Акция с таймером очень эффективна для сторис

How to make a story on Instagram: 13 tips for beginners

Today, almost all social media users know how to make a story on Instagram and post it on their page.

All that is required is to click on the account image with a “plus sign”, add a photo or video, make inscriptions and click on the “Your stories” button. But this is too simple an approach.

The best is to make stories that will attract attention, please users and help to achieve results. The purpose of posting a story on Instagram can be different: increasing the number of subscribers, advertising a product, buying, etc. Below are some of the best tips for making Instagram stories perfect and effective.

How to use a story

Before creating a story, decide on the goal that you plan to achieve. Much depends on the type of page: personal or commercial. In the first case, you need to focus on personal promotion, and in the second – on the promotion of entrepreneurial activity and business development

Business Pages

Let’s start with goals related to Instagram business profiles. Here, when creating a story, you can pursue the following goals:

  • Showcase creation. Present new products in stories and introduce subscribers to the latest products. There are no strict requirements for photographs, but it is desirable that they be of high quality. For clarity, you should add text or a picture to the picture.
  • Getting information about the attitude of people to the product. In the realm of business, it is important to understand how potential buyers feel about an offer. For example, make a survey in your Instagram story about how people feel about a particular product. Alternatively, you can ask a question about the brand as a whole.
  • Demonstration of professionalism. Placing stories is an opportunity to show skills and experience, thereby attracting people to buy. Such actions increase loyalty to the company and the product, and help to increase the number of potential customers. For example, if you are in the business of soundproofing, tell us about the process, the materials used and the result.
  • Invite subscribers to other social networks. Instagram Stories can be done to attract users to other platforms. When choosing this option, it is important to motivate people, to promise them some bonuses or additional opportunities.
  • Informing about special offers. According to statistics, people subscribe to the pages of companies to get things with discounts. You need to take advantage of this feature. Alternatively, along with the offer of a new product, you can add a link to go and make a purchase.

These are just some of the reasons why it is worth making a story on Instagram to grow your business. Here it is important to be creative and find different options for promotion.

Personal page

As for the personal page, the creation of stories on Android or iPhone is aimed at promoting the personality and increasing the number of subscribers. It is recommended to use different tools to achieve your goals.

Продвижение бизнес-страницы и личной страницы в инстаграм

This can be adding a questionnaire, creating polls, posting personal photos, adding videos, etc. Use the tips below when creating your personal story.

How to make perfect Instagram stories: TOP – 13 recommendations

Below are the secrets and tricks of great stories to improve the design of stories and make them more attractive to users. Recommendations can be used individually or in combination.

1. Get creative

Adding food or a photo of yourself to your loved one is a banality that everyone is tired of. It is important to show originality, and especially when it comes to brand promotion. According to statistics, the company’s sales volumes directly depend on the effectiveness of advertising on the Internet, including in Instagram stories.

General conditions:

  • high resolution photos and videos;
  • clarity of the idea;
  • creative;
  • regularity of adding;
  • uniqueness;
  • no repetition.

Every time, coming up with creative stories is difficult, but you can make a content plan and plan certain actions in advance.

2. Share stories

One of the best tools for Instagram stories is splitting them into several parts and then serving them as a whole video.

For example, in each story, you can cite one advantage of a product or brand as a whole. As a result, a whole picture is formed, which is formed into a single “puzzle”. When choosing this option, you cannot “mix” the story with other topics, because in this case, the logical chain may break.

3. Use a call to action

When creating a story on an iPhone or Android smartphone, people pay too much attention to the content or design. As a result, one of the most important elements is missing – a call to action.

This is especially important if stories are created to promote a business. An Instagram story should have a CTA, namely a call to take an action. The following options are possible here:

  • recommendation to buy something;
  • sending a user to fill out a questionnaire;
  • please go to the site, etc.

The overall goal of a story is to keep the user on the page, engage them, and engage them in some action.

Используйте призыв к действию, делая сторис в инстаграм

If stories don’t ask you to do anything, their effectiveness approaches zero. This method can be used in almost all lines of business, including personal pages.

4. Test your options

Many users get stuck on one type of story and try not to experiment. And why, if everything works like that? This approach is typical for losers who do not strive to achieve new goals.

To increase traffic and attract user interest, it is important to change the format of stories, add new features and features.

For example, make one story with effects, the second as a regular photo, the third as a video, etc. After analyzing each of the directions, we can conclude which tool works best.

5. Use hashtags

One of the main mistakes of users is that they do not put down hashtags or do the job incorrectly. This is a mistake as tags are considered to be a powerful tool in the battle for loyal followers.

Using hashtags, you can combine relevant publications, come up with different incentive systems, etc. Create your own hashtag that will be used to collect relevant information and use it across all posts.

Делаешь сторис в инстаграм - проставляй хештеги

To add a tag to a story, do the following:

  • at the top left, click on create a story;
  • add a video or photo;
  • swipe up;
  • find the hashtag;
  • enter the desired words and save the result.

To add several “keys” repeat the instruction several times. At the same time, choose a color, font and shade taking into account the characteristics of the main picture.

6. Show what’s going on behind the scenes

People love to study life from the inside and are interested in things that have not been seen before. This feature applies to all Instagram stories, regardless of goals (business or personal page promotion).

Покажите закулисье в сторис в Инстаграм

The essence of stories is to show the principles and features of creating a product, its effectiveness and safety, advantages over competitors. It is important that the stories are amateurish and not professionally processed. Otherwise, they will not be trusted.

7. Focus on vertical position

According to statistics, 8 out of 10 users watch videos vertically. This means that mostly vertical posts need to be added to Instagram Stories. This approach increases the effectiveness in matters of promotion.

Делайте сторис в Инстгарм с вертикальным расположением

When posting horizontal content, the author loses many users. This can go away if a person watches a story on a computer. When using a smartphone, the situation changes, because the subscriber, as a rule, holds the smartphone vertically and needs to be displayed accordingly.

8. Don’t overuse stickers

A common mistake is using a lot of stickers. Such a tool can harm reach and reduce the number of interested users.

Не злоупотребляйте стикерами в сторис

Instead of loading Instagram stories with stickers, it is better to use thematic and relevant pictures. Remember that the purpose of the stickers is to enhance the effect of the post and to complement it. Often, two or three stickers are enough to improve the result and make the story more interesting.

9. Keep it simple

Try to keep it simple and make stories as close as possible to regular users.

Many people spend a lot of time, money and effort to bring stories to an ideal state. Particular attention is paid to the quality of the video or photo, which is literally “licked” before posting.

It’s important to understand that Instagram Stories are a completely different channel for communicating with users.

With its help, you can quickly get closer to potential customers / subscribers and build their trust. From experience, people tend to like simple photos with text superimposed on them.

Complex collages look more colorful and vibrant, but they don’t always work. This is why it is important to move away from complex pictures or videos in favor of clearer content.

10. Add stories to the main

Eternal stories have been gaining popularity lately, which are fixed on the main page of Instagram. Using this method is one of the best tools for attracting new users to a page. With their help you can make the following sections:

  • new products;
  • reviews;
  • portfolio;
  • content categories;
  • promotions;
  • future developments, etc.

A big plus if the links are made by an experienced designer. They should not only be useful, but also attract attention after entering the page.

It is very good if the pictures are created in an individual design and convey the characteristics of the brand. Alternatively, you can compile a selection of stories and place them on the home page.

11. Use the Swipe Up Tool

One of the best ways to improve the effectiveness of Instagram Stories is to add a swipe up.

Such a tool is usually used for business pages, when collecting money for charitable purposes, to offer a product and then sell it. In other words, the ultimate goal is to get the person to take an action.

Добавляйте в стори свайп вверх

It should be noted that this option is available only if you have a verified account and the number of subscribers is more than 10,000.

12. Make content that is understandable without sound

People tend to pay a lot of attention to sound. They add audio information to a video or photo in a story so that a person can understand the features of a product or service.

This focus on sound is wrong. It is important to create such stories on Instagram so that it is understandable without explanations (in silent mode).

This is due to the fact that many people watch content on the social network without sound. As a replacement, you can add different labels to further inform the user.

13. Carry out promotions

The main secret of success for pages on a social network is to create a feeling among followers that they can receive bonuses from subscribing and participating.

Promotions are recommended to be held regularly so that people get used to them and do not even think about unsubscribing from the profile. For greater efficiency, it is advisable to create promotional videos that will be limited in time.

Акция с таймером очень эффективна для сторис

Alternatively, you can set a timer counting down the time when the promotion ends. This feature encourages the subscriber to take some action – subscribe, follow the link, call, make a purchase, etc.

Additional tips for creating stories

In conclusion, let’s highlight some more tips to improve the quality of Instagram stories and attract subscribers. We will include the following in the list of additional recommendations:

  • Make only original content. If you want to use an image from the Internet, you can create a collage of multiple photos. In this case, the picture gets the necessary uniqueness.
  • Share the stories of subscribers who used the product or used the service. Real reviews are important to other users.
  • Use additional services to improve the look of your Instagram Stories. Canva is one of the most popular apps. This service helps in processing photos, and Video Splitter is the best at cutting videos for 15 seconds. You can find other apps on the Internet, but these are the most convenient ones to work with.
  • Make funny and entertaining stories. In promotion, it is important that people have fun and have positive emotions. Try to add funny photos and videos from real life to stories. For example, post a video of a work colleague pouring tea or coffee on the keyboard. Here, his reaction to the event will be important. These videos will show the closeness to the people and accessibility.
  • Do short interviews. If you have an Instagram profile to promote your business, add interviews with employees or clients. You can chat with special guests and ask them for their opinion on the company and its products. A positive overall review is desirable.
  • Don’t be afraid to experiment. When adding stories, try to diversify the material. Add emoticons, stickers, different effects, etc. But here it is important to be careful not to overdo it. Everything should be in moderation, because otherwise the story will look cumbersome and tasteless.
  • Transfer powers. Sometimes it’s helpful to change the author of a video in order to look at content creation from a different angle. This approach sometimes allows you to add new ideas to Instagram Stories and, as a result, attract additional users.

The above recommendations are just the tip of the iceberg, and Instagram Stories provide many opportunities for the author. The main thing is to use them correctly and show flexibility in attracting new subscribers.


Now you know how to make Instagram Stories so that they really attract attention and give results. With the right approach, you can achieve a wide variety of results, ranging from an increase in the number of subscribers, to an increase in product turnover and increased brand awareness.

Sincerely, Alexander Petrenko
specially for the proudalenku.ru project

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