How to hide Instagram stories

Sometimes users post stories and photos on Instagram that are not intended for the general public. In this article, we’ll look at how to hide Instagram stories from a specific person; let’s talk about how to limit the number of people who can follow your posts.

Can I hide Instagram stories

Hiding Instagram Stories means limiting the range of users who can view profile Stories. The social network has a function that allows you to hide Stories from specific people.

Blacklisted users will not receive notifications for new photos and stories.

You can create a list of best friends to share stories and publications only with them.

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The easiest way to restrict access to Stories is to close your account. In this case, only subscribers will be able to watch your stories and photos.

To do this, open your profile settings and go to the “Privacy” – “Account privacy” section.

Конфиденциальность аккаунта в Инстаграм
Go to the Instagram Account Privacy section

Turn on the Private Account feature.

Как сделать закрытый аккаунт в Instagram
Activating the “Private account” function

This method is not suitable for business accounts. The Private Account feature is only available for personal profiles.

How to hide your stories from one person

To hide stories from a specific person, open the menu in the Instagram app and go to the Settings section.

Настройки аккаунта в Instagram
Section “Settings” in the Instagram account menu

Next, go to the “Privacy” – “History” section.

Редактирование конфиденциальности историй
This section contains story settings

In the list of functions, select the very first one – “Hide my stories from”. After that, indicate the nickname of the person who will be blacklisted.

Простой способ скрыть историю в Инстаграм от человека
Hide Instagram stories from a specific person

An unlimited number of people can be added to the list of blocked users. Blocked accounts will not be able to view your photos and stories – content will not appear in their news feed.

Thus, you can block bots and spammers who view Stories using special software.

Hide Stories from subscribers

To hide relevant stories from followers, open your Instagram account settings. Go to the “Privacy” – “History” section.

Go to the story editing section again

Here you need to use the “Best Friends” function. Select the list of users you want to add. The function allows you to share stories and photos only with friends from the list – the rest of the account subscribers will not be able to view posts.

Как создать список лучших друзей в Инстаграме
Create a list of Instagram best friends

When posting a story, turn on Share with Best Friends

People who are on the list of best friends know that you have added them. However, they do not have the ability to view the entire list.

How to hide other people’s stories in the feed

Some users post stories frequently. It looks like intrusive spam. To solve the problem, you can hide other people’s stories on Instagram.

To do this, open the publications feed. The stories of the people you follow are displayed at the top of the mobile app interface. Click on the user’s avatar and wait for the menu to open.

On the menu, click the Hide Posts button.

Как скрыть чужие Stories
Hide other people’s stories in the posts feed

Next, you need to select the “Hide history” function.

Скрываем чужие истории
Now you won’t see other people’s stories

Now you will not receive notifications that a user has published a new Stories in their profile.

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How to view hidden stories

What if a user added you to the blacklist and you cannot watch their stories?

To solve this problem, we will use a special online service “Insta-Stories”. To start using the tool, you do not need to register an account in the system.

Step-by-step algorithm for viewing hidden Stories:

  1. Go to the site
  2. Enter your username in the information input line. 3 link formats are supported: username, @username,
Browsing stories anonymously in the browser

A list of all user stories will open. Viewing Stories is performed anonymously: you will not appear in the list of people who have viewed the story.

How to understand that a person has hidden stories

Instagram does not have a tool that can help determine whether a user has hidden their stories or not. When you are added to the blacklist, the social network does not send any notifications.

The only way to understand that a person has hidden Stories is is to go to his account . If you cannot open his story, then there is a high probability that he has restricted access to their publications.


In this article, we looked at the main ways on how to hide Instagram stories. All described methods are relevant for the Instagram mobile application on iOS (iPhone, iPad) and Android.

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