Используйте единое цветовое оформление для картинок в профиле

How to get promoted on Instagram yourself from scratch and for free

Many novice bloggers are wondering how to get promoted on Instagram on their own? Advertising on this service is very expensive and often too expensive for a beginner in this area, so you need to select free or low-budget methods. In practice, there are many ways to quickly promote, the main thing is to follow its basic rules.

Why promote your Instagram account?

Instagram was conceived as a service for the exchange of personal photos, why then promote it if friends and family will get the link anyway? In practice, this system has long become a method for stable and high earnings on the Internet.

Employers are actively turning to bloggers, and in recent years to microinfluencers, if people with less than 10,000 subscribers in their profiles.

It is believed that the audience of such people is more loyal to their recommendations, which is beneficial for the employer.

Some people promote their pages not for the sake of making money, but to increase their personal popularity or constant communication with people. A lifestyle blog is an ideal way to be in constant contact with society, to be on the wave.

Is it possible to get PR for free

Free cheese only happens in a mousetrap, but not in the case of advertising on Instagram. Of course, millionaire bloggers will not advertise their potential competitors just like that. For free advertising, you should turn to profiles with the same number of subscribers.

There are several rules for such a mutual PR:

  • The page should have a different theme, but at the same time be interesting to the blogger’s audience. For example, if the profile is about gardening, then you can recommend shops related to this issue, pages of eco-activists, etc.
  • You cannot advise subscribers what the blogger would not subscribe to on his own. Before exchanging PR, you need to check the partner’s profile, make sure that he creates quality content.
  • Ads should not appear on the blog too often. You can post PR posts even every day, but between them you need to insert at least 3-5 information records. Constant advertising leads to massive unsubscriptions.

TOP of the most effective ways to promote on Instagram yourself from scratch

It is difficult to start promoting a profile, then word of mouth will do everything for the blogger. To make your page popular from scratch, you need to follow a few simple rules that will help organize your blog and make it attractive to a wider audience.


Instagram lives with hashtags. If a photo is displayed with or without “bare” text, it will never be distributed to users without additional PR. There are several tags that are used for free profile promotion, for example:

  • #followback
  • #instafollow
  • #tagforlikes
  • #l4l

It is important to remember that these hashtags call for an equal exchange of subscriptions or likes. It is necessary to track the people who supported the promotion of the profile using these markers and help them in response.

Используйте хештеги для того, чтобы раскрутиться в Инстаграме самостоятельно

Also, each profile should have its own branded hashtag. Using it, the user will be able to find all publications in the feed and quickly get acquainted with the history of the page. Other bloggers will also be able to mark posts that relate to a specific page on Instagram.


The profile should always contain fresh information. It is advisable to make at least three posts a day if we are talking about a personal blog, and at least one a day if it’s about a blog of an online store or a creative project.

Users do not subscribe to inactive profiles due to the abundance of content around. The interest of viewers needs to be fueled constantly.

Активность в профиле должна быть постоянная

Profile activity must be maintained outside its boundaries. Mutual likes, subscriptions, comments – all this increases the page’s viewability. According to official statistics, every one hundred random likes on other people’s photos brings about 5-7 subscribers.

Contests and Givas

The easiest way to attract people is to promise them something in exchange for simple actions such as followings and likes. This is a shareware method, because in the end the winner will have to present the promised gift, but it does not have to be expensive.

In addition, creative profiles and online stores can use items from their range with minimal investment in promotion. Advertising with a similar girth will cost tens of times more.

Post time

You need to post during periods of peak user activity – from one to two (lunch) and from five to seven (when you return home, dinner). During these hours, people pay special attention to social networks.

Время публикации должно приходиться на пик активности пользователей

Posts should be rich, informative, enticing, but not overloaded so that a person tired of work does not scroll through it due to the large amount of data.

You can also post throughout the day, but these two time periods need to be emphasized by selecting only the highest quality content.

Correct text

Despite the fact that Instagram is primarily a service for posting images, captions to photos also have a serious impact on the public. Some blogs are run in such a way that without the accompanying text, the picture completely loses its meaning.

In any case, you cannot leave photos without the text part. It is optimal to add from two to five sentences if the blog topic itself does not imply large posts. It is also important to monitor the level of literacy. If there are mistakes and typos in the posts, they will alienate most of the audience.

Nice text – nice image

Instagram was created for posting photos. The images in the profile should be, first of all, bright, memorable, but at the same time, compatible. An Instagram page needs its own style, without it you can’t get a lot of subscribers.

To quickly increase the popularity of your account, all images can be displayed with the same filter, or compose colors in a similar way.

Используйте единое цветовое оформление для картинок в профиле

All photos must be of high quality, despite the fact that they will be viewed from mobile devices. The quality of the screens of modern smartphones is such that any, even the smallest flaws will be quickly noticed by the audience.

Photos must be light. Even in images that are intended to be dark and intimidating, the lighting must be placed correctly. Otherwise, the objects will be blurry, and this causes a large number of unsubscriptions.

Completed profile

Instagram is reluctant to promote blank pages. Before you start exchanging likes, you need to create a profile. A beautiful avatar, a catchy and not too long name, as well as memorable information in the “biography” block.

There is no need to write down a description of your life there, this will not attract subscribers. At the beginning of the text, you should place a few memorable nicknames or your high-profile achievements, for example, “certified lawyer” or “mother of five children”.

After that, links to all related social networks are left, and only below is a brief information about the owner of the profile is given.

Biography helps users quickly assess whether the content produced by the blogger is right for them or not. Therefore, the data should be given first of all about what posts are published here.


Subscribers need communication. They don’t just look at the profile, they seem to participate in the life of the person who leads him. Therefore, posts need to be created in such a way that this illusion of personal contact persists.

Under each photo (or in the caption on the image itself), you need to leave questions for subscribers, raise some sensitive topics. This will raise the discussion in the comments, which will have a positive effect on the dynamics of the profile. It also makes it easier to retain people who have already subscribed.

In the text of posts, it is worth mentioning the word “comment” more often. This subconsciously prompts users to write something back. It is not necessary to directly call them to action, you can recall the exchange of opinions detachedly, for example, remembering your experience.

You also need to communicate with subscribers personally, answering their comments and questions in direct.

The more connected the person who is blogging, the faster people subscribe to it and less often they unsubscribe. It’s more pleasant to follow the activities of someone close and understandable.

Also, do not hesitate to ask to like or subscribe to the page. If you design this phrase in the corporate style and insert it under each post, it will not be annoying. Very quickly, this text will become an everyday ritual for subscribers, which helps them not to forget to respond to the publication.

Don’t forget about special Instagram tools like polls and stories.

Users love them, they significantly increase reach and help to quickly gain subscribers. The main thing is to make them no less informative than the rest of the posts, and constantly leave some enticing question.

Unified Profile Idea

The page should have a theme that is easy to follow. You can’t blog about everything at once. If you follow this tactic, people will quickly become confused by the abundance of different topics and will start unsubscribing if they see something that contradicts their beliefs and interests.

It is necessary to highlight the direction of development of the page and clearly indicate it in the biography.

Most popular on Instagram blogs on the topic:

  • LifeStal, personal life.
  • Lifehacks, DIV.
  • Travel blogs.
  • Healthy food and sports.
  • Psychology, education.

  • Creativity.

Publication planning

Instagram does not have tools to postpone posts, but this can be done using third-party programs. This helps to withstand the posting time and stay connected to your personal life and main activities.

It is impossible to foresee all the surprises that happen to a person during the day. It is best to schedule one post for each day of the coming week in advance. This helps in case of force majeure not to lose contact with your audience.

Create a blog base

A profile that does not have a single subscriber can alienate guests. For a start, you should invite friends, relatives and acquaintances to your page. Don’t send spam. Close people can be informed about the appearance of a new blog personally, and the rest can be notified through their other social networks.

You also need to place a link to your Instagram page on all third-party resources. It should flash as often as possible to attract new subscribers even in a passive way.

You can also sync your phone book with your account. Thus, all friends and colleagues will receive a notification that a new blog has appeared from their friend. The curiosity of people is great, so they will definitely drop by to see it, and then with a high probability they will subscribe.

Comparison of PR methods

The described methods of how to promote your Instagram for free are universal, but for each type of blogs there are more effective ways. Before deciding what to write about, you should think about your strengths and weaknesses in posting, evaluating the methods of collecting subscribers depending on the topic of your blog.

The importance in the table is rated on a scale from 1 (less important) to 3 (more important).

Instagram promotion methods

The choice of the method of how to get promoted on Instagram independently lies entirely with the blogger. You can invest a lot of money in advertising and hope that it is configured correctly and will attract the right audience.

However, it is more rational to start using free methods. They will help you gain a base of subscribers, form the theme and style of your blog.

Sincerely, Olga Kosygina
specially for the proudalenku.ru project

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