How to Gain Instagram Followers Without Spending Money

Followers on Instagram bring greater credibility to your brand, increasing the sense of trust on the part of your audience. While having a high number of followers is not key to getting your business off the ground, it can make your conversion job much easier. That’s why we’ve brought you here exactly what to do to gain followers on Instagram without spending Money.

It is important to emphasize that the strategies presented here are organic (free). Like everything else that involves organic growth, things happen gradually if you maintain consistency.

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How to gain followers on Instagram

Gaining followers on Instagram has been one of the biggest difficulties and ambitions of users of this social media.

Having many followers on this channel means not only a huge amount of people seeing your photos and videos, but also a possibility to sell your products or services to a large audience.

However, users make the mistake of thinking that, in order to have more followers on this social network, it is necessary to invest in user purchases and paid marketing strategies. In other words: advertising and paying for other measures that will only bring expenses – and not always good results.

The best type of follower you can have on Instagram is the one that comes organically, which are the “real followers”. Because? Because you attract people who really care about what you have to offer and who will spontaneously engage with your content.

Don’t think you need to invest money to gain popularity and volume on Instagram. There are many other more effective and free ways to make this happen!

Before we talk about what you need to do to gain followers on this social network, though, you need to know what not to do.


Avoid doing this:

1- Buy followers

Buying followers is seen by many as the simplest and fastest way to get more people to follow you.

If you still believe that buying follower packs is the best alternative for your business, you had better stop and rethink your strategy.

Buying users on Instagram means you are adding, in an “non-organic” way, a huge amount of numbers that will soon become an ornament on your profile. Have you ever heard of Vanity Metrics? Well, this is one of them.

Also, these additions include a fair amount of fake profiles, inactive users and, worst of all, active users who aren’t even there for your content.

Always remember that numbers do not guarantee sales or popularity if they are worked out of a strategy. You need to consider engagement, conversions, and other metrics that aren’t just vanity.

So don’t invest your money in it! Focus on the strategies that will really add to your profile!

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ilustracao como ganhar seguidores

How to get Instagram followers?

1- Promote your Instagram on your other channels

One thing is certain: no one will follow your Instagram profile if you don’t share it. So don’t think your followers will fall from the sky!

You must take the trouble to promote your account through other channels, such as: Facebook, Whatsapp, Youtube…

That way, all those who follow you on one channel and like your content will start to follow you on Instagram too, reaching more people organically.

2- Use Hashtags

Hashtags are able to expand the reach of your content, make your brand better known, position your business, contribute to SEO strategies and, most importantly, make your posts easily found.

When someone searches for “#beauty”, for example, the person is telling Instagram to find a respective folder and show all posts that contain this keyword.

This way, when a user uses hashtags in a post, he is targeting your content so that people who are interested in the subject can find it easily.

For example: if you work in the fashion segment, you can use #fashion in your posts. That way, whenever someone decides to search for this tag on Instagram, they’ll find your content.

hashtags para ganhar seguidores

3- Caprice in the Bio

BIO is your company’s calling card. She is the one who will introduce your business to new audiences and show them what your differential is and what you do.

With only 150 characters available to show visitors who you are, this area of ​​your profile needs extra attention so that it looks well designed and delights your visitors.

But remember: putting all the information in a block of text can make the page polluted and tiring of getting to the end of the reading, even if it’s only a few words. Therefore, divide the information with line breaks and spacing.

4- Make Sweepstakes

Conducting sweepstakes on Instagram contributes a lot to strengthening your brand, however, you need to plan to offer content that is of interest to your followers.

The first step is to define an award that sejas creative and catches users attention. After all, who doesn’t like to get presents?

For example: if you sell cosmetics, you can give away a facial at a specialized clinic.

I understand, it is important to remember that it is useless to give away something that is of extreme value to your audience if you do not use the right strategies to also win with this action.

Therefore, you need to establish rules, such as:

  • Follow the profiles of the companies/partners involved
  • Like the official publication
  • Mark a defined number of friends (cannot be commercial or public figures)
  • Publish a photo with a certain hashtag

This way, in addition to showing your audience that you value it, you can also reach more people! Here, everyone wins.

stories para instagram

5- Create Your Own Graphic Content

To reach a high level of popularity, you need to invest a little time, effort and, of course, a good deal of creativity.

A professional who understands how photography works on this type of platform with a great visual appeal, will certainly give the highlight that their content deserves.

Having good photos is very important, as social networks are the showcase of your project. It is through them that your audience will get to know your products and services and, who knows, be inspired by your publications.

A good photo shows that you are taking care to show your content in the best way, demonstrating professionalism and quality in your service.

The bank images can also be welcome, but while they provide much more ease and practicality, they always have that feeling of “generic”. So focus on originality and creativity!

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6- Bet on Videos

Instagram is a highly visual social network. This means that users are used to seeing videos and photos all the time.

The difference between publishing an audiovisual content or a simple image is, firstly, the time your audience will devote to each option.

While a photo holds the audience’s attention for a few seconds, a good video can make the person pay more attention and connect more with the message and brand.

In a single video, even if it’s short, you are able to convey much more information than in a single image. Not to mention that it reduces the risk of miscommunication, which often leaves room for misinterpretation.

This way, your audience ends up paying more attention than they would, for example, to one more image among the thousands that appear in your feed daily.

And the more people who watch (and the more time they spend there), the greater the weight given to that post, further increasing the viral potential.

In other words, producing videos on Instagram not only makes it easier to get your message across, it also increases your post’s return!

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videos para ganhar seguidores

7- Encourage Engagement

Just as your number of followers will not increase on its own, your engagement also needs to be stimulated on this social network.

Posts with questions, polls, polls… Here, anything that encourages your audience to interact with your content is welcome.

You can even ask your followers to share something of them with your brand, for example, or ask your followers to tag friends.

You can do this in a number of ways, such as: “mark the first person that comes to mind when they see such an image”, “mark your friend who never leaves you”, etc.

8- Start following people back

Reciprocity is very strong not only in real life, but also on social media. So, starting to follow people, liking their photos and engaging with the content of those who also follow your profile is a great way to get more followers on Instagram.

Show interest in their content and they will reciprocate!

An addendum: you don’t have to start following everyone you see ahead. Focus on those profiles that you really like and that really make sense for your brand to have around.

So, in addition to not having your feed full of random photos of people you don’t know, you can map accounts that use strategies that can also be used by you, studying the competition.

seguir pessoas reais

Bonus Tip

This tip is very important because, in addition to covering other areas of your business, it is essential for you to get more results and invest in strategies that really work.

And, if you’ve been following Ecommerce in Practice for some time, you should have a guess of what I’m talking about…

You need to know your persona!

Your persona is nothing less than afictional representation of your users and customers that facilitates the understanding of behaviors and personalities.

By mapping your persona, it’s much easier to know what kind of content to produce and who to produce it for! Without wasting your time with strategies that don’t bring results.

So, if your interest is to get more followers on Instagram, know that this is a golden tip and needs to be a priority!

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How to Turn Followers into Customers

Having a large audience is, without a doubt, something of extreme value for a business.

But it’s no use having an engaged audience if you don’t exploit it in the right way, bringing more sales and loyal customers to your company.

To have these results, you need to follow a correct methodology, which will save you time and teach you the right way to grow your business within social networks.

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