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How to make an Instagram travel guide in 4 minutes: complete instructions (2021)

In this article, you will learn:

  • What is an Instagram travel guide.
  • How to make a guide in 2021 – step by step instructions.
  • How to add a guide to Stories.
  • Limits for travel guides.

What is an Instagram travel guide: goals and objectives

In November 2020, a new feature appeared on Instagram. It was called the “Guide” (Guides).

A guide is a collection of publications, goods, places. Collections are displayed on the main profile page – in a special section that appears after you create the first guide.

Путеводители в Инстаграм
Instagram guides tab

With this function you can:

  • Make a step-by-step guide in instruction format. If you have posts that are about one topic – for example, how to do beautiful makeup or set up targeted ads on FB – then combine them into one guide.
  • Combine products in the same category – for example, if If you sell footwear, outerwear and hats, one of the categories can be added to one catalog.
  • Specify store addresses. Only one address can be specified in the profile header. If you have a network of offices / shops, then combine them through a guide.
  • Create content headings. For example, in one collection there are posts about SMM, in another – about SEO.

The created guide can be edited: add new posts or delete unnecessary posts.

Limits for travel guides

The travel guide function has limits:

  • The maximum number of characters for a post description is 2200.
  • The title is 40 characters long.
  • The number of posts in one guide is 30.

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How to make an Instagram guide: 6 steps

Let’s move on to the practical part of the article. Let’s create the first guide. We will show you the whole process in a step-by-step format.

First step – go to the main page of your Instagram profile. There is a plus icon in the upper right corner – click on it.

Кнопка создать в Инстаграм

Second step – The New menu will open. Select the “Travel Guide” feature.

Создаем новый путеводитель в Инсте

Third step – select the type of guide: places, products or publications. For example, let’s create a guide from publications.

Выбираем тип путеводителя

Step four – select the posts you want to add to the guide. Important note: you can only add published or saved photos.

Отмечаем публикации для гида

Step 5 – after you have added your photos, the guide editor will open. You can add a title and description to each photo. In the guide, you can also change the cover photo and add new publications. When you’re done editing, click the Next button.

Редактируем новый путеводитель в Instagram

Sixth step – it remains to publish the guide. To do this, click “Share”. If necessary, you can save the guide as a draft and publish it later. A guide preview function is also available.

Публикуем гайд

This completes the process of creating a guidebook. Similarly, you can create several guides at once: for example, step-by-step instructions or a product catalog.

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How to add a guide to Stories?

To get more subscribers to know about the guide, add it to Stories. To do this, open the desired guide and click on the airplane icon in the upper right corner.

Кнопка поделиться в Инстаграме

A menu will open in which you need to select the function “Add a guide to your story”.

Добавить гид в Stories

In the story editor, you can add stickers, text with a call to action.

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