Dicas Para Gerar Mais Resultados Com O Carrossel

How To Make Carousel On Instagram [7 Awesome Tips]

Did you know that more and more people are looking for how to make carousel on Instagram?

Using Instagram Carousel is an excellent strategy to attract and acquire customers for your business.

One of the successful strategies for those who work with digital marketing, without a doubt, is to be present on social networks.

Instagram is like a shop window where you exhibit your product or service by publishing content relevant to its target audience.

According to research by Social Insider , the carousel is a content format that generates more engagement than posts in video or image format on Instagram.

So, if you want to grow on Instagram, it should be part of your strategy on this social network,

If you don’t know what a carousel is or how to use this format in your strategy, read this article until the end and know everything about this topic.

In this article you will know what a carousel is, how to create it, how to generate results for your business and you will also learn how make ads on the Instagram carousel.

What’s an Instagram Carousel?

O que é um Carrossel no Instagram

O Instagram carousel is a publishing format in which you can publish two to ten images and/or videos in a single post.

In this type of post, the user simply drags to the side to view the others published images or videos.

In this option you can apply filters to all images or a different filter for each of them.

You can also organize the sequence of images that will be displayed gone, however you want.

Another possibility that Instagram offers in the carousel is to mix images and videos in the same publication.

The carousel is a great way to get the attention of your customers. followers and make them stay longer in your post.

Also, since you can post up to ten slides, you’re more likely to get even more likes and comments.

And since making money on Instagram is directly related to engaging followers, creating carousels is an excellent strategy.

What to Post on Instagram Carousel?

As much as your Instagram posts are about online business, don’t forget that the social network was designed for posting of interesting images for users.

So even when talking about a course or training, your posts should be light and pleasant for your followers.

You need to include posts in the carousel from Instagram if you want to generate more engagement on your social media profile.

It is through engagement that you will gain new followers and therefore increase your conversions.

So you should post images and videos that catch the attention of followers, stimulate engagement and generate lots of sales.

Another thing you can take advantage of on the Instagram carousel is to insert text in each image, with relevant information that you want to convey to your target audience.

In addition of being a good opportunity to talk about you and your business, it’s a great way to get new followers for your social media profile.

So, put your creativity to work and create agendas with ideas of content. Creating carousels on Instagram is also a great way to generate engagement.

Writing catchy titles for your post in a carousel format on Instagram also gets a lot of user attention and encourages engagement.

How Many Images In Instagram Carousel?

As I already mentioned, Instagram allows you to post up to ten images in a carousel post.

However, research done by Social Insider has shown that when a user posts all 10 images to the carousel, the average engagement rate exceeds 2%.

The survey also finds that carousels with 2 images are the ones most used on the platform, around 33% of users publish carousels with only two images.

Users who publish 3 images reach almost 20%, while 6.77% of Instagram users prefer full carousels, with 10 images and/or videos.

Research also shows that carousels with 8 or more images have higher performance.

In other words, ideally, your Instagram carousel should contain 8-10 images and/or videos.

How to Create a Carousel for Instagram?

Como Criar um Carrossel para o Instagram passo a passo

Creating a carousel for Instagram is nothing complicated. See in a practical way how to do this!

1. Simply access the app from your mobile phone and, on the home page, click on the “+” icon to create a post.

2. Then you will choose and click on an image or video from the gallery. From there, a number will appear in the upper right corner of each image.

3. Select the images and/or videos you want to insert in the carousel and you’re done, just publish.

Another way to create a carousel for Instagram is by clicking directly on the icon of two squares, one on top of the other.

You can also add text to your carousel images.

If you use your computer to create a carousel for Instagram, just go to Instagram Creator Studio in desktop version and do upload all the images and/or videos you want to publish.

Examples Of Carousel Posts On Instagram 

Now see some examples of carousel posts on Instagram so you can understand what kind of posts post is ideal to delight and engage your target audience.

Institutional Carousel

The institutional carousel is the opportunity you have to talk a little about yourself or your business.

Take advantage of the 10 carousel images and create a post talking about the product or service you promote and about the solution your business offers.

This type of post is a way to make money on Instagram by posting about your business, in a way that is relevant to your followers.

This way, you can create a greater proximity to your target audience, increasing the chances of gaining more customers.

Carousel Insights

In carousel insights you can publish images and/ or videos with ideas on some topic. Ideally, they are insights into your niche market and your business.

You can take advantage of this feature to post money-making tips on Instagram, for example, you can also have content ideas for post on your carousels, ideas for creating polls on Instagram, etc.

Educational Carousel

In the educational carousel you can teach something interesting to your target audience, give tips, make tutorials and even publish content from your blog to drive Instagram traffic to your page, just like I do on my Instagram.

Annotate with content ideas. As I said, you can use your blog content and create smaller text on the carousel images, write catchy headlines and post to your Instagram.

Tipos de Carrossel Educativo

Step By Step

The step-by-step carousel type is interesting to arouse people’s curiosity and get them to view all the images and/or videos.

The step by step can be anything, as long as it is related to your business.

For example, those from the slimming niche, for example, can create a step-by-step guide on how to prepare a green juice, or those from the finance niche can create a step-by-step guide on how to make a spreadsheet.


Product Catalog

Creating a carousel in a product catalog format is an excellent idea for anyone who works with a physical store or e-commerce.

That’s because you you can publish a carousel with ten pages showing the products that are on sale or even the new collection, for example.

This type of post usually generates a lot of sales, enjoy!

Panoramic Images

The carousel with panoramic images is ideal for showing followers the details of the product you promote, which awakens in the user the desire to buy.

Incidentally, this type of carousel is ideal for those working with travel packages, as, in addition to using panoramic images to show the view from the hotel room, the professional in this area can show beautiful images of the travel destination.

Look Book

The look book is a carousel creation format perfect for anyone working with clothes, shoes and jewelry, for example.

Since it’s fashion-related, the photos for this post need to be of good quality and with good lighting to show the pieces properly. Ideally, they should be professional images.

In this carousel you can even insert price tags for each piece. If you have a physical or online store, creating a carousel for Instagram in a look book format can generate excellent results for your business.

For those who want to know how to make money on Instagram, have already noticed the range of possibilities that opens using the carousel, doesn’t it?

Event Album

The event album is a carousel created with images and/or videos produced at an event.

Of course in the times we are living, creating and participating in face-to-face events is out of the question.

However, events can be online, with live streams, and then you can create an Instagram carousel with the best images from the event and tag people who are in the images and/or videos.

With the carousel, you can publish multiple photos in a single post, “telling the story” of the event, all at once.

Take the opportunity to finish the album with a photo marking the people who made it part of the event, thanking them for their presence (even online).

This is a great way to remind each participant how memorable the event was. Also, those who didn’t participate will be excited and won’t want to be left out of the next event.

Anyone who is a digital influencer can take advantage of the carousel and create an album of events they participated in.

Even unable to hold events in person, brands continue to hold events online, and many digital influencers are hired to participate.

This type of publication generates a lot of engagement and is always a success, you can bet !

Video Series

Another post you can make in a carousel format is a series of videos.

Because it’s in videos, this kind of post is very dynamic and you can show your work routine, your food, a day with you, etc.

The theme of the video series will depend on what you do, the type of business in which you work, etc.

Add filters, captions, and other cool features that catch your followers’ attention and encourage engagement.

In addition to creating videos with good images, you should also be concerned about the audio of the videos you intend to publish on a carousel.

The image in the videos may not even be of high quality, but if the audio is good you can convey the message you want, clearly.

If you know how to use the platform’s features, you can create captivating and engaging stories for your target audience and earn money on Instagram.

Tips To Generate More Results With The Carousel

Dicas Para Gerar Mais Resultados Com O Carrossel

Now that you know what it is and how to create a carousel on Instagram, here are seven tips to generate more results with this feature.

1. Use The AIDA Methodology

AIDA is a methodology used by marketing and sales teams, and is based on consumer behavior.

The methodology consists of four steps:

A (Attention): This step can be used on the first two slides of your carousel. Slide 1 might contain a catchy title, on slide 2 you can write the presentation of the carousel content.

I (Interest): The interest step can be used in the next few five slides (3, 4, 5, 6 and 7), to “lock in” the audience to the content, as this is where you will present the solution to the problem exposed in the title.

D (Wish): The wish step can be used on slides 8 and 9, where you will show the results generated by the solution you presented.

A (Action) : The last step is the action. You will use the last slide to encourage the audience to take an action, which will depend on your objective.

In this example I used 10 slides to create a carousel, but you can create your own according to your need and preference, always remembering the tips left here in the article, of course.

2. Organize Content

The second tip is about the content of your carousel. It’s important to jot down any insights you have, organize and structure those insights to create relevant and coherent content for your Instagram audience.

Like the layout and all the visual features of your carousel, the text content needs to be organized in a clear, simple way that conveys your message easily.

You can go back to the example from my Instagram carousel and check that this is how I publish my content.

Another important thing, still about text content, is to review what you’ve written, before publishing.

It’s always possible that one word or another has been typed wrongly or even a mismatching error goes by without your noticing.

This is completely normal, hence the importance of proofreading, so the content stays organized, before it’s posted to the Instagram carousel.

3. Create Carousel With Videos

Creating carousels with images may be more common among Instagram users, but creating carousels with videos generates much more engagement.

Create carousels with videos and wait because your post will start to receive a lot of comments, which increases the reach of your publication, generating even more engagement and, consequently, gaining more followers on the platform.

In other words, it’s a very positive chain reaction for your business.

So don’t waste any more time and start investing in this media format to create your Instagram carousels.

4. Mix Images and Videos in the Post

The survey conducted by Social Insider also points out that carousels that mix videos and images generate more engagement, precisely because of the variety of stimuli offered in this type of post.

The average engagement for carousels created with videos exceeds the average engagement for carousels created with images. The mix of the two generates even more results.

Still according to the survey, carousels that mix images and videos reach an average rate of 2.33% of engagement per post.

5. Create carousel with at least 8 images and/or videos

As mentioned here in the article, carousels with 8 or more image and/or video slides increase the engagement rate.

So, the ideal is to create a carousel of at least 8 slides. If it’s 10, even better.

The same Social Insider survey shows that 10-slide carousel engagement is over 2% of the average rate.

Carousels can generate more engagement on Instagram than regular posts with just one image.

6. Create An Identity

Create an identity for your Instagram carousel-shaped posts. Ideally, use your brand’s colors, font, standardized layout, etc.

This way, your publications will always be associated with your brand, which will be more easily remembered by followers.

Arrange the elements of each image or video so that the image you want to convey is easy to read and understand, with your brand identity.

7. Encourage Users to See More

One more tip to generate lots of results with the carousel on Instagram is to encourage the user to see more of your content.

Ask the user to drag to the next slide. To do this, write something like: “Slide to the side”, as I do in my posts in each image of the carousel.

It may sound silly, but this small detail also helps to increase and the engagement rate of your publications is very high.

That’s because, with so many visual stimuli on the social network, users often don’t even realize that the publication is a carousel.

Write a prompt for the user to view the next slide is a great way to get more likes and comments.

How to Make a Carousel Ad?

Instagram ads can be managed in Facebook Ads Manager , as Manager is a Facebook tool and that’s where you manage Facebook and Instagram ads too.

To get started, you need to have a business account on Instagram and connect it to Facebook Manager.

Once you do this, you will choose the ad targeting, budget, schedule and carousel post that will be sponsored.

Once you have chosen the carousel that will be sponsored, just click on the “Promote” button or on the “Promotions” tab and create your ad.

Now see some important information you need need to know before making a carousel ad in your Instagram Feed.

  • If you are going to publish the carousel in Instagram Feed, you can include up to 10 images and/or videos to create the same ad . Images and videos can be merged if you wish.
  • Image files must be jpg or png type and the image size must be up to 30MB.
  • The recommendations for images are: dimensions of 1080 x 1080 pixels, and the aspect ratio of 1:1.
  • The videos must be in MP4 or MOV format and the size must be up to 4GB, lasting up to 60 seconds. Animated GIFs can also be included in the carousel.
  • It’s worth remembering that Instagram allows up to 20% text for each carousel image, with up to 2200 characters. By the way, this rule is valid for any type of ad on the platform.

If the carousel is published in Stories on Instagram, you can insert 2 or 3 images or videos, in sequence.

  • You can insert 2-3 images and videos, sequentially.
  • Recommended dimensions are 1080 x 1920 pixels.
  • Recommended aspect ratio is 9:16.
  • The image may contain up to 20% text, with up to 2200 characters.
  • The duration of each video is up to 15 seconds.
  • The display of each image is 5 seconds.


See how making carousel on Instagram can help you generate more engagement on the social network, significantly increasing your business results?

This requires publishing images and videos that are aligned with your business objective.

In addition, the Instagram carousel helps you define and segment your target audience on the platform, you can create campaigns with this type of post to increase your business results, increase brand recognition, gain more customers and earn money on Instagram.

For anyone who wants to be a digital influencer and understand how to make money on Instagram, making carousel on the platform is an excellent marketing strategy.

And as you’ve seen, content ideas is what it’s not lack. So, use your creativity, take advantage of this feature that Instagram offers to its users and maximize your results.

If you want to know more strategies like this and learn how to create an internet business, starting from the absolute zero, with a unique and simple method, with practical classes where you will learn how to set up your business click by click, I invite you to know the Online Business Formula .

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