In recent years, the well-known social network Instagram has begun to develop actively, and new interesting features have been added to the application. Now an additional “Poll” feature has appeared. In the story sharing, the person can answer the questions asked by his subscribers.

How to make a poll in the story?

First of all, it should be noted that polls are created within the story sharing, which takes only 15 seconds. It can be viewed by clicking on the user’s icon. You cannot poll in the share stream.

It should also be noted that the story made is only available to users during the day, then it automatically goes to the archive and only the person who posted them can see them. The answers come directly from the story. That’s why you should look there often, otherwise you may miss interesting questions/answers.

How can you make a survey yourself in the story section?

The order used to create a poll on your page is very simple. First of all, the Instagram application must be installed and open on your mobile device. If the application is not installed, you can download it from Google Play, Apple Store or the developer’s website.


After that, we need to do the following:


  1. Account opening and registration in the system.
  2. Open the sharing section and find the camera icon in the upper left corner.
  3. Click on the icon and select any photo or video you like from the list presented.
  4. After downloading the picture, we find the smile icon on the screen.
  5. Go to the

  6. Smile list, there are also hashtags, hashtags and gifs. Let’s select the «Poll» icon next to the icons.
  7. After clicking on the screen, a small square will appear, where you can write a question and choose your answer options. You can change the title or answer options by clicking the “Text” icon.
  8. When the question is written and the answers are asked, click the “add people who can see your story” button. Select the group of people who can view the survey from the list. Then complete all actions with the “send” and “done” button.


We learned how to create a question, now we are faced with a new question like how the story is voted. There is nothing complicated here either. Let’s do the following:

• Open the app, log in to your account.

• Let’s open the follower stories at the top or go to any account you want through search. Users will appear in the survey history with their answer options.

• Select the answer you like and click on it. After that, the average answer of all users who answered the question will be highlighted. The percentage changes with each new user response.

After analyzing the order required to create and answer surveys, you find that all this is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance!

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How can I see which users responded to the survey?

Vote poll list can only be seen by the poll organizer. Other users can only see the average response as a percentage.

When you create a poll and you don’t know who responded to it. We follow the following order:

1. Open your page and go to the story.

2. We swipe one finger from the bottom up. Statistics are displayed.

3. We look at the list of people who voted in the poll. Click one of the icons to see the full list. A full list of users with their response opens.

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Which topics are best for creating surveys?

Unfortunately, the developers only made two kinds of responses. Therefore, it is not possible to conduct a comprehensive survey. We need a question so that others can answer “Yes / No” or choose between two suitable options. Despite poor answers, many surveys help people choose certain actions or make decisions.

Talking about themes, interesting topics for women are fashion, cooking, style and music. For men, interesting surveys are topics such as cars, clothing and sports.

How to cancel the survey?

If you change your mind and want to add a new poll, then press the «back» button and close the story section.

If the survey was already created, but you later decided to delete it, you should do the following:

• Let’s go to your page and click on your round avatar.

• Let’s open your story. Let’s wait until it appears that we want to remove it.

• Above we see 3 vertical dots, click on them.

• Several options will be displayed. Select “Delete share”.

There you go! Unnecessary story removed.

Creative ideas for the survey

You want to create a poll, but you don’t know which topic to choose. Then you just need to think a little, the idea itself will come to your mind. The theme can be on many different topics. But one thing should be noted, the survey should never be provocative. It is also prohibited in derogatory matters. If these rules are violated, the survey will be deleted by the administration. Let’s explore the latest poll ideas on Instagram:

  • Which photo should I choose? (answer options 1/2).
  • What should I wear? (Shoes / Sports shoes).
  • Add new post? (Yes/No).
  • Which one do you like the most? (Forest fruits/ Fruit).
  • Do you go to the gym? (Yes/No).

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Let’s exercise our brains and imagine. You can ask people questions about any subject, such as sports, beauty and care, love, work, animals, cooking. It is better to upload new stories often, because this way users will visit your page more often and remember you. Instagram stories can artificially increase the amount live

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