How to link your Instagram account to Facebook quickly and easily in 7 steps

People who have appreciated the capabilities of social networks are wondering how to link an Instagram page to Facebook. After all, this removes restrictions from business accounts, at the same time confirms the reliability of the user before the administration of the platform. Therefore, you need to have a Facebook profile with constant access.

To link both pages, you need to take 7 simple steps, which are described below in the article.

Why link Instagram to Facebook: 6 reasons

To link, you must use a real account on the FB, where the real user data is indicated. His name, age, location and photo. Aliases with cartoon avatars will not work, because the Instagram administration will check it.

Linking Instagram to Facebook is not difficult and it has a number of advantages:

  • Easier to restore access – in FB it is more difficult to log into your profile if you forgot your password. Even with the ability to prove ownership of the page. If accounts are synchronized, then they can confirm each other. For example, you have lost access to Instagram, you can log in through Facebook and vice versa.
  • Messages are synchronized – in 2020, FB admins combined messengers of the two platforms. Users can now read messages in one place. Having opened Insta, view the FB.
  • The full set of functions of the advertising office – without synchronization, only a minimum of tools for promoting the account are open to the user.
  • Duplicating posts – just link the FB so that posts published on Insta can be place on the second platform.
  • Geolocation creation on Insta is impossible without linking.
  • Promotion of your Instagram profile. You can do this in the FB advertising office.

In addition, by changing his mind, the user can unlink without any problems, keeping personal data. There will be no penalties or warnings from the admins of both resources.

How to link Facebook to Instagram

To connect profiles in two social networks, you need to log in, saving the passwords from the pages. Check Facebook data and make corrections if necessary. How to connect FB if ​​there is no account yet? You need to register:

  1. Open the FB authorization page and select: “Create an account”.
  2. Fill in the opened form with real data – enter your full name, date of birth and gender. Information that the user can confirm with documents. Otherwise, FB admins may block the page, considering it spam.
  3. Link to a phone number or email address. The phone is safer and simpler, in addition, it increases the reliability of the user.
  4. Come up with a password – complex, from numbers and letters.
  5. Fill in the data on the page – upload a real photo, indicate the school and university, place residence (just a city), marital status. It is worth adding a dozen real friends by sending them requests and publishing several posts in the feed.

Wait for confirmation from the Facebook administration about the end of the check. Next, create a business page:

  • having opened your profile, click on the “+” at the top, next to the nickname.
  • fill in the name of the page, choosing an adequate option right away (it will be difficult to change it later).
  • specify a category by choosing the appropriate one from several options.

The required minimum of actions has been completed, it remains to click on “Create page” at the bottom of the window. Your Facebook profile is ready, it’s time to connect to the Instagram page and link them.

Via phone

If the application is downloaded on a smartphone, here’s how to link your Insta profile to the FB – first you need to connect your business account:

  • Open the page and click on the 3 dashes icon (located at the top in the right corner of the screen).
Чтобы привязываем аккаунт Инстаграм к Фейсбуку, заходим в Настройки
  • A window will appear. Click on the “Settings” tab and follow the order: Account – Switch to business profile.
Переходим в раздел Аккаунт
  • Read the description and select a topic, specifying “Author” or “Business”.

That’s it, the business account is activated and ready.

How to connect it to the FB page correctly:

  • Open the general settings tab (3 dashes – Settings).
  • Then it depends on the user’s choice, “Author” or “Business”, you need to click on the corresponding word.
  • Подключаем бизнес-аккаунт к Фейсбуку
    • Select the action “Link account to Facebook page”.
    Выбираем Связать аккаунт со страницей Facebook
    • If there is no FB profile, the system will offer to create a new one, then repeat the operation.

    The procedure completed successfully. Shows how to attach an Instagram page to Facebook on an Iphone. The algorithm of actions for owners of Android smartphones is the same.

    Via computer

    You can also link your Instagram profile to a new Facebook page through a computer, the procedure is:

    • Create a profile on FB in 3 clicks (described above).
    • Open page settings (tab at the top, on the line under the nickname).
    • The Menu will open, you should find the “Instagram” button there, then the blue button on the right – “Connect account”. Click on it.
    • It remains to log in to Insta and you’re done.

    Changes made by the user will be saved on both platforms and will be available in the future. Here’s how to set up the synchronization of two social networks, in the same way, you can connect the OK profile to Instagram if necessary.

    Via Facebook

    In 2021, 3 binding methods are available – through the FB profile. It doesn’t matter on your phone or computer, the main thing is to log in on the page:

    • open the section “Settings” – “Applications”;
    • select the tab “Instagram” – “Edit”;
    • in the list that opens you need: “Visibility of applications” – “Available to everyone”;
    • from a PC or smartphone, open an Instagram profile and click on the section: “Publishing settings”;
    • select FB and specify the requested data;
    • a form will open: “Publish”, select “Facebook”;
    • click on “Chronicles” and select there: “Default”.

    Here’s how to connect via FB by binding platforms. Your changes will be saved automatically.

    What to do if the Instagram page does not link to Facebook

    The synchronization process itself is quite simple, but problems may arise:

  1. Instagram writes “Connect to Facebook page”, ie it cannot recognize the profile, even after logging in. You need to re-enter your account using the browser that was previously selected by default. His system analyzes first. Or link one e-mail to both pages, Insta and FB.
  2. It happens that FB is not displayed in the Instagram interface and vice versa. Your Facebook profile may be old or blocked. It’s important to check it before linking.
  3. Why can’t I sync the two authorized pages? Perhaps Facebook is already linked to another Instagram profile. It is necessary to untie it from the old one and repeat the operation with synchronization again.
  4. Writes “Operation not available” or “System error” – this happens at the time of technical work. The administration warns users about such an event by posting an appropriate announcement. Then it is enough to repeat the operation later, when they finish.
  5. Passwords are working, profiles have been opened, but the operation is not available. Facebook has high security requirements and admins regularly check the pages to track user activity. It is worth “warm up” a new FB page before linking. Wait a few days, publish a couple of thematic posts there, set a real photo on the avatar. Give admins time to check out the newbie. Send requests to friends, subscribe to some channels. This will show the trustworthiness of the page owner.

It will not be superfluous to check the Internet connection, if it did not work through the phone, try it on a computer. First, log in, checking the relevance of both pages and their statuses, then proceed with linking.

How to change or remove anchor

If the profile on FB is blocked or it is outdated, you can unlink or change it by choosing another. There are 2 ways:

  • Open Instagram on your smartphone, find the tab “Settings” – “Account” – “Linked accounts” and select Facebook. In the window that appears, click on “Unlink”.
Нажимаем Отменить связь, чтобы отвязать аккаунты
  • Open a business page on Facebook and find the Instagram section. At the bottom of the page there will be an option: “Disconnect Instagram account” – “Disconnect”.

After successful unlinking, you can repeat the above linking steps, choosing another FB account.

Frequently Asked Questions

Both social networks do not control the number of bind / unbind. You can perform the operation as many times as required.

It will be easier to promote your Instagram account, because publications will be displayed on the second platform. Plus – safety. Faster to restore access to the hacked page through the linked one. It is enough to log in to the FB, without contacting technical support.

Yes, with an indication of the profile of the author of the posts. However, this feature is easy to disable.

Refuse. It is better to use your pages, and give him only administrator rights. This is safer, because it will be more difficult to check the actions of the manager and then refuse his services. In addition, he will be able to receive the client’s personal data, which is also undesirable.

Briefly about the main thing

For modern users, linking an Instagram account with Facebook is certainly useful. It allows you to apply valuable tools from one platform to another and double your audience reach. It is not necessary to conduct business on the Internet, it is enough to be active and dream about page promotion.

The procedure itself is completed in a few minutes and is also simply canceled. No special knowledge or programs are needed. Changes you make are saved across both platforms and will remain valid until you unlink.

Regards, Dina Omiralina
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