Реклама в Инстаграм - хороший способ заработать

How to make money on advertising on the Internet: TOP-3 ways

There are several ways to make money on advertising on the Internet, allowing you to make a stable profit with and without your own website. Below we will consider the basic methods for beginners in this field, as well as for more experienced users with their own blog and a certain “baggage” of knowledge.


Method number 1: make money on your website

The standard method of making a profit from advertising is placing it on your Internet resource. In this case, the webmaster has a large selection of tools, which we will dwell on in detail in the article.

Contextual advertising

To receive such earnings, you need to create a website, increase its traffic, and then register on the popular services Google Adsense and Yandex Direct.

Next, a special code is placed on the pages of the Internet resource that allows advertisements to appear. The more clicks on the links, the higher the income.

Контекстная реклама в интернет как способ заработка

The method allows you to receive passive income while developing the project in parallel. The average cost of one transition is from 5 to 10 cents, and the monthly profit with a visit of about 1000 people can reach 100-150 dollars. As traffic grows, so does the amount of charges.

Advantages of contextual advertising

Cons of contextual advertising

Opportunity to receive income without the involvement of intermediaries. Passive and stable income. Ease of customization.

High attendance requirements. The need for constant website optimization.

Banner advertising

When considering the question of how to make money on advertising on the Internet, it is worth highlighting one more direction – placing banners in different parts of the site.

Advertisers can be searched on forums or special resources. After agreeing on the terms, the customer gives an image that must be placed in a specific place with a hyperlink to the advertised resource.

Баннерная реклама и заработок на рекламе в интернете

The principle of payment can be different – for views, clicks or posting time. The cost depends on the subject matter, traffic and personal agreements between the advertiser and the publisher.

Benefits of banner ads

Disadvantages of banner ads

You can work directly or through intermediaries. High passive income. Easily add and remove banner ads.

Revenue depends on traffic and clicks, so it is often small. Low efficiency. Ignoring such user ads, which is why advertisers often refuse to place.

Selling URL links

In search of methods on how to make money from advertising on the Internet, many webmasters place URL links on their pages. As a rule, they are added to articles and are valid for a certain time or forever.

Можно заработать, давая URL-ссылки в тексте

There are also direct links that do not fit into the text in the form of anchors, but are simply placed on a web resource. This option is more dangerous, because it is fraught with the site falling under the filter.

The cost of links depends on the topic, traffic and other factors. It is better to look for advertisers on special intermediary resources such as Miralinks, Blogun and other resources.

Pluses of URL links

Cons of URL links

Ease of finding advertisers when using intermediaries. High speed of adding. Stable passive income.

There is a danger of getting an Internet resource banned, so you need to be careful.
Relatively low income due to the low cost of paying for links.
Reduced potential of the site for further promotion due to oversaturation with extraneous links.

Affiliate Programs

Many webmasters use the “power” of their resource to promote products / services of other companies or individuals.

Let’s look at an example. The man created training courses for making money on the Internet without a website. He needs to sell the product to as many users as possible.

He sends offers to other webmasters and offers cooperation. The publisher places a link on his resource to sell this product, receiving a certain percentage for each successful transaction.

Партнерские программы - популярный способ заработать на рекламе в интернете

Other payment options are possible here, for example, for views, clicks, etc. The above is just one example, but anyone can act as an advertiser.

Customers – owners of various sites, for example, currency exchangers, online casinos, copywriting exchanges, etc., company executives, individuals, etc. In this case, they pay a certain percentage of the costs of the recruited person.

Benefits of affiliate programs

Disadvantages of affiliate programs

No income limits.
Stable passive income.
The ability to work directly or through special intermediary exchanges.

You will have to work hard to add an affiliate program, because income depends on the correct design.
You can count on high profits with high traffic.
In the event of an employer’s bankruptcy, earnings also disappear.

Adding custom texts

Many webmasters know how to make money on advertising, and they use the resource’s capabilities 100%. One of the monetization methods is placing paid articles, reviews and other content on the Internet site. Such texts may contain direct or hidden advertising.

Depending on the agreement, the publisher himself decides the issue of preparing the article or receives the finished material from the customer. In the first case, you can write the text yourself or order on the copywriting exchange.

Most often, payment occurs for the fact of placement or the time that the article will stay on the site is negotiated. The difference between this method and URL placement is that the emphasis here is on the quality of the material, and there may be no links.

Advantages of advertising texts

Cons of advertising copy

The ability to combine with other ways to make money on advertising on the Internet. Ease of adding articles. Relatively high earnings when adding texts on an authoritative portal.

The risk of decreasing positions in search engines when placing a large number of links.
Clogging up an Internet resource with advertising material.
One-time payment (in most cases).

Teaser ads

The essence of making money involves adding a block of ads to the site that lure other users with bright headlines. When choosing a topic, the most interesting and pressing problems are selected, which makes such advertising the most effective.

Payment is made for impressions or clicks. To find advertisers, you can use popular exchanges, for example, Oblivki, Kadam, MarketGuide and others.

Benefits of teaser ads

Disadvantages of teaser ads

High efficiency and conversion rate. Interest for the user. The ability to work through special exchanges. Stable and high profit (even with relatively low traffic).

It is not always possible to pass moderation to add teaser ads. Difficulties in setting up. The danger of getting banned if you abuse such ads.

Above, we reviewed the main methods of how to make money with advertising, having your own website.

There are other ways – pop-ups, video ads, and others. Immediately, we note that you cannot do without investments, because you have to spend money on maintaining the resource and promoting it.

Method number 2: making money on advertising without your own website

In the absence of a website, there is no need to despair, because there are also ways to generate income.

Before you start making money, it is important to study the available methods, to understand their features and weaknesses. This is necessary to avoid wasting time.

The plus of the methods below is versatility. They can be used by both an adult with a job and a schoolchild who is taking the first steps in the field of earnings.

Affiliate Programs

The same principle works here as discussed above. The difference is that affiliate links are placed not on their own site, but on other sites.

Партнерские ссылки можно давать и без своего сайта

These can be posts in forums, comments on some sites, social networks, etc. At the same time, the principle of making money on advertising does not change. The more clicks on the URL and purchases (or other actions), the higher the income.

Social media advertising

Social networks are gaining popularity lately, so active users use their pages for advertising.

So, on Instagram, if you have more than 10,000 subscribers, you can attract the interest of advertisers and gradually promote certain goods or services. Payment is usually made upon placement. The cost of the service depends on the number of subscribers.

Реклама в Инстаграм - хороший способ заработать

For example, Cristiano Ronaldo gets more than $ 400,000 for one small post. The income of a regular user with 100,000 subscribers or more exceeds $ 1,000. Not surprisingly, there has been an active fight for subscribers lately.

Create channel

Alternatively, you can create a YouTube channel, promote it and also earn money from advertising. There are many ways to make money here – through video ads, display ads, overlays, ad cards, etc.

The amount of earnings depends on the traffic of the channel. On average, power users earn $ 1,000 or more in passive income.

Indirect methods of making money on advertising

There are also a number of indirect methods that allow the Internet user to make money on advertising. Let’s highlight the main options:

  1. Internet surfing. To generate income, you need to watch advertisements, download applications, receive mailings, etc. For these purposes, it is necessary to register and complete tasks at different sites, for example, Seo-Fast, Hit Host, Websurf and others. The minimum income level is 100-500 rubles per day.
  2. Copywriting. Pen masters can make money from writing promotional texts, ads or slogans. The amount of income depends on the experience of the copywriter, the size of the text, and other factors. On average, 1000 characters can get you from one to five dollars (sometimes more).
  3. Advertising posting. This method is similar to the one discussed above. The difference is that the user posts small comments advertising a product, company or service on forums and in comments on various Internet resources.

There are other ways to make money on advertising, but we will highlight them in a separate section. As a conclusion, here are the pros and cons of earning money without a website.

Benefits of earning money from advertising without your own website

Disadvantages of making money on advertising without your site

Possibility of making a profit without investment. Accessibility even for beginners with no Internet experience. No profit margins.

In many ways, the income is minimal. To get the result, you need to spend a lot of personal time.

Method number 3: making money on your knowledge

There is another way to make money on the Internet – to generate income from your knowledge of creating and setting up an advertising product. This option is suitable for web users who know this direction well and can help other people in promoting a product or service.

Create Ads

The essence of the method is to provide a paid service to create a new advertising product. It can be audio, graphics, video or other solutions.

In many cases, we are talking about an integrated approach and creating a full-fledged advertising campaign to promote a website, brand, etc. The amount of earnings here is almost unlimited, but you need to have special knowledge and experience. The higher the qualifications of the performer, the more income he can count on.

Advantages of making money on advertising

Cons of making money on advertising

No restrictions on potential earnings.
Ease of finding clients, because such specialists are always in demand.
Opportunity to develop in different directions to increase income.

High requirements for knowledge, because the competition in the advertising market is very high. Difficulty in the implementation of the tasks. The need for constant monitoring of the effectiveness of the advertising product.

Setting up ads

Another method of making money is setting up an advertising product. To earn money, you need to study and become a specialist in a certain direction.

Several options are possible here, for example, work as a targetologist, director, etc. In general, we are talking about monetizing a ready-made resource, profile, channel, etc.

Many people ask how to learn how to customize advertising products. To do this, you can find many free or paid courses on the Internet, take offline training, read books, and apply knowledge in practice. There is a lot of information on the Web, so there shouldn’t be any difficulties in these matters.

Benefits of earning money on setting up ads

Disadvantages of making money on setting up advertising

High demand for such specialists. Potentially high earnings. Stable receipt of orders. Opportunity for self-development in the future.

Getting a high income requires a lot of knowledge. To do this, you will have to undergo training, which takes up to a year. High competition, which makes it difficult to achieve results without experience and a good portfolio. To earn a lot of money, you will have to work hard and actually forget about your personal life.


Above, we examined the main ways to make money on advertising on the Internet. This is just the “tip of the iceberg”, because in reality there are more ways to generate income. In addition, new ways of generating income appear almost every day, and numerous verified reviews only confirm this fact.

Let us note right away that training is necessary to achieve success in any business, including advertising. Therefore, start by learning the basics, and then start making money. Reading our article is already the first step to success.

Sincerely, Alexander Petrenko
specially for the project proudalenku. en

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