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How to Make a Live on Instagram – Definitive Guide

Today you will learn how to make a live on Instagram through a simple and complete step by step.

Making a live on Instagram has become one of the most used features in this social network. With the tool, you can chat with thousands of people in real time.

On a live stream, you can share exclusive content with your followers, launch a new product line and even create an online entertainment program.

The ease of starting a broadcast and the possibility to chat with several people for free are some of the reasons why live has been very successful in the digital world.

Want to find out more details about the lives?

In this article, we’ll cover the main information about the Instagram tool.

Como fazer lives no Instagram

What is a live on Instagram?

This is an Instagram tool that lets you start live video streams to your followers.

The dynamics are different from recorded videos. In this option, you prepare all the material, edit it and publish it on your social network.

In the live stream, information is shared in real time.

It is a mistake to think that this feature was recently released. On the contrary, it already existed on Youtube and was implemented on Instagram in 2016. 

Since then, the tool has already created new features.

Despite being widely used by celebrities, lives are great resources for any area.

Why do a live on Instagram?

Importância de fazer uma Live no Instagram

Without a doubt, Instagram is one of the most used social networks not only in Brazil, but also in the world.

It has hit over a billion active users worldwide.

It’s a great opportunity to network with other people, produce valuable content and leverage engagement with your followers.


Engagement is one of the most important metrics on the internet. After all, Instagram’s algorithm defines, through this number, which pages will be featured in the feed and stories of each follower.

This algorithm also shows which pages are least suitable for each user.

Instagram methodology works like a priority list. When we have a lot of tasks to complete, we usually choose which ones are the most important to complete them without delay.

This is the analysis Instagram does for everyone. He chooses which content is most important according to his level of engagement.

If you are in the habit of liking a lot of pages about digital marketing and entrepreneurship, for example, the chance of them appearing more often in your feed is greater.

Live is one of the best alternatives to increase user engagement with your company page.

So be sure to bet on this feature.

Mental Triggers 

You’ve probably heard of mental triggers. They are a powerful tool that activates our brain and helps us make decisions faster.

This is very important, because excessive thinking in any type of decision can directly influence productivity.

Live broadcasts can accelerate these triggers, with urgency and that of exclusivity.

When publishing evergreen content (with no expiration date), the user can access it any day of the week, without prioritizing that content.

This type of behavior harms the interaction with your fans and decreases the page’s space on the social network.

However, live content doesn’t stay on the page forever. The user must watch the content at the same time or he may never have access to the material again.

When a company develops quality content, followers will not want to lose information, creating urgency for the audience.

It is still possible to identify the exclusivity trigger, as followers understand that the material will not be available after the live stream.


Another interesting benefit of live is the low cost.

It doesn’t take a big investment to share your content with followers all over the world.

All you have to do is have an account on the social network, smartphone, internet connection and address an interesting topic about your area of ​​expertise.

We know how difficult it is to shoot videos, especially for people who struggle with live streaming.

However, a live can be simpler than it looks. With a little practice, it is possible to gain more engagement with your audience.

Who can make a live on Instagram?

Quem pode fazer uma Live no Instagram

Any professional can make a live. A lawyer can take advantage of the live stream to clear followers’ main doubts about their area of ​​expertise.

An artisan can teach new techniques for materials with felt, E.VA, among others.

An English teacher can provide tips on subjects that students have the most difficulty learning in class.

A physical education professional can share training with thousands of followers through live streams.

The professional gamer can play a game online, showing the secrets of each stage to the followers.

The fashion expert can also communicate with her audience through Instagram.

On the live broadcast, it is possible to show the latest trends of the summer, commenting on the characteristics of each piece.

The salesperson can create a series of lessons with tips for a business to increase its sales.

The ballet teacher can offer complete classes for both children and adults.

The chef can make a recipe, solving the main doubts of users during contact with followers.

It’s amazing how many possibilities a live can bring to a professional.

The tips we mentioned above serve as inspiration for other areas.

So think about the pains of your audience and create content that will impact them in some way.

How to Make a Live on Instagram?

Aprenda como fazer uma Live no Instagram

The process of making a live on Instagram is quite simple, even for those people who are not very familiar with it. Internet.

To use this tool, you don’t need to install any programs. Everything is done directly by Instagram, safely.

Your data is not shared with others.

1 – Enter your company profile and click on the camera, which is located in the upper left corner of your application;

2 – Then, click on the “live” function, which is next to story;

3 – If you are ready, click on the white circle to start the live. After this procedure, the social network analyzes the quality of the internet connection. Finally, you’re ready to share live content with your followers.

To end the live, just click “end”. The function can be seen in the upper right corner of your mobile device.

How to Make a Live on Instagram with Two People?

Aprenda como fazer live no instagram com duas pessoas

An interesting feature of live is the possibility of broadcasting with another person, with everyone in their home.

It’s a great tip to bring in an expert to discuss issues of interest to your audience.

In this case, the screen will be split, showing not only your image, but also that of the guest .

To trigger a person to your live, you must click on the icon that has two superimposed faces.

Instagram will show you which people are following your live. From there, you must select the user you want to invite to the conversation.

He must authorize the invitation. Otherwise, the process is not completed.

You can end the guest’s participation at any time by clicking the (X) button at the top of the guest’s screen.

One downside of live is that you can only invite one person. If you are interested in including multiple participants, Instagram is not the best option.

What are the best tools for a live on Instagram?

Melhores Ferramentas para fazer uma Live no Instagram

There are some features that make live more interesting.

Let’s start by talking about the possibility of pinning comments.

On the live stream, participants can submit comments at any time. However, when a new comment appears, the old one is removed by the social network.

Sometimes we receive such valuable opinions that we don’t want to miss them. In such cases, you can pin the comment.

For this, we recommend clicking and holding the comment. To remove it, you can do the same procedure.

Disable comments 

Too many comments can make users focus on your content. If interesting, it is possible to disable them during the transmission.

On the other hand, it’s important to remember that comments increase engagement, one of the most important factors for Instagram’s algorithm.

Therefore, this decision should be considered carefully.

Filter comments 

Unfortunately, in some lives, people send unwanted comments about politics, homophobia, racial prejudice and machismo.

To avoid this kind of situation, you can filter comments during lives.

This way, you can prevent comments that do not add value to your content or that have inappropriate keywords.

To keep the peace in your live stream, click on your profile settings and do the “comments control”.

How to create a successful Instagram live?

Como fazer uma Live de Sucesso no Instagram

A live cannot be done in any way, after all, its content can be shared to thousands of people. It’s a huge responsibility in the digital environment.

Therefore, you must take some precautions to succeed in your live.

1. Make a plan 

A quality script is essential in a live broadcast. It helps you create dynamic and interactive content with your audience.

After this procedure, remember to train hard before starting the live stream.

You can read the content aloud or invite a few people in a private broadcast for them to rate the quality of the material.

The trial period should be prepared in advance to allow time to make adjustments for the big day.

The best live language is one that occurs naturally and fluidly. The combination of these ingredients will increase engagement with the audience.

2. Prepare the site 

It’s no use having beautiful content if the image quality isn’t enough to share the material with your audience.

It is important to test your internet connection so that the image is not sent in a distorted way.

You should also choose an organized place to broadcast your live. This way, the user’s focus will remain on the content and not on other elements that are on the screen.

Before starting the live stream, we recommend cleaning your mobile device’s camera. This process makes the image be sent more clearly to the followers.

Another interesting tip is the positioning of the mobile device. It must be placed in a way that ensures proper framing.

It is best to position the camera in line with your eyes. Thus, the image is not distorted.

To make the job easier, you can invest in a tripod. It serves as a support for the mobile device.

The value of a cell phone tripod can range from R$29.90 to R$119.00.

3. Take care of lighting 

Lighting is another item that cannot be ignored in a live stream.

One of the biggest mistakes in live is relying on natural light. It can even help with the transmission, but it is not decisive for sending a quality image.

You can use some items to improve the brightness. A tripod with a circular light, for example, is a great outlet for placing the device in the center.

4. Check audio quality 

Our list continues with audio, one of the most important items in a live stream.

It is important to verify that the transmission will be done in a quiet place so as not to interfere with the sharing of the content.

When we talk about audio, you must be very careful with the diction and movement of your mouth.

An interesting tip is to adjust the volume of your voice so that the audience understands the content with more quality.

If you want to build a transmission with more professionalism, the use of the microphone is essential, as it will increase the sound quality.

5. Promote the live stream transmissão

To increase the number of participants in your live, you can use an image or banner to promote the content.

In this material, you should put the day, time and agenda that will be addressed during the live chat.

Instories and influencer support can increase the amount of hits on your page.

6. Keep Calm 

When we start a live stream, the number of views is low. This happens not only with anonymous people, but also with celebrities.

So stay calm. The number of accesses will increase during the transmission or when the tool is more frequently used in your profile.

Now, are you more ready to start a live stream?

At first, this process might seem complicated. You’ll gradually see that the effort has paid off, with increased audience engagement.

Infográfico | Como fazer Lives no Instagram


In this article you discovered how to make lives on Instagram and all the benefits this tool can bring you.

If you liked it, remember to leave your comment, don’t waste any more time and go now and start taking advantage of this valuable resource that is Instagram lives.

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