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How to make a paragraph on Instagram – beginner’s guide

Today we will talk about the correct formatting of text on social networks: how to make a paragraph on Instagram – 10 topical methods ; what text editors to use for writing posts; what are the indents between the semantic blocks for.

What are Instagram paragraphs for?

Paragraphs divide text in posts into logical blocks and help structure information. It is easier for people to read materials with a well-developed structure, where one paragraph is one thought.

Paragraphs are like stairs. Step by step, the reader gets closer to the main idea of ​​the material published on the page of a blogger, company or brand in Instagram.

Texts under photos without indents between paragraphs are hard to read – after 30 seconds, the lines turn into a jumble of letters.

You are unlikely to read a long text without a clear structure to the end.

Let’s move on to examples.

This Instagram post is without paragraphs: sentences are separated by a space.

Текст без абзацев в Instagram
Bad example: text without paragraphs

The only desire while reading the footcloths of the text is to quickly close the application and go watch videos on YouTube.

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Let’s look at the second example of an Instagram post. This time the text is divided into paragraphs.

Текст с использованием абзацев
Good example: Instagram text is written with paragraphs

Agree, now it has become easier to perceive information in the text and we understand what the author is talking about in his post. Eyes don’t get tired of a lot of letters in one line.

Also, indentation between paragraphs should be used in the profile header.

In the section “About Me” we indicate important information from our biography: occupation, interests, contacts for communication.

Paragraphs will help structure your profile description.

Как правильно оформить раздел «О себе» в Instagram
Profile description with paragraphs looks better

In the header of an Instagram account, you cannot write a large text about yourself. Section limit – 150 characters with spaces.

Indenting from the phone

Most often we use Instagram on a smartphone: we publish photos, write texts for posts, conduct live broadcasts. So let’s take a look at how to make indentation between paragraphs in text on mobile devices.

On iPhone

Start publishing your first post from iPhone: select the photo you want, apply filters. Now let’s start designing a text description from the phone.

When you have written one paragraph – a semantic block – then put a period, question or exclamation mark at the end of the last sentence. Don’t hit the space bar on your keyboard.

There should be no indents between the text cursor (flashing vertical line) and the punctuation mark.

If you press the spacebar, the text formatting will be reset. This is how the editor of publications on Insta works: during editing, it will be shown that there are indents between the blocks of text, and after the post is published, they will disappear.

Switch to the layout with numbers and symbols – the “123” icon. The Enter button will appear on the keyboard. Click on it twice.

Переключение раскладки на iPhone
Enter button to create padding

This is necessary in order to leave a distance between paragraphs – indentation that separates the text into logical blocks.

Пустой абзац в Инстаграм
This is what an empty paragraph looks like in an Instagram text editor

This is how we write all the text – with delimiters between lines.

On Android

Post a photo via the Instagram app on Android: adjust the brightness of the image, select filters. Now let’s start creating a signature for the publication.

Start writing text. After 3-4 sentences, you can make a paragraph. To do this, press “Enter” on the keyboard — the key with the arrow icon — twice.

Клавиша Enter на клавиатуре в Android смартфоне
Button for creating indents in the Instagram app on Android

The same rule applies here as on the iPhone – there should be no indents between the last punctuation mark and the text cursor.

Абзацы в Инстаграм на Андроид-смартфонах
Paragraphs between lines on Android

Space mobile application

There is a “Space” application on Android and iOS. The utility creates beautiful paragraphs for Instagram.

Download the program from the Play Store or App Store – the application weighs 11 MB.

Run the application. There is a small window in the Space interface – here you need to enter text. The limit is 2,200 characters with spaces (this is the limit of the Instagram social network).

Написание текста с абзацами в приложении Space
Step 1: Write the text in the “Space” application. Don’t forget about character restrictions

In the text editor of the utility, you can indent using special characters – hash (###), periods (…) and squares.

Специальные символы в приложении Space
Step 2: add special characters – optional

After you write the text, copy it to the clipboard of your smartphone. The “Copy” button is in the upper right corner – an icon with two documents.

Копирование текста в приложении Space
Step 3: copy the material to the clipboard

Using special characters to separate paragraphs

Instagram bloggers often use special characters to separate text into paragraphs: dots, hash lines, asterisks, emoticons.

It’s easy to do this: when you’re done writing the last sentence of a paragraph, press Enter or Enter to move the cursor to the next line.

Open the special characters layout on the mobile phone keyboard.

Текст с использованием абзацев0
Keyboard layout with special characters on the iPhone

Choose any character you like. For example, an asterisk (*). Insert an asterisk on a blank line and indent the line again.

Текст с использованием абзацев1
Select and insert an asterisk (*) between paragraphs

The special character separator is ready. Instead of these signs, you can use emoticons – Emoji.

Writing text in a third-party editor

You can write text in a third party editor. For example, the Notes app on the iPhone. Enter your text with paragraphs. You can make any distance between the semantic blocks – two, three or five indents.

Текст с использованием абзацев2
Writing paragraphs in the iPhone Notes app

Now copy the resulting text to the clipboard and paste it into Instagram. The post formatting will remain unchanged.

Google Docs

If you want to use a third-party editor for your Instagram posts, then we recommend Google Docs. Its main plus is that all materials are stored in the cloud.

Download the Google Docs app for your smartphone – it’s free.

Текст с использованием абзацев3
Google Docs Page in the App Store

On a computer – go to the website of the text editor.

Important: to use Google Docs, be sure to have a Google account.

Write text material in Google Docs using the required formatting – paragraphs with any line spacing, special characters, emoticons, underlining and strikethrough words.

Copy the finished post to the clipboard and paste it into the publication.

Remember Instagram limits – a post should not exceed 2,200 characters with spaces.

To see the number of characters, open the menu and go to the “Statistics” section.

Текст с использованием абзацев4
In this section you can see the number of characters of text with spaces

We would also like to advise you to download Microsoft Word. In the process of writing this article, we decided that Google Docs is the most user-friendly text editor. It’s also free. So use it.

Telegram bot for creating paragraphs

Do you actively use the Telegram messenger? Then use the @ text4instabot bot. The bot knows how to place indents between lines, makes full-fledged paragraphs on Instagram, crosses out and underlines words, writes from the red line.

Click “Start” and send your text to the Telegram bot. The publication should be divided into regular paragraphs – with blank lines between blocks.

Текст с использованием абзацев5
This is how the “Text4InstaBot” bot looks like in Telegram

In the response message, you will receive a ready-made material with the correct paragraphs – copy it to the clipboard and paste it into your Instagram photo captions.

Indent paragraphs from computer

Having trouble making paragraphs on Instagram from your phone? Let’s consider how to make indents between text blocks in captions under a photo from a PC.

Instagram Web

By default, you cannot publish content in the web version – you can write comments, watch stories and live broadcasts.

The solution to this problem is simple: go to the web version of the social network and right click on any area.

In the menu that opens, select View Code.

Текст с использованием абзацев6
See the code of the Instagram social network page in a browser

In the code editor, switch to the mobile version of the site. Refresh the page in your browser.

Текст с использованием абзацев7
Switch to the mobile version of Insta

You can now create a new publication on your computer. Select a photo, adjust brightness, apply filters. Next, add the desired caption to the photo, with the text divided into paragraphs.

Текст с использованием абзацев8
Making a new post on Instagram from a computer – writing text with paragraphs

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Go to the website of the Instaprobel service. Enter your text in the special field. Emoji can be added.

Текст с использованием абзацев9
Writing text in the Instaprobe

Click “Convert” and copy the result to the clipboard. Insert text in your photo caption when creating a new post on Instagram web.

Как правильно оформить раздел «О себе» в Instagram0
Convert and copy the resulting material

Bonus method: invisible space for indentation

It used to be popular to use invisible space. Now this method of creating paragraphs is a bit outdated – in the text editor Instagram, finally, they made it possible to make the distance between blocks using a regular smartphone keyboard.

Anyway, consider this way of creating indentation between paragraphs. For general development.

“⠀” – there is free space in quotes – invisible space. Select it and copy it to the clipboard.

Now open the post editor. Place the text cursor between sentences that you want to split into different paragraphs. There should be no space between them.

Как правильно оформить раздел «О себе» в Instagram1
There must be no space between sentences

Press the Enter (Android) or Enter (iOS) button. Now paste the copied invisible space.

Как правильно оформить раздел «О себе» в Instagram2
Insert invisible space here

Wrap another line again. Done, you indent your paragraphs with invisible space.

As mentioned earlier, this is a very confused and no longer relevant way of creating logical blocks of text to separate. Therefore, we added it to the end of the article. Don’t use it.


In this article, we briefly reviewed all the ways to make a paragraph on Instagram.

Use these methods to divide text into logical blocks. This will help you convey the message of your posts to your target audience.

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