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How to get to the TOP on Instagram: 8 working ways

Social networks are constantly improving their algorithms. Some methods of getting to the TOP work for years, others only for a couple of weeks. Therefore, it is so important to have up-to-date information about the promotion of pages and posts.

It is a mistake to believe that only bloggers with a million people get into TOP and Interesting. There are photos and videos with the highest number of views, likes. The TOP can be conditionally divided into two parts: by geolocation, by hashtag.

Getting into such sections is a shareware promotion of the page. The user will receive many views, increased reach, and an influx of organic audience. It is important to know how to display posts in the TOP so as not to fall under suspicion of Instagram security systems.

What is TOP posts on Instagram and what does it give?

Photos and videos with the highest number of views or likes get into the TOP. This is a special tab where the social network algorithm collects relevant posts. But unlike the Interesting tab, the TOP is common for all users.

That is, the most popular posts from the social network are collected here by hashtag. SMM specialists will tell you how to bring a publication to the TOP. Key factors:

  • number of bookmarks;
  • rate of likes and comments;
  • natural audience growth;
  • primary reach;
  • engagement of subscribers.

The same applies to the question of how to bring a video to the TOP. It is worth remembering that all publications are there temporarily, so you need to get the most out of it. The main advantage of getting into the TOP list is the increased reach.

Thousands of people will view the entry, some of them will go to the page and, if desired, subscribe. So you can organically increase your activity, significantly increase the number of subscribers.

Important! The algorithm is more loyal to the accounts whose posts are in the TOP.

If photos and videos have repeatedly appeared on such a page, then Instagram will start recommending other posts to subscribers on similar topics. Posts will appear more frequently in Interesting.

How to bring a post to the TOP of Instagram

There are standard schemes for the TOP. But the algorithms are subject to change, so many methods not only will not be useful, but can also negatively affect the promotion of the page.

Popular ways to get into the TOP 2021:

  1. Post interesting posts as often as possible. It is advisable to post 1-2 posts daily to increase loyalty from the social network.
  2. Create quality content. Promotion to the TOP is possible only when interesting publications are generated. The more interesting the post, the more likes, comments and saves.
  3. Do not be afraid of cheating at first. The first reactions in the first hour can be collected using services. But don’t get carried away so as not to get banned.
  4. Choose your hashtags wisely. Use mid-range and low-frequency options. Newbies by high-frequency hashtags will not break through to the TOP.
  5. Calculate the time for the posts to be released. It’s best to post when your target audience is active.
  6. Leave a call to action. Ask questions, start a discussion in the comments. But you should be careful here, you shouldn’t provoke a scandal.
  7. Divide posts into several parts. If the first part interests the audience, they will start waiting for the second, subscribing or adding a post to the saved ones.
  8. Focus on one niche. The more versatile the content on the page, the lower the chances of breaking into the TOP.

These are the main ways that explain how to get to the TOP. The main thing is not to sit and wait for the publication to land itself on the desired page. Experts also advise to work with your audience, to warm up before “special” posts, so that they get more reactions in the first hour after publication.

By hashtag

Promotion specialists will tell you how to get to the TOP of the search by hashtag. In 2021, hashtags don’t have the same impact on SERPs as they used to. But along with other factors, they help to highlight the best posts by a specific tag.

How to get to the TOP by hashtag:

  • choose relevant hashtags that are relevant to the topic;
  • use 5 to 7 tags;
  • prefer mid and low frequency options;
  • combine with the methods described above.

The publication will not last a year, but only a few days. The term depends on how quickly subscribers left likes and comments under the post after publication. As soon as someone’s result is better, the recording will gradually “slide” down.

Попасть в ТОП можно по хештегу

Promotion by hashtag to the TOP is more useful for those who develop a non-selling account that is not tied to a specific location. These can be delivery shops, live bloggers, accounts with useful tips, funny videos.

Important! It is almost impossible for a beginner account to get into the TOP by high-frequency hashtag.

Cheating is possible only to obtain primary indicators. If a user with 1,000 subscribers receives 10,000 likes and comments of the same type in an hour or two, this may raise suspicion from the Instagram security systems.

By geolocation

Before you understand how the best geolocation publications are selected, you need to decide what it is for. After all, geotags are involved in promotion, are part of the scheme for displaying videos and photos in the TOP.

How to get to the TOP by geolocation:

  • choose the right geotags;
  • move through one area, city;
  • combine with the methods described above;
  • motivate users to be active, which have the same tags.

If we are talking about a video, then the algorithm will include not only likes, comments, but also views. On the net, tips on how to raise a publication vary. But individually, each of the actions is useless.

It is important to create quality content that will shape organic reach and audience engagement.

Important! You should take your account seriously, post regularly and keep the attention of your users.

Advancement on geotags is necessary for those who are tied to a certain area. These can be photographers, cafes, restaurants, offline stores.

Геолокация в Инстаграме

If the account owner puts new tags scattered all over the country every time, then this method will not only be ineffective, but will also reduce loyalty to the page from the social network.

Recommendations from the CMM specialist

SMM specialists will tell you how to bring your Instagram account to the TOP by hashtag or geotags. For a quick start, not only standard recommendations are used, but also Instagram promotion by live subscribers, promotion by location only in your city or region, popularization throughout the social network.

How to promote a photo or video to the TOP for free:

  • focus on engagement and reach, share quality content;
  • publish posts 2-3 times a week, or better every day;
  • try to keep the attention of subscribers, use organic warm-up;
  • specify the correct geotags and hashtags;
  • motivate users to be active;
  • be active in the comments as an author.

You can conduct games, question-answer, interactive, incentives to comment. The content should be interesting, engaging, and one that makes you want to bookmark it.

It’s useful to keep track of your audience’s rush hour. The more people immediately see the post in the search or feed, the more reactions will be collected in the first hour.

Even a beginner can display a photo or video in TOP Instagram if you follow the recommendations and use all parts of the algorithm.

If you selectively apply the tips in practice, then the result will often be zero. It is useful to be active on the pages of subscribers, to attract traffic from other sources, to study and analyze the statistics of your publications.

Will cheating help you rise to the TOP?

Beginners and even pros in the field of Instagram can use cheat to get a start result and primary activity.

It is important not only to blindly type the same type of comments and likes, you need to attract active users who will like, save posts, comment, watch stories and leave their reactions.

Among the popular services for promotion are used:


Service for a quick start and account buildup. Increase in reach, increase in activity, increase in new subscribers. There are both one-time use and complex work on increasing activity.


Mass subscriptions and likes, easy launch in minutes. Natural growth of the audience and increased activity. Luring users away from competitors.


Optimization of the promotion process in a short time. An extensive set of tools to attract interested subscribers. Easy to use, broad functionality.

Despite the change in algorithms, the use of such services provides high efficiency in the promotion of goods and services.

Increased coverage in different social groups, preparation before launching an advertising campaign, work in automatic mode. Good for both beginners and pages with thousands of subscribers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Despite the fact that Instagram algorithms are changing, the visual remains the priority. No matter how interesting the article is, you need to choose a high-quality and attractive design. Otherwise, potential subscribers will not pay attention to the post either in search by hashtag or geolocation.

In theory, yes, in practice, the probability is almost zero. The system’s credibility to the page, the number and quality of subscribers, the level of activity in the first hour after publication, and other factors are important. It is useless to wait for a miracle without a “push”. The higher the activity on the page itself, the higher the likelihood that the publication will “shoot” on its own.

Yes, but in practice this only happens when low-frequency hashtags are used. If this happens, then on one hashtag the publication in the TOP lasts longer than on the other. It is possible to break through several high-frequency operators at once only if there is a large number of active audience.

No, as the system is currently monitoring suspicious activity. It is difficult to get thousands of subscribers, likes and comments organically within an hour or two.

Cheating will help you get the first result, possibly making it easier to enter the TOP by a low-frequency hashtag. But here it is important to recruit exactly the target audience, which will naturally increase activity

Briefly about the main thing

Getting into the TOP will provide a sharp increase in coverage, gaining new subscribers, and an increase in an active audience.

To display a post on the desired page, you need to regularly publish posts, correctly select hashtags, be active with subscribers and motivate them to be responsive. The more reactions a post collects in the first hours, the higher the chance that it will get into the TOP.

Do not think that only elite or millionaire bloggers can get into the TOP. Yes, there are hashtags where it’s hard to get there. But they will always be replaced by dozens of others, in which even a beginner can advance.

The main thing is serious about the page, work on promotion every day, be able to analyze statistics. It is useful to learn how to work with your audience, to motivate them to be active, to arrange interactions. The more lively the account itself, the more reactions new posts will collect.

Sincerely, Olga German
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