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How to make Instagram buttons: a complete guide (2021)

In this article, you will learn:

  • How to make buttons on Instagram.
  • What buttons can be added and why are they needed.

All tips and tricks are relevant in 2021.

What buttons can I add?

You can add link buttons to your Instagram profile header. At the same time, the account owner sees the same buttons – “Edit Profile”, “Promotions”, “Statistics” – and ordinary profile visitors see completely different buttons.

Кнопки в Инстаграм на примере аккаунта Skillbox
This is how the buttons in the Instagram profile header look like

Posts also have a “Promote” button, which is also available only to the account owner. It is needed to launch ads and promote publications.

Which buttons can be added to a profile:

  • Write. This is a button that allows you to write to the owner of the account in Direct.
  • Contacts. When the user clicks on this button, he opens a menu where he needs to choose a method for communication: write by e-mail or call a phone number.
  • Action. You can add a button “Book”, “Book” or “Buy a ticket”. But for this you need to use third-party services.

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What are buttons for?

Buttons in the profile header make the process of communication with subscribers and customers easier. An interested user – for example, a potential customer in your online store – can click on a button and call / write to you. This will help increase conversions and sales.

Another plus of the buttons: no need to write your number or email in the profile description – better tell more about yourself or the company.

How to make buttons on Instagram: instructions

To create buttons on Instagram, you need to connect a business account or go to the author’s account. To do this, open your Instagram profile settings and go to the “Account” section. There is an option “Switch to a professional account” here.

After you connect a professional account, you can proceed to customize the buttons.

Communication buttons

First, let’s add the communication buttons: write, call and how to get there. To do this, go to your Instagram account and click the “Edit Profile” button.

In the “Edit Profile” window that opens, there is a section “Communication Methods” – go to it.

Способы связи в Инстаграм

Now enter your details:

  • Email address. After that, the “Email” button will appear in the header of your account. When you click on it, a form for entering a letter will open – it will come to the mail that you specified in the settings.
  • Phone number. The “Call” button will appear. When you click on it, the phone will automatically dial the specified number.
  • Address. Enter the address of your office, store, fitness center. This information will appear in the profile header. The address is clickable: if you click on this “button”, a map will open where you can see the location of the office.

If you add all the communication methods – mail and number – then a button will appear in the header “Contacts”. By clicking on “Contacts”, a menu will open – here the user needs to choose a communication method: write by e-mail or call the phone.

Action Button

At the beginning of the article, we said that you can make action buttons: “Register”, “Book”, “Buy a ticket”. This requires a third-party service – we will look at SimplyBook.me as an example, as it operates in Russia.

The online service has built-in Instagram integration. Go to the SimplyBook booking system website and register a company: enter your username, email, work phone, business category, address, booking page name (you can specify the name of the company), Make a short description – no more than 500 characters.

Регистрируем компанию в SimplyBook

Copy the link to the created company page. Now go to the “Edit Profile” section on Instagram. Go to “Communication methods” again. Click “Add Action Button” and paste the link to the page in SimplyBook.

Thus, another way to interact with your company will appear in the profile header. But that’s not all: this will make the blue subscribe button larger.

WhatsApp Button

You can add an active link to WhatsApp to your profile header. Yes, it’s not really a button, but by clicking on this link, users will be able to quickly send you a message in the messenger.

Adding a “button” to WhatsApp is easy:

  1. Go to the “Edit Profile” section.
  2. In the “Site” line, insert the link: https: //wa.me/yournumber . Instead of “your number”, enter your phone number: without +7, 8 and parentheses. You should get a link in the following format: https://wa.me/123456789 .

Analyzing button statistics

When you connect a business or author account, you will have access to statistics in the profile. Here you can see how the user interacts with the buttons in the header.

To view this information, go to the section with the statistics of your Instagram account (the “Statistics” button on the main profile page). Next, open the “Actions” tab.

Статистика действий в Инстаграм

All the information you need is displayed in this section.


Now you know how to make Instagram buttons. Be sure to add them to your profile header: this will make it much easier for subscribers and potential customers to contact you, for example, to order a product or service.

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