Отмечаем Instagram-аккаунт в Сторис

How to make an active link on Instagram: to the website, profile and WhatsApp

The functionality of the social network Instagram allows you to post URLs to blogs, online stores and social networks. In this article, you will learn how to create an active link on Instagram to a third-party site and profile. We will also talk about how to specify a URL in Stories without connecting a business account and 10,000 subscribers.

Link in post and comments

First, let’s talk about how to leave a link in the description under the photo .

In a post, you cannot make an active link to a third-party site: blog, online store, web service. The URL will be displayed in plain text.

To add a link to the site in a post, publish a photo. Write free text in the description.

Enter a link in the format: https://website.ru/ – to the corporate website; a group on VK, Facebook or Odnoklassniki; section in the online store; YouTube channel.

Неактивная ссылка под фото
This is what an inactive link looks like in the description under the photo

Before the site address, write a text with a call to go to the specified URL. You can leave detailed instructions: select the link and paste it into the browser.

Призыв к переходу по неактивной ссылке под фото
URL of the site with a call to action – in the format of a small instruction. This will increase the conversion rate to the site

To make it easier for users, move the link to the next line. You can highlight the URL with emoticons (Emoji) or special characters.

We wrote about how to indent in the article – How to make a paragraph on Instagram.

If you provide a link to the site in the comments to the post, then the URL will also be displayed in plain text.

On Instagram, you can leave an active link to another profile. When publishing a post, specify your account login in the format: @login .

Ссылка на профиль в Инстаграме под фото
Tag another Instagram user in the photo description

When a user clicks on an account name, he will be redirected to someone else’s page.

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Links to other Instagram profiles are used in the following cases:

  • Advertising. If you are a blogger, you can sell ads from your account. In an advertising post, you need to indicate an active link to another account: a business page, an online store, a thematic profile.
  • Promotion of your own business. You have a large online store with different product categories. You can create multiple accounts for each section: shoes, accessories, household goods.
    In individual posts, you can indicate an active link to another profile to attract more audience.

Active link in profile header

In the header of your Instagram account, you can specify one active link to the site. To do this, open your account home page and go to the “Edit Profile” section.

Редактирование профиля в Instagram
Go to the profile editor

In the Site field, enter the URL. This can be a company blog, an online store, a web service, a profile on Vkontakte or Facebook.

The link will be displayed in the “About me” section – in the last line, immediately after the account description.

Ссылка в шапке Instagram-профиля
This is how the URL appears in the Instagram header

Don’t forget to include your e-mail address in the description. Email can be done without an active link.

Important: Cyrillic domains .рф, .rus, .online, etc. must not be specified. If you have a Cyrillic link, then use URL shorteners: bitly.com, tinyurl.com, u.to .

Link to WhatsApp

You can make an active link to WhatsApp – users will click on the URL and will be able to write a private message to the messenger. This is a convenient way to communicate with subscribers (relevant for bloggers) and potential customers (relevant for businesses).

To leave a link on WhatsApp, add the URL – https://wa.me/phone_number. Instead of “phone_number”, enter your WhatsApp number – without the number 8 or +7; without brackets, dashes or other symbols.

Ссылка на Ватсап в Инстаграме
This is how the active WhatsApp link is displayed

The link should look like this: https://wa.me/78000808

When the user clicks on the URL, a new window will open in which the user will be asked to write to WhatsApp.

Adding a link to Stories

To make an active link to Stories , you need to connect a business account or gain 10,000 subscribers. If you have not met one of these conditions, then the profile will not have the function of adding URLs to stories.

There is a solution to this problem: write the site address in plain text. The link will be inactive.

To do this, go to the section for creating Stories. Click on the “Aa” icon to start writing free text on the photo.

Текст в Сторис
Add text to Stories

Now enter the URL of your website, blog, or social media community. You can use the link that you “drove” through the abbreviation.

Текст со ссылкой в Сториз
Write the URL. Remember the link is inactive

Move the text to a convenient location to make it easier for users to see the link. You can add a call to action: go to the specified address, copy and paste the link into your browser, etc.

You can also change the text color and font, and highlight the background with white. This is to draw users’ attention to the URL.

You can add an active link to your Instagram profile – mark the user. Instead of the text with the URL, enter the login of another account in the format @login .

Отмечаем Instagram-аккаунт в Сторис
Marking another user in Stories

This will mark your Instagram page in Stories .. You don’t need to reach 10,000 subscribers or connect a business account to do this. The user will receive a notification that they have been listed in someone else’s history.

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You can make an active link on Instagram only in the profile header – in a special field. Below the photo and in the comments, the URL is published in plain text. To go to the site, you need to copy the link and paste it into your Internet browser.

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