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How to make money from likes on Instagram: 10 tips

To earn on likes on Instagram, you can register within special services, promote your profile and earn on advertising, engage in SMM promotion of other people’s pages, or create and sell accounts. Let’s analyze all the options for making money on Instagram in more detail.

First, let’s find out why this particular network is so in demand. Why Instagram? It is the most popular social network. About a billion users around the world visit Instagram every day. It is the second most downloaded app in the Apple app store.

By the way, initially the application only worked on Apple phones. Because of this, this social network is still considered the most prestigious.

What else is attractive? Stories, augmented reality masks, hashtags, publicity, potential advertising reach of 849 million people. If earlier it was just an application for communication, and for some it was an electronic photo album, now it is a tool for business.

Work on services to make money on likes

This is the easiest way to make money on likes. The bottom line is that you like other people for money. This work does not require special skills and knowledge. There are no restrictions on gender, age, interests, region of residence. Although sometimes an order for likes has a target setting, this is rare.

Where to work? On special services. Let’s take a closer look at popular sites. Let’s start with the simple ones and gradually move on to the complex ones. The latter have special profile requirements for work.


There are no restrictions on the profile. Just register inside Socialtools and start working. You can add an Instagram account in your profile settings. After registration, you will immediately be taken to the main page, where you can see the available tasks.

The cost of one order is approximately 2 rubles. There are not many tasks here, but they pay well – come back often so as not to miss new tasks. Earned funds can be withdrawn to Yandex Money, WebMoney and by phone number.


There are no requirements for an account, you can start working immediately after registration. The available tasks can be found on the left in the Quest Market section.

Сервис для заработка на лайках в Инстаграме

The cost here is small – from 20 kopecks to 9 rubles. Moreover, 20-50 kopecks can be received for a like or a subscription on Instagram, and 9 rubles for a review, comment. But there are always a lot of tasks here, so it’s real to earn extra money. Money can be withdrawn to Yandex Wallet, Qiwi, Payeer.


There are no account requirements. Register, go to the “Earnings” tab on the left, click in the Instagram filter settings and complete tasks.

Please note: Tasks here are manually checked by the customers themselves. Therefore, carefully read the terms of reference, especially the information on the reporting materials. In most cases, you are asked to provide a screenshot.

Seosprint для заработка на лайках в Инстаграм

Payment here is average relative to other services – about a ruble per order. But there are many tasks and updates are regular. The money earned can be withdrawn to WebMoney, Qiwi, Yandex Money or a bank card.


There are no account requirements. After registration, go to the “Work in social networks” tab and select the appropriate task.

Please note that mixed problems are presented here: some can be taken immediately, others need to be submitted. But in the filter for orders, you can configure “Tasks that you can start right away.”

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And also note that isolated tasks for likes are rare here. Most often we are talking about tasks that involve several actions. For example, like and subscribe. Or like and comment.

For one such order, you can get from 1 to 10 rubles. Money can be withdrawn to Yandex Money, WebMoney, Qiwi, bank card and through Alfa-click.


There is a limitation for work. Your Instagram account must have a profile photo, at least 5 posts published (and the last one was made no earlier than 2 weeks ago) and at least 14 subscribers.

Only if these conditions are met, you can connect your account to the profile inside Cashbox and get started.

For one task, you can get from 10 kopecks to a ruble. There are many tasks, updates are regular, there is no need to apply for execution (just take it and do it). The disadvantage of the system is that money can only be withdrawn to WebMoney.

There are also special requirements for your account:

  • at least 50 followings;
  • at least 10 photos;
  • at least 20 subscribers.

If your profile meets these requirements, then it is enough to connect it in your personal account in the section “Settings” – “Social networks”.

Like here they pay about a ruble, but the payment depends on the author’s rank. To increase your rating, you need to perform tasks with high quality. The money earned can be withdrawn to WebMoney, Qiwi, Yandex Money, a bank card (for example, to a Sberbank card).


To connect an Instagram account, you first need to earn 5 rubles by completing tasks in other networks. Another condition is that your Instagram profile must be open.

Tasks here are different: not only for likes, but also for subscriptions, comments. You can earn from 2 to 30 rubles per action. Accordingly, comments are paid more than likes. Earned funds can be withdrawn to WebMoney, MTS, Beeline, Megafon.

How much can you earn?

This type of earnings refers, rather, to a part-time job, since you won’t be able to earn a lot from likes. One like costs from a few kopecks to a couple of rubles.

However, if you work actively and on several exchanges at once, as well as perform different tasks (subscription, comment, like), then you can earn 500-600 rubles a day. According to reviews, on average people manage to earn 100-200 rubles a day.

Here’s what those who have already tried making money on likes and subscriptions on the Internet without investment write about it:

  1. One of the users manages to earn 5000-6000 rubles per month. Отзыв о заработке на лайках в Инстаграме
  2. Another user writes that you can earn, but very little. And you get tired as in a real job. Второй отзыв о заработке
  3. The third user has already worked out his tactics and is quite satisfied with such earnings, although he does not give exact numbers. Третий отзыв

In general, reviews confirm that this option of making money on the Internet should be considered only as a part-time job.

Who is this type of income suitable for?

This option of making money on Instagram likes is suitable for schoolchildren, students, mothers on maternity leave, the unemployed and people on sick leave, retirees, as well as anyone who needs a part-time job.

All that is needed for work is free time, Internet access and an Instagram account. All that remains is to register inside the exchanges and get started.

The main thing – remember, if you are asked for money for something, then you need to refuse. After all, making money on likes and subscriptions is an honest part-time job without investment, albeit a small one.

The money is paid by novice bloggers, businessmen, young professionals. You help someone’s project get started and get a small bonus for that.

Please note: recently, you can hear more and more about the Instamania service, where they allegedly pay 50 rubles for one like. They are scammers. There are only bad reviews about this project on the Internet – the service does not pay.

But this can be suspected based on the promised payment. Compare yourself with other resources where they pay from a few kopecks to a couple of rubles for a like. Making money on likes is a low-paying job.

Increase income from exchanges by promoting

We have already mentioned that in order to increase earnings, you can register on several exchanges. What else will help to increase earnings on likes:

  1. Make a quality profile. Only natural and high-quality promotion is appreciated, so the profile from which you like it should not look like a bot. It is better to create a separate page for work, or even several profiles on Instagram, but at the same time it is important to bring them to the state of “naturalness”. That is, you must have subscribers and subscriptions, publications. Otherwise, your profile may be considered low-quality and blocked. To quickly and free of charge promote your account, you can use the Biglike service. You put likes to other users, get points for this, for which you can order likes. Similarly, on the sites that we have already reviewed, you can use the money earned to place your orders.
  2. Subscribe to newsletters to quickly respond to new tasks.
  3. Determine the optimal activity time for yourself. During the first week, observe when there are more orders, on which platforms there are more of them, and choose the services and times that suit you the most.
  4. Participate in affiliate programs. All the services we have reviewed have an affiliate program. That is, you invite other people, they register using your link and become your referrals, you get a percentage of their earnings on likes.

Grow your blog on Instagram

For a profile to become popular and allow itself to be monetized, you need to give it a certain focus. The blog should have a title, theme, concept, target audience, design in the same style.

You should not only publish interesting and relevant information, but also favorably distinguish yourself from your competitors. You must have your own flavor.

What else is important to pay attention to in order for the profile to gain popularity quickly:

  • Post on broad, discussed topics. However, at the same time, you need to decide on a niche. Post topics should be discussed, but the blog topic itself should be narrow.
  • Make a portrait of the target audience. You need to understand what your reader needs, who you are creating content for. Create a universal portrait: age, gender, interests, needs, etc.
  • Maintain a balance between the constituent elements of content: selling, entertainment, engaging, reputation, informational.
  • Use services for promotion: Zengram, Instapromo, Gaininsta, Funinsta, Social Hammer, InstaSkill. With their help, you can select an audience (by posts of competitors, by hashtags, by profile description), make mailings, post deferred posts, set up auto-posting.
  • Constantly attract new subscribers. The larger your audience, the wider the reach of your posts, which means that sponsored posts can cost more.

This option of earning cannot be called direct earnings from likes. Rather, they act as intermediaries here. It is the activity of subscribers in the profile that makes it popular, which allows the blogger to make money on advertising, selling their goods or services, and affiliate programs.

So strive to get a lot of likes and comments for your posts.

Where can I find customers for advertising?

For example, on special exchanges:

  • Sociate,
  • LabelUp,
  • Plibber,
  • Epicstars,
  • GetBlogger,
  • RepostPost,
  • Dealway,
  • Instach,
  • SocialJet,
  • Prolog.

How much can you earn on your Instagram profile?

With an audience of 10,000 subscribers, you can earn about 500-600 rubles per post.

How can a blogger increase his income?

Conduct master classes in your account on creating and processing such photos on Instagram that will collect thousands of likes. Or teach other people to design profiles, write posts, collect hashtags so that posts receive thousands of likes.

In addition to courses and master classes, you can sell your photos. Many publics are ready to buy photos that get a lot of likes.

Help other people promote their profiles

SMM promotion is advertising on social networks. Or in simple terms, boosting subscribers, likes and comments, raising profile activity, mutual advertising, mutual subscriptions and exchange of likes, promotion through contests, sweepstakes

You can also promote other people’s profiles by setting up targeted advertising.

Where can I offer my services?

On freelance exchanges, for example, on Kwork. You yourself determine the cost of your services and the composition of the promotion package. For example, most freelancers offer these services:

  • page design (posts and pictures);
  • selection of hashtags;
  • creating a content plan;
  • conducting surveys and contests;
  • setting up analytics;
  • creating a profile header;
  • setting up targeted advertising;
  • boosting likes, subscribers, comments;
  • work with comments and / or direct;
  • other.

It is not necessary to select a service package. For example, many people make money only on cheats. Now you know how to do it, and you can do the same. The bottom line is that you are not promoting your own profile and posts, but other people’s.

Where else to look for customers? Offer your services to young companies, budding bloggers. You can send newsletters in the same directory on Instagram.

How much can you earn?

The minimum price for services at Kwork is 400 rubles. Otherwise, the level of income depends only on the activity of the freelancer.

Create and sell Instagram profiles

If you know how to quickly create and develop Instagram profiles from scratch, then you can make money on it. Many people are ready to buy a decorated thematic profile with subscribers, likes and comments, interesting content for its further maintenance.

Of course, this option of earning money requires a lot of time and mastering different professions. You will have to master the role of a photographer, copywriter, manager, etc.

Where can I sell a promoted account?

On special exchanges, for example, on the Insta-trade site. When placing a profile for sale, you yourself determine its value, but you should focus on competitors and factors that determine the price.

The cost of a public depends on the number of subscribers, the price per subscriber, topics, type of audience (real people or bots), gender and geolocation of users, the presence of native mail and a letter confirming this (the mail for which the account was originally registered).


Now you know everything about how to make money from likes on Instagram. Many people, when they hear about this option for making money on the Internet, imagine only a penny income directly from likes.

But in fact, there are more opportunities: creating TOP photos and selling them, or organizing master classes on creating TOP photos, selling kvorks, that is, packages of services for promoting likes, promoting and selling profiles, developing your blog.

All this can be attributed to making money on likes. And even if we are talking about a classic part-time job on promotion exchanges, now you know how to increase your income there.

Sincerely, Svetlana Troshina
specially for the proudalenku.ru project

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