How to know when an Instagram account was created

When we see a successful blogger on Instagram, we are always curious: how long did it take for him to gain his audience and how long has he been blogging? In this article, we’ll talk about how to find out the date of registration on Instagram from your own and someone else’s profile.

Let’s look at 5 effective ways. Let’s start with theory. To get straight to practice – use the content.

Why know the date of registration on Instagram?

Information about registering an Instagram account may be needed in the following cases:

  1. Before buying an Instagram profile for business . Young accounts have restrictions and limits related to account promotion: setting up advertising, mass following, massliking, masslooking.

    Before starting the active promotion, the profile must “lie down”. Otherwise, a ban may follow from the administration of the social network.

  2. To increase trust in the online store. You want to buy new sneakers on Instagram … The content does not raise any questions: the photos were taken with high quality, the goods have a detailed description with the price and delivery terms.

    You can request information from store owners about the date of account creation: the older the profile, the higher the likelihood that you have a reliable online store.

If you are the owner of an online store on Instagram, then buyers can request information about the age of the page. Therefore, it is important to know the date the profile was created.

GetIP Online Service

The first way to find out when an Instagram account was created is to use the online service. To get started with the tool, follow this link.

On the main page there is a line where you need to specify a login without special characters.

Проверка возраста аккуанта в GetIP Social
In this line we write the Instagram account login. Without the “@” symbol

After you have specified your login, go through the captcha and click the “Check” button. The web application will start analyzing your Instagram profile.

After 3-5 seconds, a small window will appear on the site page with information: when the account was registered and how much time has passed since the specified date.

Время прошедшее с регистрации аккаунта в инстаграм
This is how the Instagram registration date is displayed

Important: if you have a new Instagram account – not older than 30 days – then the service will not be able to determine the date of account registration.

Use the web application to determine the age of someone else’s accounts. There are more accurate methods to view your own account registration date.

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See the date of the first publication

The most inaccurate way to check Instagram registration date . To do this, scroll through the page with publications to the end. At the very bottom is the first published post: a photo or video.

Under the social activity icons – like, leave a comment, share the post – the date when the post was added to the profile is indicated.

Дата публикации записи в инстаграм
Insta displays the day you published your post

As mentioned earlier, this is an imprecise method for determining the age of an account. The page owner could register a profile in 2017, and add the first photo only after 2 years – in 2019.

Determine information about the age of the profile in the settings

This method allows you to find out the exact date when your Instagram account was registered. To do this, open the profile management menu and go to the “Settings” section.

Меню с настройками Инстаграм-аккаунта
This section contains all the basic settings for your personal account

Open the “Security” section of the settings.

Редактирование безопасности в Instagram
This section edits security settings

Next, go to Data Access.

Доступ к данным в Instagram
All profile information is collected here

A section with detailed information will open: registration date, password change, account privacy level change, etc.

Дата регистрации в Инстагарм
This is how all account information is displayed

If you have Instagram for Business enabled, this section will show the date the business profile was created.

Find out the date of creating an Instagram account via email

Go to the email client of the E-mail address to which the Instagram account is registered. Let’s look at the example of Gmail – mail from Google.

Every email client has a search. In the search bar for information, write “Instagram”. A list of all emails that were sent on behalf of the social network will open.

Письмо для подтверждения регистрации в Instagram
This is what an email from Instagram looks like. The mail client indicates the date when the message arrived – this is the day the profile was created

We need the very first letter with the heading “Welcome! Confirm your email “. It is sent immediately after registering an Instagram account. The purpose of this message is to confirm the creation of a new account on the social network.

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Checking the age of the profile from the computer

To find out when you created your Instagram account, go to your profile using a browser and open the settings.

Настройки аккаунта инсты на компьютере
Gear icon – profile settings

This will open a small menu with basic sections for managing your account. Go to the “Privacy and Security” section.

Конфиденциальность и безопасность в Instagram
Configure privacy and security here

Here is the section “Account data”. Click View Account Details.

Время прошедшее с регистрации аккаунта в инстаграм0
See information about creating an Instagram account from the web version of the social network

Details of your Instagram profile will open.


The article describes the actual methods that allow you to find out the date of registration on Instagram. To determine the age of someone else’s page – use the online service. The best way to find out when your account was created is in your social network settings.

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