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How to increase your Instagram reach in 2021: TOP-18 chips (+ what is it)

In this article, you will learn:

  • What is Instagram reach and what affects this indicator.
  • How to increase Instagram reach: TOP-18 ways.

All tips and the recommendations described in the article are relevant in 2021.

What is Instagram reach?

If you go to the section with the statistics of your Instagram account, you will notice the “Reach” line there. This figure shows the number of people who viewed the post.

Instagram itself defines it as follows: Reach is the number of accounts reached this week.

Only unique impressions are taken into account. For example, if a person has viewed your post 3 times, it will still be counted as one view.

Don’t confuse this metric with impressions. Impressions are the number of views of your created media this week. Every view counts – even if all views are from the same user.

Охват в Инстаграм
This is how the Reach section looks in Instagram profile statistics

Instagram stats show popular posts, stories, and top IGTV videos by reach. This way you can see which posts are reaching the audience the most.

The higher the reach, the more organic subscribers will grow. High-quality posts are included in the recommendations of the social network Instagram.

What affects reach?

Now let’s see what factors influence the reach of posts:

  • Number of comments under the post.
  • Likes.
  • Saving.
  • Reposts in Stories.
  • Transitions to profile.
  • Scrolling through the Carousel.
  • Clicking the More button which expands the post text.

These are the main factors that will help you increase your reach.

How to increase your Instagram reach: 18 ways

Let’s move on to the most interesting and practical part of the article – let’s see how you can increase your reach on Instagram. To do this, consider the 18 most effective ways that will give quick results.

Make interesting content

This is the foundation of any promotion. Publish content that is interesting to your target audience. These can be tutorial posts or entertaining videos.

High-quality and interesting content gets more likes and comments. This increases the reach of the post, which means the algorithm will more often recommend your account to other users – including those who have not yet subscribed to the profile.

Try Mass Following and Mass Liking

Massfollowing and massliking is the promotion of an account through massive actions. You follow and like other users, and they follow you back. Thanks to massive actions, you will attract the target audience to your account, which will interact with your posts: comment, like, repost to Stories. This will increase your organic reach.

You can perform actions manually. But it will take a lot of time: first you need to find the target audience, and then “walk” through the accounts and like or subscribe. Plus, it’s important to stay within the limits to avoid getting blocked.

Therefore, we recommend automating actions. The Zengram service will help you with this.

Повышение охвата через Zengram

He automatically likes, views other people’s stories, comments. The service is also completely safe – it does not exceed the limits, which means that your Instagram account will definitely not be blocked.

You can try Zengram for free (first 3 days).

Get Started with Zengram >>>>

Make your profile beautiful

Don’t forget to design your profile. This applies not only to publications – by definition, they should be beautifully designed – but also about the page header. Add information about your Instagram account to the “About me” section: tell us what you do; specify contacts for communication; delivery and payment methods (for example, if you have an online store).

Красивая шапка в Инстаграм
An example of a proper Instagram header

Read more about how to make a beautiful Instagram profile design in our article.

Connect with your audience

Subscribers write comments – ask questions, express opinions about the content. Respond to their comments. Try to strike up a dialogue with your audience.

An active discussion of a publication is a signal for the algorithm that the post is interesting to your target audience, which means that it can be recommended to other users.

Try cheating

If you have a “young” account – few subscribers and likes – then promotion will help increase your reach. For example, you can get likes on posts or views on videos.

The Likemania service will help with this. It is cheap – the cost of one like starts from 0.14 rubles. You can also choose the type of promotion: attraction of robots or live people.

Накрутка в Лайкмании

It’s safe – your account will not be blocked for suspicious activity.

Get likes, subscribers, views >>>>

Use hashtags

Be sure to use hashtags under your posts. We recommend that you insert 15-20 tags. Correctly selected hashtags will help to increase the organic reach of your posts, which means both the number of followers and sales.

But it is very important to use only subject tags. No need to “shove” all the popular hashtags – especially if they have nothing to do with the topic of the post. This way, the algorithm will not be able to find the right audience and you will not get any effect from using the tags.

Choose the right time to post

Another important point that will help increase your Instagram reach is the timing of your posts. For example, a post that came out at 5:00 pm might get more reach than a post published at 7:00 pm, since your audience is most active at 5:00 pm.

Determining the best time for fasting can be done empirically. Change the release time of your publications every day and keep track of the main statistics. For more information on how to find the best time to post on Instagram, read our article.

Make a content plan

Create a content plan for your account. This is a schedule of publications for a week, a month, a year. Simple example: On Monday you will publish a sales post, on Tuesday an entertainment video, on Friday an educational post.

Контент-план для Инстаграм — пример
Sample Instagram content plan

A detailed plan will help you focus on creating quality content. You don’t have to “rack your brains” every day over the question: what post to publish today? Only add posts with the highest reach to your content plan.

Read more about the content plan on Instagram in our article.

Don’t Forget Stories

Be sure to post Stories. As practice shows, this type of content gets more views than regular posts and even videos.

If you do not know what stories to publish, then check out our article “TOP-30 ideas for Instagram Stories.”


Another effective way to increase your Instagram reach is by hosting games. It is interactive content that will help you diversify your content and increase audience engagement.

Games are held in two formats:

  1. Regular posts.
  2. Stories.

Read more about this topic in our article “TOP-36 games on Instagram.”

Try to please the algorithm

See which posts are getting more reach. Try to make similar content. Posts that get a lot of likes, views, comments are liked by the social network algorithm.

Your task is to find a formula for your ideal content and feed the algorithm with such posts.

Set up targeted ads

Try to set up targeted ads. To do this, connect a business account or an author account and use the function of promoting individual posts.

Продвижение постов в Instagram
Post promotion button

When launching targeted advertising, you need to specify your target audience. First, we recommend testing different posts and audiences.

Interact with influencers

Influencers are bloggers, athletes, musicians and other famous personalities on Instagram. They have a large audience – some of them have millions of subscribers.

Buy advertising for your account from them, hold joint promotions and sweepstakes. So you will attract the audience of the opinion leader – he will go to your profile and begin to interact with publications: put likes, comment. This will help increase the reach of your posts.

Don’t forget about calls to action

Many novice bloggers and Instagram authors forget about this simple point. In the description of each post, leave a call to action.

Simple example: under the post, write a simple text – “Like, subscribe to the account and comment on the post.” You can ask a question to encourage the audience to communicate.

Contests and Sweepstakes

Run contests and sweepstakes. Especially if you have an online store or any other business. You can play your product or service among subscribers.

The main thing is to think over the terms of the competition. For example, to participate in the drawing, users need to like the publication, leave a comment and subscribe to an account. The winner will be chosen at random among those who have fulfilled all the conditions.

This will increase the number of reactions, and therefore increase the reach of posts.

Analyze current trends

Be sure to follow the trends on Instagram. For example, sketches and vines were popular in the past. They were gaining great reach.

But trends are constantly changing, and today the audience of the social network “enter” different formats of content. Your task is to constantly keep your finger on the pulse and publish trending content to increase your reach.

Simple life hack: Follow popular bloggers in your niche. As a rule, they set the current trends.

Keep track of your competitors

See which competitor posts get the most likes and comments. Make similar posts on your profile.

But do not copy ideas, but try to improve them – add some of your own chips and features.

Block bots

Often bots subscribe to an account – various online stores, Instagram marketers and agencies; people with strange nicknames, no avatars and photos. They do not interact with your posts in any way.

The algorithm may consider that this part of the audience is not interested in your content and will “cut” the coverage of posts. Therefore, block bots – you can manually, or using the SpamGuard service.


Now you know what Instagram reach is and in what ways you can increase this indicator. Try to use all the methods described in the article. This will help you increase organic audience growth.

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