Как отвязать Инстаграм от Фейсбука

How to link your Instagram account to Facebook: 3 ways + how to unlink

In this article, you will learn:

  • How to link Instagram to Facebook and why you need it.
  • How to connect a business page to an Instagram account.
  • How to unlink an Instagram profile from FB.
  • What to do if syncing fails.

All recommendations and tips are relevant in 2021.

Why link your Instagram account to Facebook?

Instagram has an option that allows you to link your account to Facebook. But what is it for? Let’s try to figure it out.

Why link two profiles:

  • Create geolocation on Instagram. If you want to create your own geotag, then nothing will work without linking your Instagram profile to Facebook. To do this, you need to connect a personal account and a business page.
  • Content duplication: from an Instagram account to a Facebook page and vice versa.
  • Promotion of an Instagram profile. Through the FB ad cabinet, users can create advertisements for IG.
  • Password recovery for linked profiles. This is useful if you have forgotten the login information on the page.

How to link Instagram to Facebook: instructions

Let’s move on to the practical part of the article. First, we will link the Instagram account from the phone, and then through the computer.

How many Facebook accounts can I connect to Instagram?

Only one Facebook account can be connected to one Instagram profile.
To rebind accounts, you need detach the old profile.

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From phone

First of all, download and install the Facebook app on your smartphone (if you haven’t done so before). Sign in to your personal account. After that, launch Instagram and open your profile settings.

In the settings, go to the “Account” section. Here select the “Publishing to other apps” section (previously it was the “Linked accounts” section).

Публикация в других приложениях в Инстаграм

A list of social networks will open – select Facebook.

Подключаем Фейсбук к Инстаграм

If you have met the first requirement – downloaded the Facebook application and logged into your account – then simply confirm the action through the application. Synchronization between the two platforms will be done automatically.

If Facebook is not on your phone, a browser will open. Enter the data from your Facebook account – login and password – and click “Login” to complete the connection.

Via computer

To connect Instagram to Facebook via a computer, a business page is required. Create a new page or use an existing one.

Open the business page and go to the “Settings” section – the button is located above the cover.

Настройки бизнес-станицы FB

In the settings, go to the Instagram section and click “Connect account”.

Подключаем Instagram аккаунт к Facebook

A confirmation window will open: if you are already logged into your Instagram account from your computer, then just click the “Continue” button. If not, enter your Instagram username and password to complete the sync.

How to connect a business page

Now let’s connect the business page to the Instagram account. For example, you will need this to create geolocation on Instagram.

Important: To link a business page, you need to connect an author or business account. This feature is not available on the personal profile.

Open the Instagram app on your smartphone and go to the main profile page. Click Edit Profile.

Редактируем Insta-профиль

In the “Profile Information” section, go to “Page”. The Connect to Facebook Page window opens. Choose an action: create a new page or link to an existing one.

Подключаем бизнес-страницу к Инстаграм

If you chose the second option (because you already have a business page), then just select the desired site from the list and click “Finish”.

How to unlink Instagram from Facebook: 2 ways

If your Facebook profile has been blocked or you decide to change your account, unlink the old previous post from Instagram. There are two ways to do this.

First method: open the application on your smartphone and go to the settings. Go to the “Account” – “Linked accounts” section. Select Facebook.

In the window that opens, click “Unlink”.

Как отвязать Инстаграм от Фейсбука

Method two: go to the Facebook business page settings. Go to the Instagram section. At the bottom of the page there is an option “Disconnect Instagram account”. Click the Detach button.

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I can’t link my account: what should I do?

Sometimes users face a problem: their Instagram account is not linked to Facebook. The system crashes. What to do in this situation?

We offer 3 options for solving the problem:

  • Check again that you are entering the correct username and password for the accounts during synchronization.
  • Restart your smartphone and try to merge accounts again.
  • Look in the Instagram settings, you may have already linked another account. The list of social networks shows which profile you have already connected to.

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