Взаимодействие с брендами и лидерами мнений

How to get into “Interesting” on Instagram: principles for selecting posts, recommendations

How to get into “Interesting” on Instagram is a topical question, although the answer to it is not easy. The fact is that it is difficult to directly influence getting into this category of recommendations. This is where indirect social network algorithms work with a very complex interaction mechanism.

But, despite this, there are certain actions and recommendations, following which, you increase the chance to bring your publication to this kind of TOP. You will learn about the principles by which posts are selected and what you need to do to get into Interesting on Instagram from our material.

Differences between the “Interesting” section of Instagram and the TOP

The “Interesting” tab on Instagram is a modification of the “Popular” section, for the creation of which we changed the algorithm for filtering published content.

“Interesting” is also formed based on the attendance of posts by users, but according to a different principle.

For each request in the “Recommended” section, there are posts that will be of particular interest to you. Instagram algorithms match your search history, followings, and reactions from people you follow and follow on social media. If they liked the post, it will probably be of interest to you too. Getting into “Interesting” on Instagram is a task, the success of which is determined by a selection for a certain category of users. While the usual list of the best posts does not take into account external factors and the tastes of those you follow.

So if your post is featured, it will only be shown to certain users. And if it is in the top, everyone who searches for the corresponding hashtag will see it.

The main difference between top and “Interesting” is that the top is common for the entire number of accounts. It contains the most interesting publications by hashtag from all posts on Instagram. In Interesting, the user sees posts that have attracted the attention of those blogs with which he often interacts.

To be in the top or in “Interesting” is a great success for a blogger. What will he get from this?

  • Attracting a new audience – growth of views, reach and statistics in general.

  • Growth in the number of subscribers. If your content is interesting to people who see it in the top, your audience will expand.

  • Potential clients. People may be interested in the products and services you offer.

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Obviously, the question “How to get to” Interesting “on Instagram or to the top?” worries the owners of commercial pages and bloggers interested in the development and promotion of their business.

Where are the “Interesting” recommendations on Instagram

Previously, the recommendations section on Instagram consisted of the most popular posts. It included only pages of famous personalities and promoted brands. Recently, things have been different.

To see the “Interesting” section on Instagram, click on the magnifying glass if you logged into the social network from your phone, or on the compass symbol if you looked into the social network from your computer.

Где находятся рекомендации «Интересное» в Инстаграм

Where are the recommendations “Interesting” on Instagram

On the main page you see the feed generated just for your interests. Here you will find not only posts with photos, but also videos, stories, IGTV and products.

At the same time, some of the posts are shown larger – Instagram draws your attention to videos, gifs and shops.

Above the feed are buttons with the most popular publications on IGTV (you will also find live broadcasts here), store accounts and various content.

Also, recommendations from now on appear in your feed: if you scroll to the end, Instagram will inform you that there are no new posts from those you follow, but you have the opportunity to see those that can interest you.

If you do not want to see the recommended posts, you can return to the posts that have already been scrolled in the feed.

Getting into the “Interesting” Instagram, knowing the principles of forming recommendations

How do you get into “Interesting” on Instagram? Please note that this section does not include all entries that come across, but only publications from relevant pages. If Instagram considers your blog to be questionable, spamming, or containing content contrary to the guidelines, your posts are not destined to be included in recommendations.

The algorithm finds 500 posts that may be of interest to a person, and selects 150 relevant ones, weeds out some of the posts so that there are 50 left, and then 25 remain, which appear in “Interesting”.

If a person’s preferences are transformed, algorithms adjust their work to them – this happens all the time.

When you go to the recommended post in the application, Instagram invites you to look not just another post from “Interesting”, but similar posts, alternating them with advertising posts.

Let’s take a closer look at the algorithms. What is the basis for selecting the recommended entries? Instagram usually explains why it is showing you this particular post.

  1. Social media recommendations

    Recommendations are posts that have been identified by algorithms of potential interest to you. This content may not closely resemble the content you are primarily interested in and add variety to your feed.

  2. Based on the accounts you follow

    These are accounts that resemble those you follow, or pages that are followed by those you follow. Their posts offer target audiences similar to those of the original blog, and the reach goes up.

  3. Based on the photos you like

    When you like photos of cats, the algorithms take this into account and then recommend you new “cat” posts.

    If we are talking about business, you like the posts of a children’s goods store, and you are shown the “children’s” assortment of other stores in Interesting.

  4. Based on the posts you have saved

    A similar principle applies here as in the example with likes. But Instagram algorithms regard saving as more important actions than likes, because when scrolling the feed, you can put them automatically, and posts that are useful and relevant to you get into the “Saved” one.

6 recommendations for getting into “Interesting” Instagram in 2021

How to get into “Interesting” on Instagram – there are no specific step-by-step instructions for this. However, we will name important factors and tools that will increase the chance of your posts being featured.

1. Regularly publish interesting posts

Регулярная публикация интересных постов

Regular publication of interesting posts

Instagram algorithms, filtering content, are more attentive to accounts in general, rather than to specific posts. Therefore, the likelihood that a profile with questionable content or sending spam will be included in “Interesting” is negligible.

According to the rules established by the Instagram management, unwanted content is the propaganda of violence, harm, calls for bullying and its implementation, pornographic materials, the sale of drug-containing drugs or calls for their use, the sale of firearms. Avoid posting questionable materials if you are concerned about how to get into “Interesting” on Instagram.

It will be more effective to post publications of different formats on your blog: posts with photos, videos, carousels, IGTV. However, do not spray on different topics, otherwise the algorithms will not understand who to show your posts to.

So, if you are blogging about travel, but want to publish a post on a different topic, carefully mention the main topic in the text. For example, you record how you went to the movies with your family, and as if casually say that you went to the city where this film was filmed.

Maintaining a profile will be more convenient and efficient if you use services for organizing a content plan and posting.


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2. Profile analysis

Проведение анализа профиля

Analyze your profile

Analyze your Instagram profile. If you are the owner of a business account, use the application statistics.

See what content gets the greatest response from your audience, what posts are most commented on, repost and saved. Analyze your reach. This will help you draw conclusions about which type of your posts has the highest chances of getting featured.

To understand how to get into “Interesting” on Instagram, you should research your target audience and find out at what time these people are most active on the social network. Then your posts will appear at the “right” time, receive an active response from the audience, and your posts will fly up in the feed of followers. Your engagement rate will increase, and so will the chances that algorithms will show your post in recommendations to subscribers.

Target your target audience. Find out what blogs your followers are interested in, whom they actively repost and comment on.

Such analysis can be carried out using special services, the most popular can be found in the table below.


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3. Interaction with target audience

Взаимодействие с целевой аудиторией

Engagement with target audience

Engagement rate plays an important role in blog promotion. Create engaging content to expand your audience.

The simplest type of interaction with subscribers is communication in the comments. Do not skimp on likes, do not hesitate to leave comments under the posts of subscribers and bloggers with a similar audience.

If you are worried about how to get into “Interesting” on Instagram, keep in mind that many people love to watch live broadcasts, and in the recommendations they are highlighted in a separate category. Broadcast with answers to questions, do joint broadcasts with other bloggers. In the table you will find services with tools to increase engagement.


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4. Use of geotags and hashtags

Geotag it even if it doesn’t seem to matter to you. Recommendations are formed according to the user’s location, so geotags are one of the important factors for getting into Interesting.

As for hashtags – do not use too many of them, about 10 will be enough. Before choosing a hashtag, check its frequency. Do not use too general and abstract – this way your publication will get lost among the rest. Add highly targeted hashtags based on your blog topic.

The table shows the most common parsing services for Instagram. They will help you filter users by geolocation and hashtags.


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5. Engaging with brands and influencers

Взаимодействие с брендами и лидерами мнений

Engaging with brands and influencers

Another way to get featured on Instagram is by regularly interacting with other accounts. In this simple way, you will find yourself in the recommendations of a wider number of accounts. This mode of action can be direct or indirect.

Direct interaction. An effective method is to subscribe to bloggers that your target audience subscribes to. In this case, your account will be highlighted in “Interesting” as similar.

If possible, mark the trademark in your posts. Brand emissaries will see the mark and can like it. In this case, your blog will appear in the recommendations of the brand followers.

You can apply this method to influencers as well. Of course, it’s unlikely that Kim Kardashian will like your post in return, but a smaller “star” may well reciprocate your like.

Indirect interaction. Agree with another blogger and do PR to him, and he to you. This collaborative effort will help you get featured in his followers and he in yours.

You can also purchase ads from bloggers. Below you will find a table with exchange services where you can find partners.

6. Interaction with similar publications

Instagram algorithms are regarded as the interaction of likes, writing comments, saving posts, reposts in stories and just viewing. This gives you many opportunities to reach new audiences.

Being featured in recommendations is an effective way to show posts to friends of friends, increase reach and attract new audiences.

So, there is no step-by-step recipe for getting into “Interesting” on Instagram. It depends on a combination of factors that we discussed in this article. You don’t have to be a mega-popular influencer to get featured. Work on your content, use our tips and you will succeed.

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