How to Get Likes on Instagram: 7 Working Ways

In this article, you will learn how to get Likes on Instagram. Let’s take a look at 7 effective ways: free and paid.

How to get a lot of likes on Instagram: TOP-7 tips

Let’s start right away with the main part of the article – let’s see how to get a lot of likes for posts on Instagram. Fast and efficient. To do this, we will explore 7 ways to increase likes.

Publish quality content

Trivial, but working advice. Publish quality content: photos, videos, carousels.

For example, photos should be taken with a good camera. You can also use additional filters. Filters can be applied through the standalone app or on Instagram while uploading a photo.

Don’t forget about the text: for example, if you have an expert Instagram blog, then share your experience with subscribers. How-to posts get more likes than regular photos.

Use hashtags

Add hashtags to posts. Try to use themed tags that fit the topic of your post.

We do not recommend using high-frequency hashtags. They will not work – your posts will get lost among millions of other publications.

For more information on how to use hashtags correctly, see our article “Instagram hashtags: how to use, why they are needed”.

Try cheating

If you don’t have an audience – for example, you’ve just created your Instagram account – then try cheating. This method will help you get the first likes.

For cheating, use the Likemania service. It is simple and convenient: specify the desired number of likes, insert the link to the post and pay for the order.

There are two cheat options available on the site:

  • Living people. Posts are liked by real users.
  • Robots. Likes to posts are put by bots.

It’s safe: the profile will not be blocked for suspicious activity.

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Analyze current trends

See what content is trending right now. For example, vines and sketches were once popular on Instagram – they gained millions of views and likes.

Trends are constantly changing. Keep track of what content famous Instagram authors are posting. Trending content gets into recommendations. This will increase the reach of posts, which means that the number of likes will also increase.

Mass following and mass liking

Try mass following and massliking. This will help increase the audience of your account.

Mass following and mass liking are massive actions. You subscribe and like your target audience. Part of the audience will respond in kind: they will subscribe to your profile and start liking your posts.

For mass following and mass liking, use the Zengram service. It automates routine actions to promote your account. All you need to do is add an account and start promotion.

The online service is safe: the profile will not be blocked for massive actions, since Zengram complies with the limits.

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Spend like times

Liktime is a certain period of time – for example, 3 hours – when an author encourages subscribers to support his content with likes.

Simple example: The blogger publishes a post where he asks the audience to like the last 10 photos. Further, people who have liked it need to leave a comment under the photo.

Other members of this activity should go to the commentator profiles and also like the posts.

That is, liketime is a kind of exchange of likes.

Decide the best time to post

Determine at what time your posts get more likes, reposts, saves. Statistics will help you with this.

For example, if your audience is very active from 17:00 to 19:00, then publish posts during this period of time.

For more on this, read our article “Best Time to Post on Instagram: Tips + Tools.”


As you can see, in order to get a lot of likes on Instagram, you need to actively promote your account. At the same time, remember that the basis of any promotion is high-quality and interesting content.

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