Создание крутых сторис в инстаграм

How to improve Instagram and make your account popular

How to improve your Instagram, today, probably, is interesting to every user of this social network. Still, having a cool page, you can become a famous blogger, increase sales or promote a brand. The cool thing is that people do not give up in promoting their account, but are interested in ways to improve it.

We recommend starting the improvement with an avatar, which is not something that does not inspire confidence for many, but, to put it mildly, none. And it should be a bright, memorable, real bomb. It is worth bringing your nickname and page description to the same criteria. And then there is little to do – to improve the quality of photos, videos and stories. Do not rush to close the article, we have clearly described everything.

Criteria for a Successful Instagram Account

Currently, Instagram is one of the most popular social networks. It ranks second after Facebook. In 2019 alone, the number of subscribers exceeded 400 million. This social network is used not only by the most ordinary people, but also by stars known all over the world. Although the Instagram application is installed on almost every smartphone, not everyone can manage it competently.

What is “good page management” anyway? We will tell you more about how to improve your Instagram.

A good Instagram account is one that is written in a lively and varied manner, and its author tells the story of his life, travels, favorite things, etc. But the best one is the one that brings joy to the account creator. When he himself is burning with his occupation, then he wants to leaf through and leaf through his posts. Such accounts are very often one of the most popular.

Критерии успешного аккаунта в Инстаграм

Criteria for a Successful Instagram Account

A really cool account stands out with a single concept or theme, it always has its own easily recognizable style. It is impossible to imagine it without great photos. When you dream of many followers, you will need some unique approach or theme that all or most of your posts will follow. Just the same for this they will constantly come to your page.

As with any high-quality blog, Instagram content should be updated regularly. But do not overdo it – the appearance of several photos in a row is called bad form and annoys readers. The best posting option is 1-2 photos per day. It is believed that the best time to post is in the afternoon or early evening. It is during this period that the majority of subscribers are most active.

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  • I see opportunities for income growth and always use them.

And all this thanks to the possibilities of social networks.

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Create a bright Instagram avatar

The first thing subscribers see is an avatar. Most likely in a mini format in your news feed. Does the picture in such a small form retain its informational content (or readability, if it is text)? Does it convey the essence of your profile? Well, how does it look visually: does it attract the user, stands out from the general background with its brightness and contrast?

You can use a photo or graphics, your portrait or company logo as an avatar. It’s up to you to decide. It is clear that if you are a representative of a well-known organization, then it is the logo that will give the account more recognizability. If your business is still little recognizable, it is worth trying to attract attention and gain the trust of a person. The main thing is to achieve the ultimate goal of attracting and remembering you by subscribers.

Let’s take a look at how to improve the quality of your Instagram avatar by making it brighter, more contrasting and more attractive.

  • Format . Do not use a full-length photo, as it will be difficult to see, and you won’t put it nicely into the desired round shape. Take clear chest shots.

  • Turn in ¾. Down with the passport photo! It is not necessary to constantly post a face-to-face image looking straight ahead. Experiment by taking a picture half-turned from behind, in profile, reclining, lying down, or even upside down.

  • A bright emotion. A stone face without expression is unlikely to interest anyone.

  • Gestures . If your avatar shows a body, express your emotions with gestures.

  • Details . They allow the avatar to become more remarkable: a hat, a flower, brightly painted lips, hands in the frame.

  • Approaching . Accentuate the most expressive part of your face. For example, leave only the eyes and lips on the avatar.

  • Angle . A simple technique that encourages the reader to catch the eye of the photo. It can be a top-down photo, a reflection in a mirror, or half a face.

  • Background . Don’t use multi-colored backgrounds. Use solid colors as they won’t distract from the main subject.

  • Contrast. Try playing with opposite colors (purple / yellow) or brightness (dark / light). Contrast allows you to make even the smallest details more distinguishable.

  • Black and white . This will always be stylish. And if the whole account is designed in the same way, then it’s generally great. But! Never use sepia.

  • Painted portrait. Helps to improve the Instagram profile, as users immediately distinguish it from all others. For this reason, it becomes more and more popular.

  • Mix of photography with graphics . Also a fairly new trend, it is just starting to become more widespread.

  • If you are engaged in sales, then you can put a photo of one of the products on your avatar. Again, a brand logo would work just fine.

If you want to perfect the image for your avatar to perfection, use the Snapseed photo editor. There are many other apps (Meitu, Nebi, Pixlr, ColorPop) that you can easily apply as you see fit.

Cool name and description of your Instagram profile

It is logical that you need to start by choosing a username. But this is not as easy as it might seem at first glance. You can pick up some pretty names offhand, but quickly make sure they are already taken. So the name will have to be given some thought.

A custom name is entered in the settings.

Классное название и описание вашего профиля в Инстаграм

Cool name and description of your Instagram profile

Login choices have their own rules :

  1. Login should sound nice, simple and harmonious . It is important that it be easy to write with dictation. Do not put several consonants or vowels in a row in a row, as in the English transcription it is very easy to write the sounds “g” and “h” in a wrong way. Example: @denizchachacha or @zhannapotreschuck.

  2. Try to use only one word or a word with one underscore. Example: anna_lesina.

  3. Don’t use numbers. The only exception is if they appear in your brand name. Example: @ inga1988 – not only sounds weird, but it also gives you your year of birth.

30 characters of the name and 150 characters of the description will help you to improve your page on Instagram. They can be called your main selling trump card, because it is he who is seen by users among the first. These 180 printable characters make it possible to evaluate your account almost instantly and understand who you are, how you will be useful and interesting to your subscribers.

The name of the account will allow you to quickly find your page in the search. In the application settings, this field is called “Name”. As mentioned above, the maximum number of characters is 30. Their profile names should be clear, what you do or what you offer.

Remove words like “cool”, “beautiful”, etc. from the description. Using them, you only deprive yourself of organic traffic. Enter keywords in this field by which you will be found in the search.

If you want to stand out, use caps and emoji. But be sure to put a space between the emoticon and the word, as the Instagram search engine will not be able to find such mutant words.

Next, fill in the “About me” field. This is where you describe your account, trying to keep within 150 characters.

If you are selling on Instagram, then the description should sound a unique selling proposition (USP). Your potential buyer is not interested in reading here “mom on maternity leave” or “homemade cakes”. But if you write “gluten-free baked goods”, then it will interest many people who care about healthy eating.

If you are a blogger, then tell me why you should subscribe.

Описание профиля в инстаграм

Instagram profile description

Even without offering services and products, most Instagrammers sell themselves in one way or another. If you are not doing this and do not need new subscribers, then you can exit the profile settings and continue to post only for your friends. The profile description should be made interesting, intriguing, catchy.

What else to include here?

  1. Buyer hook: free delivery, discounts for regular customers, weekly life hack, etc.

  2. We write contact details.

  3. Use calls to action: “Click on the link”, “Subscribe”, “Follow the story”.

  4. Another important point is using an active link. If you have your own site, link to it. Of course, do not insert the entire long address – for this, special services (Is.gd, bit.do, Bitly) have been invented to help shorten the link. If there are several necessary links, you can arrange them so that the subscriber sees the entire list by clicking on one link in the account header. Use the following applications for this: mssg.me, linktr.ee, taplink.

To choose the best solution, check how different variants of your page description look in the search. Moreover, view from different devices, as it will look different on a smartphone, tablet or laptop. Also do a search check with different name variations. It is worth stopping at the final version only after carrying out such testing.

How to improve the quality of Instagram photos

The quality of an Instagram account is not determined by the number of likes (even 1000 likes is just the result of fame). Friends are always the first subscribers to an account. Therefore, it is recommended to link your Instagram profile with other social networks so that all friends and their acquaintances come from there.

If your photos are popular among this audience, they will be included in the recommendatory “search” section. Users are offered here posts that their friends have liked, or perhaps they will like. Or just what is popular here and now. If the publications are really very interesting to people, then they begin to willingly share.

To improve your Instagram visuals, you don’t have to be afraid to experiment to find exactly what your likely followers will like.

Instagram has a lot of cool filters. Do I need to use them?

If you don’t want to, don’t use. If you think the filter makes the photo look unnatural, do not use it. But in general, the experience of many users of this social network shows that trying to improve the quality of photos on Instagram using the applied filter is a big plus.

Since its inception, the social network has changed a lot, in many ways improving its own tools for image processing. Now it allows you not only to apply a suitable filter, adjust its intensity, but also edit exposure, contrast and sharpness. But due to the fact that the “native” tools quite aggressively affect the original, third-party programs for working with images are still a priority.

Как улучшить качество фото в Инстаграм

How to improve the quality of Instagram photos

Instagram filters are hard to miss. They look rather primitive, since it is, rather, only a certain color superimposed on the picture. Third-party applications use more interesting technologies. With their help, you will make gentle color correction and contrast. Hence the conclusion: if you want to improve the quality of your Instagram photo by using filters, it is better not to use the built-in tools.

What photo processing can you still use?

We believe (and will be supported by many users) that VSCO is the best third-party image processing application. Its functionality allows you to buy up to hundreds of filters. Of course, you don’t have to install everything, as you definitely won’t be using that many. But you will surely find the filters to your liking.

The main difference between the VSCO filters and the built-in ones on Instagram is the ability to emphasize the natural colors of a photo, add saturation, add warmth, etc.

We invite you to try our quality filters C1, N3, A7, E6, Q5 (here use a little advice: to make the shades softer, reduce the filter intensity to 8-9). If your photos do not show that filters were applied, and users feel that all colors are natural, then you have achieved your goal of improving the quality of your Instagram photos.

VSCO для инстаграм

VSCO for Instagram

By the way, many people like to use a couple of proven filters. Thanks to this, all images will be consistent in the same style. Your profile will only benefit from this.

Having decided on the filters (the main palette of the picture), try experimenting with exposure, contrast, sharpness (this helps with some out of focus of the frame), dark areas. Also, make sure you don’t have a cluttered horizon in your shots.

For more meticulous photographers, consider Snapseed with its highly sensitive correction tools. For example, you can use it to change the color balance and saturation in certain parts of the image.

Using the Retouch application, you remove any object from the photo (or, conversely, duplicate it here). This is used if strangers got into the frame or, for example, the hero of the photo did not get enough sleep and you need to remove the bruises under his eyes.

If you are a fan of gradient texture and old film photo effect, use one of the coolest apps for this purpose – Mextures.

With the help of Matter, you will add insane but enchanting mirror objects (hypercubes or flying saucers) to your photos. The Brushstroke application will make a real “painting” out of your picture. Lorystripes will add strange shapes from another dimension to the frame.

Secrets of the popularity of Instagram photos

Good light is the most important thing for high-quality photography. If not, then don’t expect a pretty picture. Do you want rich colors, beautiful shadows? Then don’t take photos in dim lighting. We recommend working in daylight. But avoid direct sunlight, as there is a risk of light exposure of the image – it will be difficult to see.

If you are shooting with an iPhone and you see that some part of the frame is visually overexposed, touch this place on the screen – a thin yellow square of fixing the exposure / focus will appear and a sun nearby, which makes it possible to manually change the exposure by moving along the scale. We recommend darkening the frame a bit first to get rid of the overexposure.

Android owners will find manual exposure in their camera settings. Play around with HDR to spread the light more evenly in your photos.

Don’t forget about geotagging. This will show you where you filmed, and also see photos of other photographers filming in the same location. Mark people in the frame – so your photos will appear in their profiles. Do not refrain from captions to photos, share your impressions, because it often happens that subscribers “bite” not on images, but on the wit of the author.

Is it decent to use hashtags?

Depends on how you use them. They are needed so that posts with them are found by strangers. That is, hashtags can help you really improve your Instagram statistics. But do not use the most popular tags used, for example, in a million publications. Most of them are so littered with low-quality content that you won’t find new followers with them.

Of course, the best hashtags are those that are rare and themed. Example: #theworldneedsomemorespiralstaircases (by clicking on the hashtag, you will find a collection of spiral staircases) or # 45diagonal (images split diagonally). Writing more than three hashtags under a photo is not considered decent and acceptable. Put only those that will be used by interested users (for example, dedicated to an event or a rare topic).

Improving the quality of Instagram videos

Videos are great content. More recently, it became possible to add videos on Instagram that last a full minute. This is great since there was a 15 second limit before. There is plenty to do for fans of creating Instagram videos.

The advantages of this option are that now you can estimate the real number of readers, thanks to the open statistics of video views. And videos are not yet so common on the Instagram feed. Therefore, if you want to direct energy in this direction, you have a chance to stand out faster and easier against the background of others.

Content plan for social networks with meaning:

Instagram has two video processing applications of its own. With Boomerang, you’ll create short, looped GIFs. Hyperlapse will speed up the video several times (useful, for example, if you are shooting a landscape from a car window). We also recommend video editors iMovie, Splice, VivaVideo for editing (you can even apply special effects and filters). Using the MSQRD app, you’ll add fluid filters to your face.

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Some Cool Instagram Story Ideas

  • More colors. Instagram has a great palette of colors. But when presenting your own brand here, make sure your stories are as recognizable as possible and reflect the visual style of the organization. This is easy to do by choosing a full palette of colors for your elements (not visible in the main block).

    To find it, open the story and click on the Brush tool. Hold down the Gradient Picker and you will see the full spectrum of colors.

  • Harmonious palette . Searching for the desired shade is not always convenient when typing text manually. Once you’ve typed the sentence, click on the Eyedropper tool and select the desired shade for the text in your photo or video.

  • Glow effect. To improve the quality of Instagram stories, apply a glow effect to text or emoji. Open the story, select the “Type” tool, apply the “Neon” format. When you copy and paste emojis into your story, they will be highlighted with soft neon light.

  • More Reply Stickers . Question stickers are a great chance to talk to your audience about your brand. There are many ways to use stickers. For example, before a live broadcast, ask subscribers questions and then answer them. Or in this way ask readers for advice.

  • Rainbow. Colored text will amuse your subscribers and grab their attention. Of course, you won’t paint the letters by hand. You do it this way: with one finger you press, without releasing, any shade, and with the other finger you immediately press and hold the blue text selection line. Then, at the same speed, slowly pull both fingers in opposite directions. With just a little effort, your text will become colorful!

  • Boomerang . The app will help you improve the quality of your Instagram stories. Edit video with advanced Boomerang features – edit or trim, slow down, etc.

  • Создание крутых сторис в инстаграм

    Create cool Instagram stories
  • Color fill. It’s possible to make your stories stand out from many others even with minimalistic color fill … Do this without using the marker manually. Just click on this tool and hold your finger on the screen for a few seconds. The marker will give a solid color, the chisel will be translucent. Using the eraser, you will show part of the image under the fill (we recommend using this option for playing games with your subscribers in stories).

  • Many photos in a story. Before placing several photos in a story at once, the necessary frames must be added to the smartphone gallery. Then save all the necessary frames in your notes. From there, copy the photos directly into the background-filled story by using the Text tool and clicking Paste.

We hope we have answered your question on how to improve your Instagram account. After reading all our recommendations, you can make it unique and unique. And this, in turn, will attract the attention of many users of this popular social network.

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