audience you reach.

For example, if your Instagram audience is engaged with the slimming niche, it could be that you can make sponsored posts for a company that sells weight loss products.

You can find sponsorship for your Instagram posts on sites that specialize in connecting influencers to business.

A tip What I give is to avoid posting products or services that you would never use, because this can ruin your image forever on the internet and you may not earn a lot of money over time because of bad sponsorship.

That is, if it’s false advertising, if you don’t know the truth of what the product promises or if you even know the product or service is bad, run away.

Win your audience’s trust by making honest posts and conveying truth in your words.

This gets you more followers, more sponsorship and more money will fall into your account.

Sell your photos

Ganhar Dinheiro no Instagram vendendo fotos para bancos de imagens

An alternative to making money on Instagram is selling your photos to image banks.

More and more blogs, websites and companies need images for their publications.

The demand is continuous as it is more than proven that content is king and that visual content attracts more people.

Because of this, brands that want to survive in the market need to adapt, and practically all of them have a blog, where they publish valuable content for their target audience.

That’s where it’s at your opportunity to earn money by selling your photos.

People and companies who are in constant need of images buy them from image banks, such as Foap , for example.

These image banks buy pictures of everyday people like you.

So if you like and know how to take good pictures and, besides that, you have a good camera (it could be your smartphone camera).

It’s important to know that quality is essential, so take care of that part and earn money from your photos.

Foap has a feature called “Missions” where you can sell your images for big companies using Instagram, and for that you don’t need to have a lot of followers.

With these Foap missions, you can earn $100 to $500.

You also have the ability to sell your photos printed on physical products, such as t-shirts, mugs, mobile cases, pillowcases, and more.

Instagram is an image app, remember? Take advantage of the huge number of users on this platform and apply all the strategies you can to increase your reach and thus sell your photos printed on these products.

Sell products from your e-commerce

Você pode ganhar dinheiro no Instagram divulgando produtos da sua loja virtual

Instagram is also a great platform to sell products from your online store.

To apply this strategy you you will need to invest more time than the others mentioned, however, the return can also be much higher.

You can promote the products of your online store on Instagram, creating an exclusive account for your store, with image and name the same as those you post on other social networks, on your own website and in offline materials.

Instagram has become a means of leveraging small businesses, offering the same opportunities as the big brands.

It’s up to you to take advantage of this very efficient platform that will only grow further.

Many people promote their products on the Instagram profile and sell them to order.

If you don’t have inventory, you can do this and earn a lot of money with your products.

Create a product or offer a service

Utilizar o Instagram para divulgar produto ou serviço e ganhar dinheiro

Another strategy for you to make money on Instagram is creating and selling your own product or service.

It works similar to the other examples, however, this time I’m talking about creating a digital product.

You can make money on Instagram by being an affiliate or by creating your own digital product and promoting it on this social network, which is a real showcase.


Create an e-book, a Podcast or a course with video lessons and share it in your account, using the other strategies mentioned here.

You can create your product or offer your services on Instagram (whatever it is, from guitar lessons, from English to electronics repairs).

Whatever the product, if you have specific knowledge, master this will rea and knows how to transmit this knowledge to others, through a product or service, take the opportunity to have an amazing platform and with so many people participating and generate a good income for you.

Buy reposts

Compre Reposts de influenciadores para vender produtos no Instagram

You can also earn money on Instagram by buying reposts.

In this strategy, you pay for influencers promote a product you sell.

These influencers republish your post on their own profile, to reach their audience and thereby make sales to that new audience.

In other words, you pay someone with a lot of followers to share a screenshot of your profile, promoting your product or service.

This makes you get more followers and more visibility for the your business.

It’s a very effective strategy.

This strategy is similar to the first one I mentioned, for being an affiliate.

But in this case, you already will have a product to promote as an affiliate and will use the reposts strategy to promote your product, reach more people and increase your sales.

Buying reposts is a very efficient way to promote your product as an affiliate, in a short time and without much work, as influencers will easily be able to reach a large number of users at once.

The amount to be paid for each repost will depend on who the influencer is and how many followers he has on his profile.

There are also tools to find interesting profiles for you to buy reports, according to the amount you want to pay and the objective you have.

You can review the influencers’ scores to see which option is best for you.

The score includes:

  • Number of followers;
  • Number of likes per post;
  • Account description;
  • Account biography.
  • If you want a lot of engagement with your product repost, as well as lots of traffic to your profile, look for an account with at least 50,000 followers.

    After that, probably you’ll increase your sales significantly and make money on Instagram, and you’ll see that it was worth the investment you made.

    How much should I charge as a digital influencer?

    Quanto cobrar como influenciador digital

    You can partner with companies through specialized websites, or you can contact the brands directly and decide, together, the content format and how often it will be published.

    From there it is that you will know how much to charge as an influencer.

    By the way, it is worth remembering that, by publishing content from companies in your account, you will not only be promoting content, but taking the brand to your audience.

    In addition to earning money on Instagram, you can also get freebies and even branded products or services, in exchange for your publication.

    Brands, in general, pay well to digital influencers, to have their products or services publicized to a large scale number of users of this social network that has huge potential to boost any type of business.

    How to increase my Instagram profits

    Como ganhar mais dinheiro no Instagram

    Apply all the strategies and tips you’ve learned in this article and you’ll know that, over time, your profits will gradually increase.

    Dedicate yourself to making improvements continuous in everything you are engaged in on Instagram and the feedback will be very positive.

    Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, try, test, ref aça… Identify what went right and intensify the strategy.

    Also identify what did not generate positive returns and modify.

    Try to increase the number of followers on your account, as that way your chances of making money on Instagram multiply and the money comes from new sources, from greater visibility.

    To gain more followers, you can do sweepstakes, give away coupon codes, post daily, post videos in stories…

    Partner with accounts that have more followers than you do. Publish content that generates a lot of engagement and thus you’ll get more followers.

    And make sure you check out this guide with 30 Tips to Gain Followers on Instagram.

    Another tip here is to be patient. Don’t expect you to be able to make a lot of money overnight.

    Do your part, seek to make continuous improvements, increase your followers and publish relevant content that generates engagement.

    That way, little by little, you will be able to increase your profits on Instagram.

    How to attract more followers to Instagram

    Como atrair mais seguidores no Instagram e ganhar dinheiro

    So far you’ve realized how important it is to get more followers to earn money on Instagram.

    Now you need to know what to do to attract more followers to your account.

    In order for people to be interested in clicking on your profile and starting to follow you, you need to have an attractive and interesting account.

    To do that, you first need to choose a good photo and a unique name that has to do with you or your brand.

    Next, you need to create a biography with visuals like emojis and a link to your blog or website, for example (which generates traffic to other places where you will be able to increase your sales).

    You also need consistency in your publications, especially in stories, which is a great feature to attract more followers.

    Incidentally, as Instagram allows you to post videos of just 15 seconds, you can perfect your message or post several videos in a row, talking about your product or publishing cases of success, showing how your customers have had their lives transformed with the product or service you recommend.


    See how making money on Instagram is possible for you

    strong> and for those who are willing to dedicate themselves and apply the tips that were given here?

    Instagram is full of opportunities to make money.

    It’s up to you to know how to take advantage of the platform and choose the best tools and strategies to apply and start monetizing your profile.

    There are several options for those who have few or many followers. And, as I said, don’t forget that more important than the number of followers is engagement.

    Instagram is a platform that has grown a lot, in a few years, and the trend is that this growth will continue for a long time.

    So start thinking of other ways to make money on Instagram and apply everything you learn about this topic.

    Infographic – How to Make Money with Instagram

    Ganhar Dinheiro no Instagram sendo Afiliado digital0

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