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How to Maintain an Instagram Fan Account to Make It Popular

Fan accounts are very popular, which means it shouldn’t be difficult to attract subscribers. As the page becomes visible, advertisers are inevitably interested in it. But there are some nuances in the promotion work.

  • Analyze the current look of the page

    To do this, you need to click the “Your profile” button in the lower right corner of the page, then look at its general view. In this menu you will find the main photo, the personal data field and the first photo uploaded.

    This is how all guests visiting your page see it.

  • Fill in the “About me” field

    To add a biography, click the “Edit Profile” button at the top of your profile and describe yourself briefly by completing this section.

    Potential subscribers should immediately understand what the topic of the page is, so this information is very important. Active Instagram users need to regularly update information about themselves and add working links to new data (for example, songs or books).

  • Collect as much information as possible on the blog topic

    It is necessary to react quickly to the events taking place according to the specifics of your page – it should become a source of news for subscribers. The available information should be regularly uploaded to your blog.

    Соберите максимум информации по теме блога

  • Constantly check competitors’ pages

    There are probably several similar pages registered on Instagram that are dedicated to the same topic. Take inspiration from them, but don’t copy different elements.

  • The official POI page should be in the top of your subscriptions

    How to maintain a fan account on Instagram about your idol? The celebrity or public figure you are interested in probably has its own page on this network. If you decide to create a fan blog, be sure to subscribe to the official account so as not to miss new publications. Pay your attention to other social networks – the person you are interested in can actively use all of their pages.

    If your blog is not about a specific person, but is devoted to a whole topic, then subscribing to other fan accounts will be advisable. It is always very rewarding to be part of a highly specialized community.

  • List the distinguishing features of your page

    It is necessary to study similar fan accounts in detail and think about what uniqueness you can offer for subscribers. Choose a more specific and narrow topic for your publications if the information on other pages has a general focus.

  • Decide on the visual style

    A distinctive feature of the most popular pages in this social network is the overall visual design of the publications. Still, the photos don’t have to be the same. How to maintain an Instagram fan account in the same style? There are several publicly available guidelines that will bring a page to a common denominator:

    • you must apply the same filter for all posts (or not use it at all);

    • try to refer to a single color scheme (for example, only color or only black and white publications).

    Определитесь с визуальным стилем

  • Subscribe to other fan pages

    Find similar Instagram accounts to expand your reach and get an idea of ​​what you can post on your page. Interact with them so you don’t miss out on important thematic information.

  • Post the latest news

    Each publication should be relevant and tell about the latest news on your topic, because subscribers of such pages want to be aware of everything that happens.

    For example, if you have a fan account of a famous musician who is releasing a new album in the near future, be sure to report it on the page.

  • Keep in touch with your subscribers

    Users who follow your fan page are more likely to post questions, comment on posts, and suggest something. Be sure to reply to all comments – this keeps existing subscribers and attracts new ones.

    It is important to communicate not only to promote your account – you need to strive to create a circle of people who have a common interest in any topic and discuss it without problems. A large proportion of the success comes from the interaction of subscribers with each other.

  • Post news regularly

    The popularity of any page on Instagram is often directly related to the number of posts per day, as in any other social network. For the initial promotion of your account, it is recommended to post at least 2 photos a day.

    But don’t overdo it! A lot of posts per day (for example, more than 5) will scare your subscribers and push them away from your account.

  • Post photos with description only

    The main material for posting on Instagram is various photos, but be sure to add textual accompaniment to them. The text will allow you to start communicating with the page visitors, give ground for questions, and the publication will become more complete and interesting for subscribers.

  • Be sure to use hashtags

    They are created to facilitate the search for various materials for users who are not subscribed to your account. Hashtags should be used only when they relate to the topic of the publication – you should not put them under a photo that has nothing to do with them. You can use several hashtags at the same time, their number is not limited.

    If you use a special hashtag to post in your account, then it is recommended to indicate it under the photos as long as it is relevant.

    Attention! Your Instagram page may be blocked due to plagiarism and copying of materials from other fan accounts (or your idol’s official page). This is a deviation from the terms of use of the service. Maintain your fan account on Instagram without infringing copyright.

  • The attention of your subscribers can be compared to the memory of a fish, it is fleeting and short-lived. The best way to keep your audience engaged is by using consistent visual content. The human brain is capable of processing visual signals 60 thousand times faster than text signals, so pictures evoke a wider range of emotions in a person with the right choice of suitable photographs.

  • Pay special attention to headlines, not just hashtags

    This is where you need the skills of a writer and copywriter. But don’t overdo it and try to make every phrase perfect. You just need to make sure that the text fits the meaning of the photo, and the publication has become more interesting.

    Your goal is to write a funny and witty headline that will be understood by all subscribers. The title should be light, so the use of ambiguous jokes and abstruse sentences is not recommended in this case.

  • Use popular and competitive hashtags

    You may hate them, but other people’s hashtags can be of great help initially. If it is impossible to defeat them, then try to team up with them

  • Diversify your Instagram

    Do not place 10 identical photos of the person you are interested in in different poses in a row. Try mixing them. For example, post live shows, autograph sessions, parties, and other celebrity moments.

  • Keep track of your account color

    Place on the page only those photos that will arouse the interest of subscribers. Dark and grainy images can overwhelm readers. Use only bright and colorful photos and learn how to apply filters correctly.

    Следите за цветом вашего аккаунта

  • Running contests and sweepstakes will help spark the activity of your subscribers, because everyone loves to play

    Prepare prizes for holding contests. A music CD, branded T-shirt, concert ticket or autograph are ideal for this. Choose any gift that will add excitement to your page.

  • Use related accounts

    You can save a lot of your time by posting your photos to Instagram, Facebook and Twitter at the same time if your pages are linked.

  • Leave your site link

    Instagram can be a great platform to rally fans, but be sure to post your site’s link so they click through to work. It is recommended that you fill in your profile information, including the website address.

  • Be sure to fill in your information

    The main idea of ​​Instagram is images, but do not forget about personal data in your profile. If you are into music, then indicate the name of the band, the genre in which you play and the location. Describe yourself in a short and simple manner, then fans will be more interested in going to your personal website.

  • Record a video blog

    For example, if you run a fan page of a famous band, then short videos of their music tour are a great way to attract an audience, because most fans do not have a tour of their favorite artist and behind-the-scenes footage, unfortunately. Make videos of the road, moving, hotel rooms, reservations, etc.

  • Use humor in your posts

    Fans are always interested in the personal life of their idol. Post funny videos and photos to show that the stars are also not alien to everything human. Long-term contact with the audience is often built on this.

  • Find fans

    Try looking for fans of creativity yourself instead of waiting for them to find you. Use the built-in search for people and tags on Instagram. Analyze the keywords that are associated with your account. If the page is about music, then look for blogs by other artists in a similar genre or location. It is recommended that you subscribe to anything worthy of your attention.

  • Comment on all posts

    If you find potential fans, start interacting with them. Stage performances are only part of the fame. Fans, too, need to get some attention in order for them to feel close to you.

  • Constantly interact with subscribers, so you will create an army of super-fans

    They need to feel special. Comment on several posts of ardent fans daily. Do not try to talk about yourself, but, on the contrary, pay attention only to them.

  • Don’t forget your fans at events

    Be sure to take photos with your fans wherever they find you. These can be photos from concerts, performances, or just on the street. Post these photos to Instagram and tag fans on them. Send them the same image to post to their account and tag you. This will help attract new audiences among your fan friends.

  • Remember Feedback

    On Instagram, fans can showcase their idols with photos, drawings, videos, suggestions and thanks. You must show that this is very important to you. For example, try editing a video and showing it at a performance, or play a well-done cover at your concert. Drawings and photos can be combined into a huge collage.

  • Be present everywhere

    Leave comments on the publications of your fans, write in other accounts. Your name should appear in the comments on topical news, be it football or the latest events, holidays, etc.

  • Do what fans look forward to

    An interesting and funny series of photos that you post every week can be a great incentive for fans to return to your page to see the latest updates. For example, posts can be published like this:

    • “Our vocalist is able to fall asleep in any position!” Photos of how he chose the entrance, bathroom, suitcase, etc. as his sleeping place.

    • “Where is our guitar?” Glue a paper mustache on the instrument and take a photo of the guitar in different locations once a week. From the image, fans should be able to guess which city you are in.

  • Be fair in your account

    Involve every member of the band if you are performing as a band. Fans will learn more about you not only as a team, but as individuals. Based on this, you can conduct various contests and polls, for example “Who is the most beautiful from our group?” or “Whose photograph is more successful?” etc.

  • Don’t forget about the site, post photos there too

    If you have accumulated a large number of photos, be sure to publish them on your website. Use the standard Instagram widget to help you do this.

  • Be consistent

    This is the best way to get a lot of fans. If you publish quality content and the content is consistent, then your followers will love it.

  • Now that you know how to run a fan account on Instagram, resist the temptation to post “venal” posts or post photos of poor quality and content. All efforts will not be in vain, just be sure to check if your account is closed.

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