Магазин винтажных камер в Инстаграм

How to make an online store on Instagram: instructions + promotion (and examples)

In this article, you will learn:

  • How to open an online store on Instagram in 5 steps.
  • Which niche to choose.
  • Which content to publish.
  • How to attract your first customers
  • How to process orders.
  • The advantages of an Instagram store.

We’ll also show examples of cool online stores – use them for inspiration. All tips and tricks are relevant in 2021.

What to sell: choosing a niche

This section is for beginners. If you have your own business (clothing, cosmetics, household appliances store), then proceed to the next section – creating a store.

If you want to start a business from scratch and have decided to open your own online store on Instagram, then continue reading: now we will consider the niches that “enter” this social network.

Spoiler: You can sell anything on Instagram: clothes, cosmetics, stationery, cars, books, special equipment and even bricks.

Most popular niches:

  • Clothes and footwear. Men’s, women’s or children’s – it doesn’t matter. You can sell expensive Italian suits, branded bags and Chinese replica Adidas sneakers.
  • Cosmetics. This niche belongs to the beauty theme. Now there is a great demand for Korean cosmetics: creams, oils and masks for skin imperfections (acne, circles under the eyes, etc.)
  • Flowers. Instagram is a great marketplace for selling flowers. You do not need to open a flower shop in your city – you just need to rent a room where the flowers will be stored. All sales take place online through the instu.
  • Gifts. Open your online gift shop – they are in high demand. Pay attention to the niche of unusual and creative gifts – people love a non-standard approach.
  • Children’s toys. This type of product will always be the most demanded – both offline and online. Therefore, you can safely sell children’s toys on Instagram – there will always be a demand for them.
  • Food. Fresh trend – products with home delivery. Turn your Instagram account into a showcase for ready-to-eat meals. For example, if you are baking delicious bread, then organize your own mini-bakery. An Insta profile will be an excellent sales platform.
  • Household goods. Another niche that is in high demand. Sell ​​useful and unusual home furnishings such as custom designed chandeliers, paintings, book shelves.

How open an online store on Instagram: 5 steps

Let’s move on to the practical part of the article. Let’s make an online store on Instagram. All steps are described in instruction format – you will learn how to start working on your store.

Registering a profile

The first step is the easiest. Go to the official Instagram website or download the mobile app. Then register an account.

We would skip this step, but there is one “but” here – nickname. When creating a profile, you need to specify a login. Yes, you can change it, but still come up with a concise and memorable nickname.

For example, the name of a brand or store. You can use the name of a product or product category: @tshirts_msk, @hairs_nsk. We wrote in more detail about nicknames in the article “How to come up with a nickname on Instagram” – study this material if you have any difficulties with creating a login.

Connecting a business account

So, you have registered an account. Now you need to connect your business profile. To do this, open the account settings in the application and go to the “Account” section. There is a button “Switch to professional account” – click on it.

Select the type of profile – in our case “Business” – and the category that matches your occupation.

If you have difficulties connecting a business page, then read our article “How to make a business account on Instagram”.

Why do you need a business account:

  • You will have access to statistics.
  • You can add buttons for communication in the profile header.
  • You will be able to launch ads.

Choosing a title

The account was registered, the nickname was chosen, the business account was connected. Let’s move on to the third stage – choosing a name. In general, it is difficult to give any recommendations for choosing a name: get creative.

The name is displayed in the profile header. Be sure to indicate the type of activity: for example, shoe store “Boot24” or Korean cosmetics “Krasotulya”.

The fact is that for these keywords – shoe store and Korean cosmetics – people will be able to find your account in a search.

Making a beautiful design

Now you need to register an account. It should look nice and informative.

Оформление интернет-магазина в Инстаграм
Example of a well-designed online store

How to register an account:

  • Upload a beautiful and colorful avatar. This can be a brand / store logo, a product photo. The avatar should be clear so that the visitor immediately understands what is shown in the picture.
  • Make a description. In the profile header, indicate: what products you sell, delivery terms, opening hours, describe the advantages of the products. Don’t forget to add a clickable link to your store’s website (if you have one). Be sure to use emoticons; each element of the description – on a new line.
  • Pinned stories. You can create pinned stories on Instagram – this section is called “Relevant”. First add a story, and then pin it – then it will always be displayed on your profile.
  • Post design. We are talking about photographs of goods. When taking pictures, try different shots and angles; adjust the lighting; develop your own unique style.
  • Communication buttons. Add contact methods in the profile editor: enter your email address and phone number. After that, buttons for communication will appear in the header – when the client clicks on one of them, he will either call the specified number or write a letter to the mail.

Add useful information to the “Actual” buyers: customer reviews, bonuses and discounts, answers to questions, a full range, new items.

Adding products

The final stage of creating an online store on Instagram is the publication of products. Take photos of all your products and start posting.

Товары в Инстаграм
Example post with product description

Be sure to add a description to the photo:

  • Describe the features of the product and indicate the full cost.
  • Tell us about the terms of delivery: by mail, courier service, self-pickup.
  • Indicate how the buyer can pay for the order: by card, e-wallets, courier.
  • Pay attention to bonuses and discounts: for example, when buying two pairs of shoes, customers get a 30% discount on the third pair.

The task of the description is to close questions and customer objections.

Content: what to publish on the store profile?

The main type of content in an online store is selling posts. Publications showing the product and a detailed description of the product.

But this does not mean that a profile should only consist of such posts. Diversify your content plan.

What to publish in the store profile:

  • Production notes. Show your subscribers the “behind the scenes” of your store: tell how the sales department works; make a short video showing the order packing process. This will increase audience confidence in your online store.
  • Reviews. Publish customer reviews: how they use the product; what they liked and what they didn’t.
  • Answers to questions. Answer frequently asked questions from subscribers – in the format of text publications or videos.
  • Brand history. Make a series of blog posts about creating a store – in storytelling format.
  • How to use the product. Tell your audience how they can use your product. Better yet, show it in video format.
  • News. Publish interesting news from your niche: for example, if you sell household appliances, tell us about past exhibitions and conferences.
  • Games and quizzes. Run games and quizzes that boost audience engagement – let subscribers answer questions. Offer them gifts for participation – discounts on goods.
  • Communicate with the audience. Ask your customers questions, ask their opinion: for example, what product they are waiting for in your assortment the most.

Don’t forget about stories and live broadcasts. They increase the organic reach of your account – this will help in promoting your profile.

Ideas for online store stories:

  1. Alerts about discounts and promotions.
  2. Interesting facts about the brand.
  3. Product reviews.
  4. Polls.
  5. Announcement of new products.
  6. Unpacking.

Promotion of an online store: TOP-3 ways to attract customers

The online store has been created: you have connected a business account, created a profile, and even uploaded posts with products. Now you need to attract buyers. To do this, let’s take a look at the TOP-3 ways to attract first customers.

Mass following and mass liking

Mass Following and Mass Liking are ways to promote your Instagram profile through massive action. The essence of the method: you put likes under the posts and subscribe to the target audience. Thus, you attract their attention: they receive a notification that a certain user has subscribed to them and are directed to his profile.

If they are interested in your account – in our case, an online store – then they will subscribe to it. Moreover, part of this audience will buy products that are in stock.

You can subscribe manually. But it’s better to automate the actions. Special services for promotion on Instagram will help you with this.


Tooligram 2.0 is a convenient online service that allows you to attract customers. The tool is suitable for any niche.

Service features:

  • You can subscribe to the audience of competitors. Also, you can specify geo (to attract customers in your city) or hashtags.
  • Every day Tooligram works with 300 live accounts. Thanks to this, you can make at least 5 sales per day.
  • You can send newsletters to new subscribers in Direct – for example, offer them a discount on a product.
  • The account will not be blocked: the service imitates the actions of a real person.
  • Works in the cloud (from phone and computer) – no need to download additional software.

Tooligram 2.0 cost: 690 rubles per month. There is a free period – you can get the first 25 clients for free.

Try Tooligram 2.0 for free >>>


Zengram is an online service for promoting on Instagram. Works in automatic mode: likes posts, subscribes to accounts, watch stories.

Attracts only a target and live audience – these are potential buyers who are interested in the products of your online store. Works in the cloud: can be used from a phone or computer.

The account will not be blocked. If you have any questions, you can contact support.

Cost: 699 rubles per month. There is a free trial period for 3 days.

Try Zengram service >>>

Targeted ads

Another way to attract customers is targeted advertising. You can run official ads through the Instagram app. To do this, you must have a business account connected.

You also need to link your Facebook page to your Instagram user. After that, you will get access to the ad account.

Money is debited from the linked card for an action taken – for example, clicking on ads or impressions.

Advertising with bloggers

You can buy ads from a popular blogger. This is one of the most expensive ways to attract customers.

At the same time, one advertising post can recoup the costs 3-4 times. For example, let’s say you bought an ad from a blogger with an audience of 150,000 subscribers. We spent 15,000 rubles. Earned – 60,000 rubles from the sale of goods.

Before buying an ad from a blogger, check it for cheating. Read how to do this in our article “How to check Instagram for boosting likes and subscribers.”

Customer service: order processing

Another important point of working with an online store on Instagram is order processing. Usually clients write in the comments and in Direct. Also, if you have added buttons for communication in the profile header, they will call the specified number or write by e-mail.

We recommend writing all applications in a separate file – for example, in the Google Sheets. Respond to all comments: write detailed answers to potential buyers’ questions.

Often people ask about sizing or shipping. Moreover, they ask questions about the price, although it is indicated in the description.

Don’t be lazy and answer such questions in detail. Even if a potential buyer only asked for the price, tell us about the cost, product availability and delivery methods.

When you reach a certain level of income – at least 100,000 per month – then hire a manager who will process all incoming requests …

Examples for inspiration: 3 Instagram stores

Now let’s look at 3 online stores on Instagram – these are examples of how to create accounts. You can also study the content of these profiles – perhaps you will find some ideas interesting and you will implement them in your store.

1. Shop.sarafan

Интернет-магазин SARAFAN в Инстаграм

The first example is the profile of the SARAFAN online store. Clothes are sold here. The account is very well designed: all the information you need is in the header. Also worth noting are the high-quality photos of the goods.

2. Graysingapore

Аккаунт grayinsingapore

The second example is the foreign profile GRAY. Here I want to note the content of this profile: each picture is a real art. Looking at such photos, I want to get my wallet and buy the product shown in the picture.

3. Wonderfoto.ru

Магазин винтажных камер в Инстаграм

The third example is a store that sells vintage cameras. Everything is good here: design (there is a description, an address, a button to go to the store), content (different formats: videos, photos, stories).

Why is an Instagram store a great choice?

Let’s talk about why an online store on Instagram is a great choice.


  • You don’t need to create a site with products.
  • It will take no more than 15 minutes to create and design a profile.
  • You can start selling with minimal investment – for example, 690 rubles for the Tooligram service.
  • You do not have to buy products and rent warehouses – you can work in the dropshipping format.
  • You can promote and maintain the store yourself – no need to hire staff.
  • Conveniently communicate with customers.


Now you know how to open an online store on Instagram. It’s easy to do: just follow the step-by-step instructions presented in the article. The most difficult stage of work is attracting clients.

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