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How to get a lot of Instagram clients: 29 powerful ways

Since it is possible to bring a lot of clients from Instagram, this explains the high interest of businessmen in this social network. It has long ceased to be a platform for publishing young moms and beauty bloggers. Today Instagram is as effective for business promotion as VKontakte. Moreover, both goods and services are sold equally successfully.

Here you can find suitable real estate and choose an interior designer, purchase a home brewery and order boiled crayfish with home delivery. Such popularity of Instagram leads to the emergence of new methods of attracting customers. Let’s talk about the most effective of them right now.

First of all, we propose to distinguish between two concepts: customers and subscribers, since these are different categories. Customers are the end consumers of your product. Subscribers are those people who follow the content on your page, comment on posts, watch stories.

Even if there are no sales on an account with a large audience, it can be monetized by advertising and bring you profit.

  • Geolocation of posts

    If you have a cafe or restaurant, using a geolocation tag will be especially relevant. Geotagging will help a potential client find your establishment, starting from being in a specific city or area.

  • Quality content

    In order to bring a lot of Instagram customers, you need to generate quality content. This is the foundation of the basics. Content is not only the creation of an attractive visual series (photos and videos in posts and stories) using professional equipment, but also catchy interesting texts.

    Качественный контент

    Instagram Smart Feed Challenges

    If you have a business account, quality content is your main weapon in gaining new followers and keeping them interested in your product.

  • Selling Posts

    Selling texts help to achieve one of the main goals – to motivate a potential buyer to purchase your product. There are some techniques for creating sales copy, thanks to which you can do without the help of copywriters.

  • Comments from top bloggers

    Free time on the Internet can also be spent profitably: leave interesting comments under the posts of popular bloggers, drawing attention to your account. It is important that they have your target audience. In this case, if your comment finds a response from subscribers, you can count on a transition to your profile, new subscriptions, likes and comments. An excellent option for growing live traffic!

  • Advertise with bloggers in stories

    To bring a lot of clients from Instagram, you need to advertise in stories with top bloggers. It is very important to analyze the target audience. A huge plus for you will be the ability to choose the most suitable way to present your product: for example, using or not using eyeliner, as well as choosing the ad delivery in one or several stories in a row. Make your choice based on your budget.

  • Advertise with bloggers in the feed

    This method is definitely working, but there are some nuances. In addition to the high cost, there is a possibility of making a mistake when choosing a photo, text, as well as getting into your target audience. The most effective advice in this case would be to test this type of advertising and carefully analyze everything.

  • Advertising with bloggers through barter

    Barter advertising is a mechanic that will never lose its relevance, which means you can safely use it. We give the blogger a product or provide a service, for which we get live traffic of interested subscribers. It is very important to prepare and properly package your account so that once you get to your profile, you want to stay.

    Реклама по бартеру

    Smart Feed Tasks on Instagram
  • Advertising in public stories

    Don’t forget about publics! Despite the fact that the percentage of engagement they have is lower than that of bloggers, it is a working and proven tool for promotion. The relatively low cost will be a pleasant bonus.

  • Advertising in the public feed

    For the publication in the public feed, you will also be pleased with the price. We strongly recommend choosing a reputable source with a high-quality audience and high engagement. This will help you avoid wasting your budget.

  • Marathons

    Marathons will definitely help to bring a lot of clients from Instagram. Arrange them for your target audience. The winners will receive your product or service as a gift, the rest of the participants will become a warmer audience on the way to purchasing your product.

  • Giveaway

    Give is a kind of prize drawing. In order to receive them, subscribers must fulfill certain conditions. Prepare before launching a give and practice your subscriber engagement skill. Remember that for several months after this event, you will have a stream of unsubscriptions and a lot of work to resume activity. However, if you manage to achieve high engagement rates, this is a big advantage.

  • Hashtags

    Hashtags are some of the top search tools on Instagram. Use keywords that speak about your product and service, write them in the form of hashtags, but don’t overdo it. Additional traffic to your account will not be superfluous.


    Smart Feed Tasks on Instagram
  • IGTV

    Take the opportunity to shoot long videos with IGTV. Your subscribers will be able to see them both on the app platform and from the PC. Post interesting content to draw additional attention to your account.

  • Tagged users

    Thanks to the use of tags from bloggers and other persons on publications devoted to topics of potentially interesting to them, you can count on a lively response from people, which means that your post will be repost to their stories or feed. And again the traffic!

  • Tagged items

    In order to increase sales using a social network, you can set up an online store on a Facebook business account. Use Shopping Tags to tag your products in photos.

  • Actual

    Correctly designed “relevant” will help make your account as convenient as possible for the client. From the actual, he should find out the main information for making a purchase of your product or service: addresses of outlets, your contacts, information about you or your activity. This issue should be given special attention. Remember to attach links.

    We advise you to use the multi-link that will direct all your clients to your Insta profile business card. Many clients are not attracted by the prospect of copying the number from the profile header, and not everyone will want to write to direct. Multi-link will help to keep the maximum number of applications by providing in one place all possible options for contacting you.

  • Targeted Ads

    One of the most effective mechanics for bringing in a lot of Instagram leads is a well-tuned targeted ad. Analyze the target audience and define it correctly for your profile. Test the different ad variations you want to run. To do this, at the initial stage, you will need at least 5 thousand rubles.

  • Cheat

    A new account assumes no subscribers. It will be extremely difficult to attract subscribers using free methods or mass following here, the result will be low. It’s all about the trust of users – there will be practically no it to an unfilled Instagram profile. You can use the method of boosting activity indicators (likes, comments) and subscribers to debut posts.

  • Mass Following

    Use this technique to attract your first subscribers. Just subscribe to the accounts of users that match the parameters of your target audience, and, perhaps, they will mutually begin to follow your profile.

    Viral posts, how to get hundreds of reposts in social networks:

    Of course, signing up manually will take a lot of your time. In addition, you may end up in a block if you exhaust the subscription request limits set by the site. In this regard, we advise you to consider automated mass following methods if you want to bring a lot of clients from Instagram

  • Ideal time to post new content

    The Internet is replete with tips to schedule publications from 10 am to 4 pm, as if during the specified period of time users are the most active. However, this information is hopelessly outdated and not reliable, since with the advent of the ability to view statistics on Instagram, everything has become much clearer.

    Explore the Followers category – it tells you when (with an accuracy of hours and days of the week) your followers are most active.

  • Product display from all angles

    Publishing a photo in a carousel will let you tell more about your product. You can place up to ten images or video of a product, showing it from all possible angles, arranging a kind of product demonstration for a potential buyer. Use close-ups to show details and shoot against different interiors. The final shot can be a short video to present the product in dynamics.

    Do not forget to add a call in the post so that users can see the photos in the carousel, as many may not notice their presence.

  • Product Reviews in Stories or Lives

    In order to generate additional interest in the product, as well as facilitate the work of your employees and bring a lot of customers from Instagram, you need to do product reviews. Try to keep them from being boring or just looking like a product demo. Come up with scenarios for use, show various nuances in the work, tell about the composition, materials and mechanism of using the product.

  • Anchor information useful to customers in text blocks

    By conducting Lives on Instagram, you can instantly pin them to the Stories category as soon as the broadcast ends. Make detailed product reviews and take advantage of this opportunity. True, the recording will only be saved using the video, without likes and comments.

  • Bestseller references

    You may not have such, but you need to create the appearance of successful sales. To do this, you can talk about your chosen product every three to five posts, demonstrating its various characteristics.

    Start with regular photos for review, then move on to close-up photos, then publish the photo without processing. The constant publication of the same product will arouse the curiosity of subscribers, encourage them to take a closer look at the “bestseller”.

    Упоминание бестселлеров

    Tasks of the smart feed on Instagram

    However, do not use this technique if the account is not yet full, as it may seem that your range is rather scarce.

  • Show product without processing

    Thanks to Instagram filters, you can make candy out of any product. In this regard, the trust of users is falling every day, people are tired of “ideal” things and goods, especially if we are talking about selling analogs of popular brands. Increase the level of trust of your subscribers – show your product as it is, without filters or processing. Of course, prepare yourself to make it look decent.

    Such publications can be done once or twice a month in order to dilute the photoshopped content. Be sure to emphasize in the post that you are not afraid that subscribers will see the product without filters, because it looks great without processing.

  • Participate in the WEEKEND BLOG HASHTAG project on the Instagram blog

    The Instagram Weekend Hashtag Project is an event that defines a topic and hashtag every week. For example, #WHPescape reflected Instagram users’ perceptions of spending the weekend. This allowed us to show what the users of the largest social network are doing in their free time.

    Participating in the Weekend Hashtag project will allow you to be featured on the Instagram blog, which means you will get huge traffic.

    Triple your customer flow and revenue with 50 Promotion Tools

    We at the SMM Academy are confident that you can attract customers and sell them your product or service on any social network. Everyone works, but each one needs its own approach!

    Do not think that it is too late and all the cream has been removed from social networks. Their audience continues to grow. New users appear here every day, which means that the number of potential customers for your business is growing. Ditching social media now is like slamming a store door in front of them.

    • Analyze the demand for your product by searching for keywords with hashtags.

    • Study your audience. It’s good if you already have a current customer base and can do ABCXYZ analysis.

    • Collect a preliminary base in social networks through scraping.

    To help you, my team and I have compiled a list of TOP-50 useful services.
    You can download it for free!

  • Likes images in EXPLORE FEED

    Explore feed designates posts related to posts and people of interest to you, based on who you follow or interact with. This means that if you have promoted your account, your own Explore feed consists of messages from representatives of your target audience. Just like their photos to encourage engagement.

  • Teaser launch

    Create and launch an intriguing teaser to draw users’ attention to your product. Just like watching a movie trailer, people can subscribe to your account to see what happened next.

  • Launching joint promotions with other brands

    Find the right profile from your industry that works with your target audience, and offer to arrange a collective promotion of each other’s accounts. This will be helped by holding, for example, a joint competition. The result will be an opportunity to engage each other’s audience and increase the number of targeted subscribers.

    And remember : no tools will help you bring in many Instagram customers unless you generate powerful, engaging content. We wish you successful sales!

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