İnstagram istatistikleri nasıl bağlanır? İnstagram ve Facebook'ta istatistiksel veriler

How to link Instagram statistics? Statistical data on Instagram and Facebook

Statistics are vitally needed. In one way or another, everyone needs it, from advertisers to businessmen. It is necessary for everyone to analyze certain different indicators to improve the performance of their work and internet projects.

İnstagram istatistikleri nasıl bağlanır? İnstagram ve Facebook'ta istatistiksel veriler

Instagram statistics.

Instagram has introduced users to an excellent tool – to view and analyze statistical data, to enable more efficient development of personal and business pages. However, to view statistics for a business account, you must first link your profile to the account. This is due to Facebook’s acquisition of Instagram.

Indicators available for analysis on Instagram.

The following indicators are available to the User on Instagram:

  3. Comment.
  5. Visits.
  6. User age and gender data.
  7. Total visit time in days or other periods.
  8. Locations of users viewing the page.
  9. Users in coverage
  10. Other unique entries and more.

In this case, Facebook can provide more detailed and detailed statistics, but only to business account holders.

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Important point: If you activate the business account, remove it and re-enable it, all the data accumulated in the statistics will be refreshed automatically.

İnstagram istatistikleri nasıl bağlanır? İnstagram ve Facebook'ta istatistiksel veriler

How can I see the statistics of my Instagram profile on Facebook?

The most important action to take is to link the profile on Instagram to Facebook. To do this, perform the following actions:

On the page on Instagram, go to the tab with options and switch to the organization profile.

  1. Create a business page on the social network Facebook page and write down all the necessary data, including the terms of the organization. If there is a desire and need, the scope of work, hours of work, etc. You can put all the details about it.
  2. From now on, you only need to analyze and view the data on the personal Instagram page. To do this, just go to the parameters. Data about visitors, posts and stories will appear.

Can I see stats on Instagram Stories?

This is a question that worries many. Yes, it can be done. To view data on people’s activity in their stories, simply go to options and click “Start” and the stories category.

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İnstagram istatistikleri nasıl bağlanır? İnstagram ve Facebook'ta istatistiksel veriler

It should be noted that the story will only be active for 24 hours, and then it will disappear, but the statistics will be stored for a long time for 14 days.

How to improve statistics on Instagram?

Actually, you can change any of the stats in your account and not put too much effort into it. There are the following ways to improve (or worsen) statistics:

  1. Change or coordinate the content. It is important to remember that young people will not like what a 45-year-old engineer will like. Therefore, it is necessary to coordinate the content plan according to its target audience.
  2. Organization of drawings, competitions and sharing. Almost all people are passionate, so only a few spectators will not want to receive an award. Potential customers research. The survey will let you know what and how you need to change.
  3. Implementation of various services that develop quantitative indicators. Promotion service on InstagramThe subject of the promotion is at this address. ).
  4. Refusal of low quality and free services is recommended – so your profile may be closed or blocked.

How can you see opponents’ statistics?

If you do not have special software, you cannot see the software of competitors. First of all, go to the Popsters service. What’s next is simple – you have to go through a simple registration procedure, then go to your office and enter the name of a legal entity that interests you. Your opponent’s information will appear in front of you.

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After entering her name and some descriptive information about the organization, the service will provide the following information about her profile on the social network:

  1. Participation.
  2. Total number of followers.
  3. Demanded services and goods.
  5. Ad.
  6. Repost etc.

In this case, the program allows you to compare two different profiles. Just click on the icon “+”. This option provides visual, in online mode, analyze the pros and cons of the two organizations and use them to your advantage against your opponent.

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