How to get Results with Videos on Instagram

Audiovisual content has proven, year after year, a strategy that gives increasing results. Check out the article and learn how to use Instagram videos to boost your business.

Why use Instagram videos

Before giving you tips to improve your results with Instagram videos, let’s understand why your brand should pay more attention to this type of content:

Videos Convey More Information

In a single video, even if it’s short, you are able to convey much more information than in an image.

Furthermore, the risk of miscommunication and giving rise to dubious interpretations is also lower.

Lastly, when someone watches a video, the degree of commitment to that content increases.

The person pays more attention than they would, for example, to one more image among the thousands that appear in their feed daily.

Instagram is a visual platform

Instagram is a highly visual social network.

This means that users are used to seeing videos and photos all the time.

The difference between publishing an audiovisual content or a simple image is, first of all, the time your audience will devote to each option.

While a photo or artwork holds the audience’s attention for a few seconds, a good video can make the person pay more attention and connect more with the message and brand.

And the time each user dedicates to their content counts (a lot) when Instagram’s algorithm defines its relevance.

The more people watch (and the more time they spend there), the more weight is given to that post, further increasing the viral potential.

In other words, producing videos on Instagram not only makes it easier to get your message across, it also increases your post’s return.

Videos increase sales

According to a survey by Invodo, more than 57% of buyers say they feel more secure about buying a product or service after watching a video about it.

Another data from the study points out that using videos on social media can increase sales by up to 40%.

These numbers prove something that several other surveys have been pointing out: both on social networks and on websites, landing pages and any other resource used by Ecommerce, videos have been highlighted as a very important factor in customers’ purchase decisions.

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Tips for getting good results with Instagram videos

Now that you understand the importance of audiovisual content on Instagram, here are some tips to maximize your results:

Make vertical videos

The default platform format is vertical.

You could even put an Instagram video that was horizontal, but that would make your audience turn the phone around to watch it (and it would be impossible to see on the computer).

It may seem like a simple adjustment, but producing horizontal videos will make your engagement and audience retention drop dramatically.

Therefore, always record your content vertically.

Do It Yourself

It is important that your brand has a “face”.

A person that your persona identifies with, who creates an approach capable of increasing trust and, consequently, conversion.

Since you own the business, it makes sense for you to appear on camera yourself.

If you are not comfortable, it could be someone you trust, such as a partner, employee or family member.

Anyway, having a real person show up and broadcast the content helps a lot in connecting the audience to the brand.

Reuse Videos

You can repost videos that were successful from time to time.

In addition, you can reuse content that has performed well on Instagram for remarketing and also on other social networks such as Facebook and Linkedin.

If necessary, make small changes to adapt the video to the needs of each channel.

Produce a striking opening

Users’ interest in Instagram videos tends to drop as low as 10 or 15 seconds.

So make sure the beginning of your video is impactful enough to hold the viewer’s attention.

Use catchy headlines and strong messages to generate interest and retain your audience as much as possible.

Subtitle your videos

Not everyone can watch Instagram videos with audio.

The person can be at work, on public transport, or in any situation where it is not feasible to hear the video message.

But if you subtitle the content, you can impact all users at once.

This simple change will substantially increase your views and post retention.

Make Stories

The Stories carry more and more weight. There are even audiences who prefer to consume the content of stories in relation to the traditional feed.

So make videos in Stories that are straightforward, tell an interesting story, and grab the user’s attention.

Whether it’s free content or advertisements, it’s critical that the content created for this purpose is very objective and leaves the message clear from the start.

Another important tip is to use the option to highlight the stories most relevant to you.

Brands and influencers have been using this feature to make campaigns and offers more visible to the public.

And you should follow that line too!

Create Live Content

Doing live streams on Instagram is a way to connect even more with the audience.

In addition, when a profile goes live, the platform notifies a portion of its audience that the content is available.

This increases the audience and, if done well, it also generates more engagement.

Event coverage, comments on specific situations, sweepstakes, content delivery, tutorials…

All these ideas can be implemented in the “live” version.

To do this, just create a good anticipation campaign and plan to create something that is really worth the time your audience will devote to that content.

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Stimulate Interaction

In addition to Ao Vivo, there are other ways to encourage users to interact with you and your brand.

You can conduct polls, ask questions or simply ask people to tag friends and others interested in that content.

Engagement in Instagram videos is a key factor for the platform’s algorithm to start showing your content to more people, increasing your reach and your chances of conversion.

Therefore, encourage public participation whenever possible.

You can go further!

Instagram is a highly powerful traffic source for your business.

But to be successful in Ecommerce, you need to go further.

It is necessary that not only the social networks are adjusted, but also the whole structure of the business.

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