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How to make Instagram ads yourself for free: step-by-step instructions

In 2021, Instagram has over a billion registered users. Therefore, you will have to try hard to promote your account. The competition is high and everyone wants to lure as many subscribers as possible.

There is often no financial ability to purchase paid advertising. At first, you can limit yourself to free methods of promotion on Instagram.

For example, launch a competition, agree on mutual PR, and so on. Let’s consider how to advertise your Instagram account for free yourself, promote it and attract subscribers without financial costs.

Types of Free Instagram Ads

There are many ways to promote your Instagram account, which require only one resource – your time.

You can promote a profile using the following methods:

  • Connecting a business account. This is the very first and main step towards a serious promotion of your business. The business profile has more advanced functionality compared to the usual one – a full description, buttons for communication by phone, mail and directions, category of the field of activity, statistical data, the ability to launch an advertising campaign.
  • Selection relevant name. In addition to choosing a username, you can choose a name in Cyrillic, which will be different from the login. It will be easy to find you in the search. For example, if a user types in the search bar “Pedicure Kaliningrad”, the result will be a list of accounts with these words in their names.
  • Setting a high-quality avatar. It is very important that the picture is bright and “speaking”. For business it can be a symbol or logo of a company, for a person – a portrait.
  • Adding hashtags. Hashtags are inserted in order to make it easier for them to find a post in the feed, so that it appears in the feed of subscribers, as well as to create collections. All this together helps to promote the brand.
  • The use of geotags. They help increase the reach of your posts. If you put a geotag in a post, it will automatically be included in the collection of publications with this tag. If a lot of users react to a post, then it will have every chance of getting into the TOP.
  • Creating masks. The mask will help you become more visible and attract new subscribers. But it has to be unique and cool to be used. For example, a funny signature, a beautiful filter, a complex 3D effect.
  • Attracting an audience from TikTok. This is a new platform from which you can successfully lure subscribers to yourself. Thousands of new users can be brought in just one viral video. If you interrupt it at the most intriguing place and make an offer to watch it further on Instagram, you can attract many new subscribers to your account.
  • Creating a beautiful lead magnet. This means giving the user what something valuable in exchange for the fact that he will subscribe to the account, like, repost, and so on.
  • Mutual PR in the story. The scheme of such interaction is very simple. You need to find a blogger whose profile has a similar topic and about the same number of subscribers. Offer him to advertise his account to his followers in exchange for sharing your profile.
  • Hosting a joint live stream. It brings the author and audience closer together, allows two bloggers to exchange followers. You need to find a blogger, agree with him on a joint broadcast on an interesting topic, set a convenient time for both and start the broadcast online.
  • Games and interactive. The activity of subscribers should be increased in order for posts to get to the TOPs of publications more often. For example, you can give tasks in finding differences in a photo or ask to vote for the correct answer to a question from a list of options.
  • Advertising of a profile on Instagram in offline space and other social networks. For example, to Facebook, on your own website, using the mailing list.
  • Commenting on publications in popular profiles. This is a fairly effective method of free promotion on Instagram, which gives good results when posting comments on the promoted pages of famous bloggers.
  • Creating high-quality content. This is one of the main rules of Instagram promotion. First, create something to promote, and then decide how to advertise it.

Detailed instructions: how to make free advertising on Instagram yourself

Let’s consider in detail how to independently use the above methods of free promotion. To connect a business account, you need to click on the icon with three stripes in the upper right corner. Next, you need to go to “Settings”, and then to the section “Accounts”. Click on the bright blue line – “Switch to professional account”.

Relevant name

As a relevant name, you can put your name and surname, the name of the service, product, field of activity. An efficient way is to add a regional binding.


When choosing an image for an avatar, it is important to remember two things:

  1. The audience will see the final version of the picture as a circle, that is, the original version will be cropped around the edges.
  2. The avatar should evoke associations with the brand, its products or services.

Select hashtags

Hashtags are divided into:

  • Unique. You need to create and use them yourself.
  • Branded. Includes the name of the organization.
  • Low Frequency. From 5,000 to 10,000 mentions.
  • Mid-range. Refers to one specific topic. Tens of thousands of mentions.
  • High frequency. Hundreds of thousands and millions of references. For example, #coffee.

To quickly promote your Instagram account, it is recommended to use the last 3 types. It will be easier for them to find you in the feed or see you in the search. The optimal number of hashtags per post is 10.

Using geotags

If your business has a real location, then you must definitely add its address to your profile and mark it in every publication. So the location will become more popular in the nearest places. The more tags you make in stories and posts, the more often the app offers users your location.

Creating masks

The possibilities of creating masks are limited only by your imagination and skills. Track trends. For example, during a pandemic, protective masks are very relevant. Masks that distort the face in a funny way are always in demand.

You can find masks:

  • Follow your friends’ stories.
  • Explore the effects gallery.
  • Subscribe to thematic hashtags and profiles.

Engaging TikTok Audience

Upload an interesting video to TikTok so that it is interrupted at the most intriguing moment. In the commentary to the video, write that its continuation is available for viewing on Instagram.

Lead magnet

One example of an effective lead magnet is offering a free course when the user meets several conditions. For example, subscribe, add the publication to the story and follow the link specified in the profile header.

Mutual advertising in stories

It is more effective to carry out mutual PR in stories. If you post it separately, users may find it too intrusive. In a story, just tell them why you find the blog interesting and of high quality.

Joint live broadcast

When planning a joint live broadcast, it is important to consider that:

  • The topics of the accounts should be similar.
  • Before conducting it, you need to write a plan script.
  • You need to inform your subscribers about the live broadcast in advance.

Creating interactions

One of the examples of interactive is the publication with pictures under the numbers. Below them, the author of the profile asks his subscribers to make a choice. For example, what hairstyle you like best.

Advertising profile on the accounts of other Internet sites

Ask your friends to provide support in the form of likes, reposts and subscriptions. Advertise yourself on other social networks, on your website, send messages to your customer base. Try to convey to the person why subscribing to your account is useful and valuable.

Comments in posts in a popular account

If you write a competent comment on the topic of someone else’s publication and it “hooks” other users, then it can become “top”, thanks to someone else’s likes. That is, the comment will be pinned at the top if it gets a lot of likes.

Creating quality content

The easiest way to find ideas for posts is to spy on your favorite bloggers who have profiles on similar topics. Try to make the most of the possibilities of publications, stories, masks, marketplaces, travel guides, IGTV.

Pros and cons of free advertising

Free ad type

Quality content

Profile variety

Time spent

Attracting new subscribers

You need to look for a blogger-colleague for cooperation

Engaging Tik Tok audience

Audience Expansion

Difficult to create a viral video

Grab attention in the feed

It’s hard to come up with something new and interesting

Errors when setting up ads

The most common mistakes when creating ads on Instagram are:

  1. There is no difference between advertisements and regular posts.
  2. The ad format differs from the goals of the advertising campaign.
  3. Lack of analysis and testing.

It is important to constantly monitor the indicators. Using tests, you can determine the most effective strategy for promoting your Instagram profile.

Help for beginners

To avoid mistakes and quickly promote your profile, you can contact the professionals who offer free courses on advertising:

Dmitry Dyakov

Дмитрий Дьяков проводит бесплатный онлайн-тренинг по настройке рекламы в Инстаграм

Offers training to master the profession of Advertising Specialist in IG and FB. It will be useful if you want to learn how to set up ads on Instagram and Facebook from scratch and make money on it.

Artem Mazur

Артем Мазур предлагает бесплатный тренинг по обучению рекламе в Инстаграм

Conducts a free training on teaching advertising on Instagram + bonus video tutorials on how to make money on this social network. In just 4 days you will get a clear and clear idea of ​​how to attract customers and make money from advertising on Instagram and Facebook.

Nikita Fofanov

Никита Фофанов создал видео-курс «Специалист по рекламе в Instagram»

Provides a free video course “Instagram Advertising Specialist” that can be completed in just one day. Maximum of useful information, the possibility of its quick practical application and obtaining a certificate of passing the marathon.

The following services will help you to set up advertising:

LiveDune Statistics Service

Its functionality includes collecting statistics on accounts, monitoring comments, automatic posting online. The service allows you to work with all social networks, create reports and integrate data into your own systems.

TrendHERO Service

Analyzes bloggers on Instagram. Allows you to find and check bloggers for cheating. You can also use it to find out data about the blogger’s audience, its type and interests, monitor advertising.

Zengram Audience Parser

With its help, you can promote your Instagram account more efficiently. Its functions include collecting accounts by parameters, contact information of users, the ability to filter by characteristics.

Frequently Asked Questions

Try to regularly, for example, weekly find one blogger for mutual advertising. Don’t be ashamed to write to unfamiliar colleagues. After all, the worst thing that can happen is that they will simply say no to you. But you have a great chance to work with a blogger whose number of subscribers is approximately equal to yours and with whom you are connected by a common theme.

A few tips for choosing the right tags:

  • The hashtag should reflect what is in the post text or image. You don’t need to mislead the user, you need to help him find important information.
  • Try to use tags with a low and medium frequency. The search results for high-frequency hashtags contain a lot of posts, and their number is growing literally every minute.
  • Make your selection of hashtags diverse. Do not copy the same set from publication to publication.

Briefly about the main thing

You shouldn’t give up on promoting your Instagram account if you don’t have the funds. You can also advertise your profile using free methods. For example, mutual promotions, interactions, hashtags and geotags, and many others.

Find bloggers-colleagues, conduct joint broadcasts with them, place mutual advertisements in stories. Try to keep the content you publish as high quality and useful as possible.

Keep track of your profile metrics and learn new things. There are many useful and free courses, workshops and services with which you can learn how to create advertising and promote on Instagram.

Sincerely, Lyubov Bystrova
specially for the proudalenku.ru project

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