How to get subscribers in VK: 7 working ways

The longread describes in detail how to get subscribers in VK. Read the article to find out the 7 most powerful promotion techniques. At the end of the publication, an anti-rating awaits the reader, which tells how not to do it. Anyone who wants to improve the page quality is a must-read.

Step-by-step guide to page preparation

The most powerful method will not produce any results if the page has not been properly rendered. Let’s take a look at what needs to be done first:

  • Decide for what purpose the profile is being created (sales / brand promotion / increase in traffic, etc.).
  • Start off from the goal and decide: a group or a personal page. You can get subscribers both there and there. However, the community has some useful tricks. You can add widgets and products for sale to a group, create chat bots, track activity, and much more. Полезные приложения для ВК
  • Define the target audience (their interests, problems, fears, desires). Draw a portrait of a typical target audience and describe his Vkontakte avatar.
  • Create a content plan. Think about what you will publish and when. Use different types of content (promo, entertainment, custom, educational). Consider the peaks of activity and carefully monitor how the audience reacts to each action.

Remember, consistency is the key to success. Work on the page every day and follow a clear plan.

Useful links: Content plan for VK group, VK new page registration, VK links shortening.

7 working ways to attract subscribers

Let’s take a closer look at the 7 most powerful methods for promotion.

1. A million without cheat: targeted advertising

Experts say that targeted advertising is very difficult to set up. And this is not a myth at all. It might be better to leave this business to the professionals. However, at the beginning of the journey, there may be no money for a cool targeting specialist. A beginner will have to do a lot of things before understanding the algorithms.

Don’t invest too much in your first campaign. It is important to test the waters. Add a few hundred rubles to your account and enter the ad account to:

  • Define the format (how the ad will look and where it will be located); Определите формат рекламы для набора подписчиков в ВК
  • Make a layout (choose a logo, name, description, media file);
  • Choose a theme (beauty, proper nutrition, pets);
  • Specify target audience ( by geolocation, gender, interests); Указываем параметры ЦА
  • Add additional parameters (education, place of work).
Используйте таргетированную рекламу, чтобы набрать подписчиков в ВК

Feel free to experiment. Even if the first ad campaign is not successful, nothing bad will happen. Experience is the most valuable asset.

2. Contests and sweepstakes

In social networks, regular contests are called the buzzword “giveaway”. Givas help to gain a lot of subscribers in VK. Several thousand people can join the group in one drawing.

Practical jokes attract people very much. We offer detailed instructions on how to create a drawing. Adapt it to your theme and use the template:

  1. Coming up with a prize (discount, certificate, money, product, service). In fact, the gift can be anything. It is logical to assume that there will be a lot of people willing to participate in the competition with the Mercedes G-Class drawing. However, the choice of the prize should be approached wisely. Offer what you already have. For example, a sushi bar owner can play a set of rolls.
  2. Describing benefits. If you’re offering subscribers a discount, highlight how much they’ll save. If you donate a certificate, tell us in detail what is included in the program.
  3. We write the conditions. Remember that there should not be too many of them (from 1 to 3). Be sure to indicate that the participant needs to repost the entry to his page. You can also offer to subscribe to speakers (if any) / write a comment / post a post with a branded hashtag / invite friends.
  4. Specify the timing (3-7 days).
  5. Leave a call to action. Use template phrases like “Repost and win”, “Take your gift.”
  6. Attach bright photos or videos.

Come up with options for promoting the post. Think about how to make sure that the post is seen by the maximum number of people (share the post with friends and family / use targeted advertising / connect cross-posting).

Конкурсы - хороший способ набрать подписчиков в ВК

Today there are many companies on the Internet that organize turnkey giveaways. But it’s better to try making a giv yourself at least once to understand how the system works.

Important! Before starting the drawing, read the rules for holding VK contests.

3. Inviting

Attract subscribers for free and quickly with an invite. This is one of the few ways that you can get subscribers without financial investment. Just send friend requests and then invite them to the community.

You shouldn’t “invite” everyone. You need to carefully segment your audience. Have a clear idea of ​​what the avatar and profile of a potential group member looks like.

For example, it’s logical to assume that a girl would rather subscribe to a makeup community than a man. It turns out that the owners of the page about make-up should not invite the stronger sex (unless, of course, the latter are not interested in this themselves).

Remember the limits, which allow you to add no more than 50 people as friends in 12 hours. It turns out that only 100 requests can be sent in 24 hours.

Obviously, not all people will respond positively to the request. Friends can be invited to the group. However, Vkontakte allows you to invite only 40 people per day.

When all the limits are exhausted, use a little trick: write to the LAN and urge to join the community / add as a friend. Come up with a catchy text and send it to the target audience.

Vkontakte robots often ban duplicate messages, treating them as spam. Change the text for every 2nd recipient: add 1-2 new sentences, insert emoticons, write different greetings, etc. Write to no more than 20 people in order not to exceed the Vkontakte limits.

4. Advertising from like-minded people and competitors

Another way to gain subscribers without cheating is to start advertising in other communities. Let’s make a reservation that you will definitely have to pay for this (if you’re lucky, work on a barter basis). Let’s consider the options where you can place your ad:

  • On the page of like-minded people. It is logical for the owner of an online auto parts store to cooperate with a group about cars and tuning.
  • In the community of a residential complex / district / city / region. In the new housing estate, where housing is mainly purchased by young families, there are many children. Consequently, advertising for an early development club will generate a lot of interest.
  • On the personal page of a famous person. This method is used less and less. However, with the right approach, this type of advertising works great. Find a person who is directly related to the desired area and send an offer for cooperation.

When the site for advertising is selected, you need to contact the owners / administrators and send your offer. Feel free to ask questions about the number of views, visits, average reach, audience (gender, age).

Most often, an advertising post is proposed to be placed in a header on behalf of the community (above the wall). The entry will be visible as soon as a person enters the group.

Рекламную запись закрепляют над стеной

You can arrange placement in the “Links” or “Products” section.

Или в разделе Ссылки или Товары

Some people prefer to repost on the wall, but such posts quickly “run away” down if they are not pinned.

Рекламные репосты лучше закреплять

Do not post the first posts for a long time (1-2 months). Test different platforms and advertise the page for 3 to 7 days. Then do your analysis and decide which channel brings the most subscribers.

5. Attracting participants from other resources

Today, rapid growth is almost impossible if the user only works with Vkontakte. You need to be absolutely everywhere: Instagram, Youtube, Telegram, Facebook, TikTok. The more sites are involved, the higher the chances of success.

People react with delight to everything new. So, for example, the Internet explodes with funny videos on TikTok. Want a lot of subscribers for free? Burst in with TOP content carefully curated for every social network.

Avoid cross-posting (automatic duplication in different social networks), the audience wants to see variety. Shoot a video on TikTok, leave Telegram for life, post reviews on Youtube, etc. Each channel should have something unique to encourage people to click Subscribe.

When an audience has already been collected on social networks, you can invite them to your Vkontakte page. Tell us why they need it.

Оставляйте ссылки на свою группу, чтобы набрать подписчиков в ВК

Be sure to leave links to the VK page in the profile header. Highlight this information in an unusual font or emoticons.

6. Promotion through a search query or VK search

Make people find the page themselves through Yandex, Google or Vkontakte. Find your keywords – words that people can use to find the community.

For example, a person is selling upholstered furniture. What request will potential buyers type? Possible options: buy upholstered furniture, a sofa in Penza, custom-made upholstered furniture, etc.

The Yandex Wordstat service is perfect for determining keywords, it shows the frequency of requests. Find out what customers are interested in and how they find the information they need.

Подбирайте ключевые слова для продвижения

Rank keys by frequency. A huge number of people are looking for upholstered furniture. And the number of those who are looking for a sofa in Penza is much less. Obviously, the query “upholstered furniture” is more frequent.

Определите формат рекламы для набора подписчиков в ВК0

To promote from scratch, select 5-10 queries that are used 200 to 5000 times a month. You should not bet on high-frequency requests (from 5000 people / month) at the beginning of the journey. The competition is too high here.

Distribute your keywords correctly:

  1. Use from 1 to 3 main queries in the name of the community / page.
  2. Enter from 2 to 10 keys in the description (create coherent text up to 170 characters).
  3. Come up with a unique address page using the key.

There are many more life hacks on how to raise a page to the TOP through SEO promotion. However, for a beginner, it is enough to find the semantic core and correctly distribute the keys across the page.

7. High-quality content and active communication

Of course, the most important thing is to create quality content that is interesting to people. Invest as much as you can in writing powerful texts, creating engaging videos and striking photos.

Vkontakte algorithms work in such a way that the post is visible not only to subscribers, but also to the target audience (the VK bot picks it up independently). Each user of the social network sees a feed that was created specifically for him.

First of all, the user notices the posts of friends and favorite communities. The more recent the post, the higher it rises in the feed.

Posts with a lot of comments are also shown first. It turns out that communicating with subscribers is very beneficial. Have a heated discussion under the post and the post will fly up in no time.

By the way, if the author of the post is online right now, the chances of raising the post increase. Algorithms also send a post up when friends and subscribers like it, rather than random VK users.

Useful life hacks: How to become an admin in VK, How to buy votes in VK, How to donate in a VK group.


Consider anti-rating methods that have not worked for a long time. VK algorithms are constantly improving and what worked yesterday is killing statistics today. What not to do:

  1. Increase likes and subscribers.
  2. Flood comments.
  3. Spam in the feed, adding more than 2 posts per day.

These actions reduce impressions, and in the saddest cases lead to account blocking. Vkontakte recognizes suspicious activity and constantly fights against bots. Get your first subscribers honestly and grow organically!


Let’s summarize. Now the problem is “How to get subscribers in VK?” does not raise questions. Just create a clear plan and then start testing each of the 7 suggested methods. The first subscribers will appear very soon.

Sincerely, Anastasia Dmitrieva
specially for the project

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