How to make money on Instagram: 12 best ways (from $ 50 per month)

In this article, you will learn:

  • How to make money on Instagram: look at the 12 best ways.
  • How much you can earn.
  • How to start monetizing your account / skills from scratch.

All tips and tricks are relevant in 2021.

How much can you earn on Instagram?

Any beginner Instagram blogger, entrepreneur or SMM specialist wants to know how much you can earn on Instagram. But it is impossible to give an exact answer to this question.

It all depends on the chosen way of earning:

  • For example, if you are an SMM-specialist, then there are two options for career development: office work or freelance. According to the website, an Instagram manager earns from 45,000 rubles a month.
  • A freelancer who promotes other people’s accounts can earn from 50,000 rubles a month: the amount depends on the cost of services and the number of projects that you post every month.
  • A blogger with an audience of 100,000 subscribers can earn 200-300 thousand rubles a month: it depends on how he monetizes his account. For example, if he sells his information products and advertises well-known brands, then his income can be even a million rubles a month.
  • An online store owner can earn 100,000 rubles or more on the sale of goods. Even if there are only 2-3 thousand subscribers on his account.

Let’s remove the celebrities from brackets: famous musicians, football players, TV presenters. They enter into contracts with major brands due to their popularity and hyped personal brand. Their incomes exceed millions of dollars a year.

TOP-12 ways to make money on Instagram

Let’s move on to the main part of the article: consider 12 schemes and ways to make money on Instagram.

Selling Ads

If you are a blogger with an audience of 10,000 subscribers, you can start selling ads on your account. This is one of the most common ways to monetize your Instagram profile.

The essence of earnings: an advertiser comes to you – for example, online wallet stores – and asks you to advertise his products. You tell him the price for one post: for example, 2,000 rubles.

He pays for advertising, you publish the post. The more subscribers you have, the more expensive one ad post is.

Simple math: Let’s say you have 50,000 subscribers. The price of one advertising post is 5,000 rubles. To earn 50,000 rubles, you need to sell 10 advertising posts per month.

Advertisers come to Instagram bloggers themselves: write to Direct, email or WhatsApp. If you are a newbie blogger – with an audience of 10-15 thousand subscribers – then look for advertisers on your own. Find 5-10 online stores and offer them cooperation.

Promotion of Instagram accounts for money

The second most popular way to make money on Instagram is professional account promotion. You can monetize your SMM skills. If you are a completely newbie, then you will hardly be able to start “making” money by promoting other people’s profiles – you need to master the skills of an Instagram marketer.

What skills you need:

  • Setting up and maintaining targeted advertising.
  • Writing engaging posts.
  • Promotion through hashtags.
  • Competent account design.
  • Promotion through mass following and massliking.

A good specialist earns from 50,000 rubles a month. This is a highly sought-after profession: large companies are constantly looking for Instagram marketers.

Вакансия менеджера страницы в Инстаграм на
Example of a vacancy on the freelance exchange: Instagram page manager

You can work remotely: look for clients on freelance exchanges and on the Instagram social network itself. For example, maintaining and promoting one account can cost 20,000 rubles per month. One specialist can maintain 5-6 accounts every month – he spends 7-9 hours a day on this.

Interesting suggestion: Do you want to master the demanded profession of Instagram marketer and earn 80,000 rubles a month or more? Get trained in Skillbox. The program consists of 3 courses: 255 lessons in total. Training is conducted online.

You will learn how to promote Instagram accounts: develop a strategy, set up ads, create content. At the end of your studies, you will receive a diploma. There is an installment plan for 12 months: for online training you will pay 3,250 rubles / month.

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Selling your products and services

Instagram is a great platform for selling your products and services. You can open your online store; launch an information product or full-fledged online training; sell the services of a photographer, manicurist.

This also includes a franchise business: if you bought a franchise, for example, a pizzeria, then create an account for your institution on Instagram and start attracting customers from your city.

Earnings depend on your niche:

  • Owners of online stores can earn more than 100,000 rubles a month.
  • Bloggers who sell their information products (courses, books, manuals) can earn from 200,000 rubles – depending on the size of the audience .
  • Businessmen can attract dozens of clients per day – for example, 20 visitors to a pizzeria or beauty salon, which are launched under a franchise.


This is relevant for expert accounts. Let’s say you are an SMM specialist. In addition to the main services – promoting Instagram accounts – you can sell paid consultations.

For example, one hour of consultation costs 5,000 rubles. During this time, you tell the client how to complete the profile; help you develop a promotion strategy without investment.

You can start selling consultations as soon as you reach 500 subscribers. The main thing is to establish yourself as a good specialist and “win” the trust of the audience. To do this, you need to create useful content: write expert posts, conduct live broadcasts with answers to questions, record video instructions.

Instagram Admin

Another in-demand profession in the digital market is the administrator of Instagram accounts. This is a specialist who is engaged in filling, maintaining and promoting a profile.

Main responsibilities of the administrator:

  • Content plan development.
  • Content creation – photos, articles, Stories.
  • Contests.
  • Setting up targeted advertising.
  • Communication with bloggers.
  • Processing negative comments.

An administrator’s salary on Instagram depends on your skills: for example, an experienced specialist who sets up ads, works with content, runs contests can earn 80,000 rubles a month.

This is important: Do you dream of becoming popular on Instagram and start making money? Do you want to attract new subscribers and customers for your business? This will help the Zengram service – a tool for professional and safe promotion.

The tool attracts only live subscribers – your target audience. There is a free trial period (3 days).

The first results of promotion (new subscribers and clients) – already in 2-3 hours after the start.

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Brand Collaboration

This way of making money is relevant for bloggers with an audience of more than 50,000 subscribers. You can become an ambassador for a well-known brand: for example, Nike.

Unlike one-time advertising, this is an ongoing collaboration. The blogger-ambassador should periodically publish sponsored posts of the partner brand: for example, 3-4 times a month.

Earnings depend on the terms of the contract: the number of posts per month, participation in special events, shooting in commercials.

For example, let’s take the famous football player Cristiano Ronaldo. He is the Clear Brand Ambassador.

Реклама в Инстаграме Роналду
Sponsored post on Cristiano Ronaldo’s page

His account periodically publishes posts with advertisements for shampoo.

Affiliate Programs

If you have an audience, but do not have your own products, then you can sell affiliate products and services. For example, register in the Admitad affiliate program and become a partner of the LaModa store.

After that, you can advertise products from “LaModa” in your profile, and add an affiliate link to the online store in the header. If users buy a product after clicking on your affiliate link, then you will receive a percentage of the sale.

You can sell in the same way:

  • Infoproducts.
  • Services.
  • Services.

Earnings on likes, comments and subscriptions

You can make money on Instagram without attachments. For example, on likes, comments and subscriptions. You complete tasks and get paid for it.

You can’t earn a lot on this: for example, to earn 150-200 rubles, you will have to spend 3-4 hours of time.

You can earn money from likes, comments and subscriptions at Bosslike.

This is what Bosslike jobs look like

This way of making money is more suitable for teenagers who want to try their hand at making money online.

Editing videos for Instagram

If you know how to make cool videos in Adobe Premiere, Final Cut, then you can monetize your skills. Make videos for bloggers, business accounts, brands.

Naturally, for the money. You can search for clients on freelance exchanges. For example, one video can cost 3-4 thousand rubles; installation of advertising video – up to 10,000 rubles.

Offer your services directly: write to experts, bloggers, brands; the first video can be offered free of charge. Be sure to pack your portfolio – showcase your best work.


Another way to make money on Instagram, which involves monetizing your skills. If you know how to write good texts for social networks, then try your hand at being a copywriter.

Write engaging and selling Instagram posts for money. For example, one post can cost 1,000 rubles. Offer a service to fill your profile with content – for example, 25 posts per month (for 20,000 rubles).

Styling Instagram profiles

Sell an Instagram profile design service. Make awesome packaging of customer accounts.

What is included in the design of the profile:

  • Avatar.
  • Description .
  • Story design.
  • Post design.

Such a range of services can cost 3-5 thousand rubles.

Cheat bots

This is a “gray” way to make money on Instagram – but without selling goods / services / information products and your skills. You can wind up likes and subscribers to customers.

The bottom line of making money: you offer bots to your customers – don’t say you will attract live subscribers. For example, 10,000 subscribers. Set the price – for example, 4000 rubles.

Choose a service for cheating – we recommend Likemania. It is a reliable and secure online tool. Here 10,000 subscribers can be bought for 3,500 rubles.

For example, if you sold a service for 4,000 rubles, then your profit will be 500 rubles.

How to start earning: 4 tips

Let’s talk about where to start making money on Instagram:

  1. Choose your preferred monetization method. For example, promoting someone else’s accounts or selling ads.
  2. Learn useful skills. Unfortunately, in order to make good money, you need special skills: advertising setup, promotion without a budget, design and copywriting. For example, master the profession of a targeting or Instagram marketer.
  3. Experiment. Try different earning schemes. This way you will find the way to get money that you like.
  4. Keep your finger on the pulse. Constantly follow the latest trends on Instagram: every year there are new ways and schemes of earning.


Now you know how to make money on Instagram. We have considered the TOP-12 schemes and methods: choose the method that you like the most. And remember that you can earn without investment, but without effort and constant learning – no.

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