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How to get featured on Instagram: 12 tips + how the algorithm works

In this article, you will learn:

  • How to get into recommendations on Instagram in 2020: 11 tips.
  • What are recommendations.
  • How the section “Interesting” is formed.
  • How to remove irrelevant posts from recommended posts.

What are Instagram recommendations?

Recommendations is a special section on Instagram, where the user sees posts that match his interests. The list of posts is formed for a specific person: the algorithm automatically analyzes what the Instagram user likes, and then shows similar posts.

Getting into this section is one of the goals of the author on Instagram. The point is, it’s a free profile promotion method that generates organic traffic.

Instagram offers 2 types of recommendations:

  • Interesting publications. They are displayed in the “Interesting” section. Unlike the feed, it shows videos, IGTV, photos of people you don’t follow. In the mobile version of the application, this section is marked with a magnifying glass icon, and in the web version – with a compass icon.
  • Interesting accounts. This is a list of Instagram profiles that you are asked to follow. For example, if you are subscribed to 5 accounts of book publishers, then the recommendations will offer similar profiles: pages of other publishers and book bloggers.

How does the algorithm work: what principle is used to generate recommendations?

Recommendations for posts and accounts are generated automatically. For this, a special algorithm is used. It takes into account various factors and signals that affect which photos, videos, stories a particular user will see.

The administration of the social network does not disclose the secrets of the algorithm. But internet marketers have figured out how recommendations are made.

Instagram analyzes the accounts with which the user interacted: liked, subscribed, commented, saved posts. After that, the algorithm examines the similarities between profiles and publications: topics, hashtags, keywords in the text. All publications are combined into one pool, and then filtered for violations.

At the next stage, the algorithm selects 500 relevant publications that the user may like. Of these 500 posts, only 25 are left later. These are photos, videos, stories that the user sees for the first time when he enters the “Interesting” section.

For clarity, I drew a simple diagram of the algorithm.

Принцип работы рекомендаций в Инстаграм
How the algorithm works

How to get featured: 11 tips

Now let’s move on to the main part of the article. We will share tips to help you get into the recommendations to increase organic growth of followers, likes and comments.

1. Use hashtags

Don’t forget about hashtags under each post. They can be added in the description of the photo / video or in the comments. The maximum number of tags is 30. Well-chosen hashtags increase the reach of your post.

General rule: choose topical and relevant # hashtags. Under the sea photo, you do not need to “shove” all the popular tags that have nothing to do with the topic. It will be more difficult for the algorithm to select the target audience if there are dozens of unrelated hashtags under the post.

2. Try mass following and massliking

Mass following and massliking are popular ways to promote on Instagram. You perform massive actions – subscribe to other people, put likes under their posts. They follow and like in return.

Thus, you will gain the first audience – loyal subscribers who will read your posts, comment, and like.

This will noticeably speed up the process of getting into the recommendations, which means that the organic growth of the profile will increase.

For mass following and mass liking, we recommend using special services – they automate all routine actions.


Zengram is a professional tool for promoting on the Instagram social network. He likes, comments, subscribes, watches stories – all these actions attract your target audience.

Продвижение и лайки в Инстаграм — Zengram

You just need to start the task and wait – you will notice the first results in a few hours. The tool only attracts live and targeted audiences

It’s safe – the account will not be blocked for suspicious activity, as Zengram complies with all current Instagram limits.

Cost of the instrument: 699 rubles / month

The first 3 days are free to use.

Start using Zengram for free >>>


Tooligram is a professional tool for promoting on Instagram. Works in the cloud – you can start promoting your profile from your phone, tablet or computer.

Tooligram — привлекаем живых подписчиков в Инстаграм

Suitable for any niche: personal page, blog, commercial account. You can start mass following or mass liking in 5 minutes.

Thanks to Tooligram, you will be able to recruit a live and targeted audience. They will like and comment on your posts. Thanks to this, publications will be included in recommendations.

The service is completely safe – it imitates the actions of a real person. Therefore, your Instagram profile will not be blocked.

Cost: 690 rubles / month

There is a trial period.

Attract the first 25 people for free >>>

3. Analyze post statistics

See statistics for individual posts. How many people have liked, left a comment, repost, or saved the post. Also look at the Reach metric in the Highlights section.

Статистика поста в Инстаграм
See post statistics

This will show you how many new users saw the post. Your task is to understand what content your target audience likes.

4. Create engaging content for your target audience

Continuation of the previous advice. Explore your posts and find the most popular ones. Try to post similar posts.

Life hack: conduct a survey among subscribers – for example, in stories – and ask them, what posts they like the most. Or create a separate post with a question – let the audience write their opinion in the comments.

5. Follow current trends

Find “top” competitors in your field, look in the “Interesting” section. See which posts related to your activity are getting the most likes and comments.

Perhaps there is some interesting challenge going on right now, in which you can take part. Or there is a news feed, about which you can make a separate post with a detailed opinion.

6. Focus on diverse content

Don’t dwell on just one type of post. Diversify your content: post photos, videos, stories. This will increase the organic reach of your posts and increase the number of subscribers.

Tip: Videos increase audience engagement. At the same time, the likelihood of getting into the recommendations increases. So try to focus on this type of content.

7. Add Call-to-action to posts

In the post description, add a call to action. The most banal Call-to-action: “Like, subscribe to the profile and write comments.” This simple trick works and really increases the number of reactions and subscriptions.

8. Connect with your audience

Try to respond to all comments, broadcast live, ask subscribers any questions. Your task is to increase audience engagement.

So the Instagram algorithm will understand that you have a “live” and interesting account, which means it will start actively recommending it to other users of the social network.

9. Don’t spray yourself

This applies to topics. If your account is about movies and TV shows, then you do not need to publish posts that are not related to your topic: politics or cars. At the same time, you can write posts and record videos on related topics: for example, books or computer games.

10. Choose the best time to post

Statistics will help here again. see what time posts get the most reactions. Experiment to get accurate data.

Post photos, videos, stories at different times every day; for example, Monday at 3:00 pm and Tuesday at 5:00 pm. This will show you when your audience is most active.

11. Use “keys” in the text

When writing text posts on Instagram, use themed words. This is necessary for the algorithm to understand for which audience to show posts.

For example, in a profile about a movie, it is desirable to use themed words: “Cinema”, “Film”. Thanks to this, the Instagram robot will quickly select the desired category for publication.

12. Make a content plan

Don’t forget to create a content plan for your posts. Create a small spreadsheet in which you write down what you will publish and when. For clarity, here’s an example – look at the table below.

Post type Date of publication
The Great Gatsby Movie Review 04/20/2020
Movie news videos 04/21/2020
Poll about favorite TV shows 04/25/2020
Interesting facts about filming “The Lord of the Rings” (post-carousel) 04/29/2020

How to remove recommendations

You cannot completely disable the recommendations section. But you can remove irrelevant posts that the algorithm picked up by mistake. For example, it shows posts about football, although you are not interested in it.

To remove a post from a recommendation, open this post. There are three dots in the upper right corner – click on them. Select the “Not interested” option.

Как убрать рекомендации в Инстаграм

Now there will be fewer such publications in the “Interesting” section. Try to exclude them from recommendations more often so that the algorithm no longer shows such posts.


Use the described tips for your profile to get into recommendations on Instagram. Try to combine several schemes at the same time. This will significantly increase the organic reach of your posts.

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