How to Gain Followers on Instagram: 30 Tips that Really Work!

Want to know how to gain followers on Instagram?

Learn how to gain followers on Instagram and watch your profile earn likes, mentions, comments and, best of all, skip to convert a lot more and earn money on instagram

One of the most popular social networks in the world, Instagram has become a great tool to take any business to the top.

It’s as if Instagram were a shop window inside a busy shopping mall, where thousands of people pass by every day.

Instagram has incredible potential for the growth of a business. brand , whether personal or commercial.

Publishing your business on this social network brings you closer to success, as Instagram currently has the mark of 1 billion users, second only to Facebook , in terms of active users.

In addition, 500 million people post to Instagram Stories every day.

Stories, by the way, is one of the factors that have generated so much popularity for the platform, because since its launch, the number of users has only increased, making it clear that Stories needs to be part of the marketing strategy of the platform. your business.

Of those 500 million people, 200 million access at least one business profile a day.

Another key figure is that a third of Stories views are from companies. In addition, 60% of users say they have discovered a product through Instagram.

Your challenge is to get as many users as possible to access your business profile.

Increasingly it is proven that Instagram is an essential marketing tool for those who want to have success with your business.

With all this, you have already realized how important it is to know how to engage your target audience within this social network, to convert them into leads.

To promote your business, you first need to know how to gain followers on Instagram, because even though the platform is growing so much, it’s not easy to gain a lot of followers, especially if you’re joining now.

That’s why today I’m going to introduce you to 30 tips that will help you gain followers on Instagram.

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What is Instagram

o que é Instagram

Instagram is a platform created for photo sharing, launched in the year 2010.

Among other photo apps launched at the time, Instagram gained prominence, and has only grown, over the years, becoming what it is today, the second largest social network in the world, in terms of users.

Incidentally, Facebook bought Instagram 2 years after its launch, as the app already promised to be a success.

Today, Instagram has become a social network with great potential to boost people’s lives. hot and big deals.

So you can better understand what Instagram is, in the next topic I’ll talk a little about the evolution of this platform.

Instagram Evolution

Como foi a evolução do Instagram

When it first came out, Instagram was a pretty basic app. It was basically for you to take a photo, choose a filter, and share it with a few followers.

Quite different from what it is today, isn’t it?

Instagram has a lot of features these days. , like Stories, for example, which is one of the biggest hits on the platform and now you can only send your videos to a few friends and groups you want, making your Stories more discreet, if you prefer.

Another example of the evolution of Instagram is in relation to photo editing features, because, which previously only relied on filters, today the platform offers much more advanced features.

Instagram allows you to edit your photos with text, make drawings and include some special effects, which at first wasn’t possible.

Nowadays it’s also possible to do a live video stream, however , this feature is still growing, so, as soon as the transmission ends, the video disappears from the application, it is not recorded, as it is on YouTube, for example.

In other words, your followers will only be able to watch your broadcast in real time.

It is important that you know all the features that Instagram has, after all, you will want to take advantage of every opportunity that you have to gain Instagram followers, right?

Because you need to gain Instagram followers

Qual a importância de ganhar seguidores no Instagram

Buying followers is a strategy that doesn’t work if you want to have a long-term business.

Having a large number of “robot” followers only works for those who think in the short term.

The followers valuable to your business are real people who will engage with your brand and become customers.

Instagram 2020 Updates 

Instagram Launched many new features this year 2020 and you need to stay on top of these new features if you want to use the platform as a marketing strategy in your business.

Check out each of the pr below features Instagram is offering its users in 2020.

Instagram shopping 

Instagram Shopping

Now, in addition to being a showcase for entrepreneurs to advertise their products, Instagram also allows users to make purchases directly from the app.

Instagram Shopping is a feature that allows companies to insert tags into product images , so that the user can make the purchase, without having to leave the publication.

When the user taps on the tag, he will be able to view information about that product.

Posts with this feature are marked with a shopping bag icon.

Another possibility that Instagram offers is to insert a tag in the caption of the posts.

This time, when the user clicks on the tag, they are taken to the sales page for that product being advertised.

Templates for Stories 

To 2020, Instagram made available several templates for its users to edit and use in their Stories.

In addition, the platform also offers fun new options, such as drawing challenge, quote of the day, recommendations, favorite songs, and much more.

You can use this new feature to engage your audience, because with these new features, you can create varied content, which attracts a lot of audience and encourages engagement.


Reels novo recurso do Instagram

Instagram is a platform that is always up to date and therefore could not let the success of Tik Tok pass by without giving an answer, so the platform created Reels (or Cenas, in Portuguese).

With Reels you can create videos of up to 15 seconds in length and use the various editing effects and the various musical backgrounds.

The new Instagram feature also allows you to:

  • Cut and add new scenes;
  • Change the speed of the video;
  • Insert a soundtrack into the video;
  • Set timer or countdown;
  • Use filters and visual effects in your videos.
  • li>

Sending and receiving direct messages and computer accessing lives

Enviar e receber mensagens no Instagram

Instagram now allows its users to send and receive direct messages from their computer. Previously, this feature was only allowed for mobile devices.

In addition, users can also watch the lives from their computer.

But although Instagram has released these features, publishing images on the platform remains exclusive to mobile devices.

IGTV content monetization testing

Monetização do IGTV

IGTV content monetization began testing in 2020, which is great news for those who produce content for Instagram.

Content producers can monetize their videos through ads, which will be in 15-second video format, similar to YouTube, and which they can also be ignored by the user, or, in badge format, where the user is allowed a code, which type a badge will be displayed in front of the name and their comments will be prominently displayed.

30 Tips for gaining followers on Instagram

1. Have a strategic plan 

Para ganhar seguidores no instagram você precisa montar um planejamento

To use Instagram in your marketing strategy, just like any other social network, you need have good planning.

Knowing how to gain followers on Instagram will already put your business on the path to success, but just gaining followers is not enough.

You need to have a plan strategic, which encompasses several goals, including gaining followers.

Just gaining followers does not generate success for your business. You need to know exactly what goals you want to achieve in your business, through followers.

You can set goals such as:

  • Generate traffic for your blog;
  • Increase your product sales;
  • Increase brand recognition;
  • Generate authority in the niche in which you operate.

2. Set target audience

Para atingir o público correto e atrair seguidores precisa conhecer sua persona dentro do Instagram

Set your target audience.

Knowing the profiles of the people you’re talking to will help you create interesting, rich content for the right people, increasing your chances of converting followers into leads and those into loyal customers and brand promoters.

You can do this through information like:

  • Gender;
  • Age group;
  • Location;
  • li>Income;
  • Consumption habits;
  • What are your pains;
  • What are your desires;
  • Time when go to Instagram.

3. Create a strong image for your brand

Intensifique sua presença no Instagram para o algoritimo recomendar cada vez mais seus posts

Create a strong image for your brand through your breakthrough story , telling you how you overcame your challenges and how you managed to get to where you are today.

You can also use success stories, proving to your target audience how much your brand can transform their lives too.

Show stories of people who have been transformed through your product or service.

Publish constantly on how what you offer can change the situation of your followers, or how yours product or service can help you reach a goal.

By doing this, you will convey a strong image of a brand with great potential.

4. Use Keywords

Como foi a evolução do Instagram0

In order for people to start following you on Instagram, they first need to know that you exist, right?

In order for Instagram users to find you and know your brand and then follow you, you need to take care of your name and username, because only through these two items can profiles be searched.

To make it easier to search for your profile, you can use the same name you use on other social networks.

If it’s your brand name, even better, because that way you’ll be found more easily.

Using keywords to make it even easier to search for your Instagram profile is also a great idea.

For example, if you work in the entrepreneurship niche, you can use your name or the name of your brand and, together, write “business online”.

That way, you will be found by those looking for your name and by users looking for business online .

5 . Use Hashtags Strategically

Como foi a evolução do Instagram1

Another good way to get followers on Instagram is through using shape hashtags strategic.

Users go through hashtags quickly, without paying much attention.

So, for your publication to have visibility, you need to use hashtags strategically, to reach the right audience.

So first, avoid putting hashtags on your photos, better add them in the comments.

In addition to making the image “cleaner”, in the comments you will have more space to put more hashtags.

Add hashtags relevant to your target audience . Instagram lets you check which are the most popular hashtags.

Take advantage and use these hashtags.

Another tip is to use at least 5 hashtags and a maximum of 30.

6. Create a compelling profile and biography

Como foi a evolução do Instagram2

Your Instagram profile and bio is the first thing you need worry about how to get followers on Instagram.

Your photo, for example, is the first thing people will see when they find your profile.

Your profile name and the description are also part of a set of important items that you need to pay close attention to.

Use visuals in the description, such as emojis, to get users’ attention.

Create a biography that defines who you are and what values ​​your brand delivers.

Add your website or blog link to your biography.

Learn How make an instagram biography attractive and gain followers and people interested in what you have to offer.

7. Post relevant content

Como foi a evolução do Instagram3

Publish relevant content for your followers, always using engaging images that entice the visitor to want to click on your profile to view more content and, most importantly, start following you.

Quality content generates a lot of engagement. That is, users start to like, comment and share your posts.

And that makes Instagram’s algorithm boost your profile, which in turn increases your reach and generates more followers for you.

So, learn a lot about Marketing from Content and post relevant content consistently and see how to gain followers on Instagram.

8. Create eye-catching captions

Como foi a evolução do Instagram4

This is a must-have part if you really want to gain followers on Instagram, as a long caption with valuable content makes all the difference.

Only three lines of the caption you write will appear in the users feed, but it’s a great chance for you to draw attention to what has been posted.

Since Instagram doesn’t allow line breaks, you can create your caption in a note-taking app, in a scannable, pleasant-to-read way, copy the text and then paste it into your post.

This is a great way to get more followers on Instagram, as a long caption generates more likes and comments.

An image already gets a lot of attention from the user, but he will probably scroll the feed and not click. An image with a good caption will grab attention and generate engagement.

9. Leave the best comments pinned

Como foi a evolução do Instagram5

Instagram now allows you to pin up to 3 comments to your posts.

And that’s great for getting more followers in the app.

You can use this new feature to continue with your post caption, making the text longer and with more detail, or you can pin those comments that are generating a lot of engagement.

In one way or another, leaving comments pinned to your posts helps you generate more engagement and increases your chances of gaining more followers on Instagram.

10. Publish Instagram content to your blog

Como foi a evolução do Instagram6

Publish Instagram content to your blog , with a clickable link that takes the Direct user to your Instagram profile.

This is a great way to get traffic from your blog to your Instagram profile, the easiest way.

Publish Instagram content on your blog, to attract traffic, you increase the probability of getting more followers on the social network.

This post can be an infographic, an image with text, a graphic… as long as it is of interest to your audience. blog.

11. Share your Instagram profile in other communication channels

When thinking about sharing your Instagram profile to get more followers on the platform, think beyond social media.

In other words, enjoy all communication channels you have with your target audience and share your Instagram profile.

You can share your profile link on your website or blog and in email marketing, for example.

Seek to go beyond digital and also share your Instagram profile on packaging, business cards, folders, etc.

This type of offline material also helps a lot to get followers on Instagram.

12. Try to stand out 

Como foi a evolução do Instagram7

Increase your visibility on Instagram.

You can partner with someone who has a large number of followers, so that this profile shares some of your content, increasing your visibility and making your profile receive many visitors and potential followers.

Many Instagram accounts, which have large numbers of followers, are resource accounts.

In other words, these are accounts that organize themselves to share content from other accounts, so that this one has a lot of visibility.

You can find resource accounts in your niche by doing a hashtag search .

13. Promote your Instagram on other social networks

Como foi a evolução do Instagram8

You’ve already realized that the best way to get followers on Instagram, organically , is making your profile easy to find, isn’t it?

Another way to make this search for your profile easier is to bring people from other social networks to your Instagram.

Take advantage of the audience you’ve already built on other social networks and bring it to Instagram by sharing your profile in those places.

To draw your audience from other social networks to your Instagram profile, you can offer coupons discounts, event invitations, sweepstakes codes, etc.

Another alternative to bringing your Facebook audience, for example, to your Instagram profile is through paid advertisements.

If you are able to invest in Facebook ads, this strategy will undoubtedly increase your number of followers.

14. Ask people to tag their profile

Como foi a evolução do Instagram9

Asking people to tag you in their posts is a very effective strategy for reaching a new audience and, therefore, achieving more followers on Instagram.

That’s because when someone tags your profile, that person’s followers can click through to find out more about your profile.

You can use your biography to ask people to tag you.

15. Post content that generates sharing 

Qual a importância de ganhar seguidores no Instagram0

Whenever you’re going to post interesting content on your Instagram profile, imagine your followers sharing that content.

So create shareable content that has to do with the people who follow you and that they want to share on their profiles too.

You can, for example, share infographics with interesting subjects to the target audience, as people like to share infographics.

When a user shares your Instagram post on their blog, you’ll have a chance to get new followers from that one blog.

16. Follow relevant profiles

Follow relevant profiles and hope they follow you back.

By the way, but than hoping, you can publish a lot of interesting, quality content that does with that these users want to follow you back.

Another alternative to gaining followers on Instagram is to follow the profiles of digital influencers in your niche.

One way to find profiles relevant to you is by clicking on “suggested for you” which appears in your feed, or by clicking on “Discover People”.

17. Partner with influencers in your niche

Qual a importância de ganhar seguidores no Instagram1

Partnering with influencers in the same niche as yours is a very successful strategy for gaining followers on Instagram.

This strategy works because most people make decisions based on the opinion of influential people, who they trust, like bloggers and TV artists, for example.

Partner with people who are influencers in your niche and have no doubt that soon you will have more people following you.

18. Use the Instagram Badge

The Instagram Badge is a unique code that other users can instantly scan to follow your profile.

The Instagram Badge is a offline ways to share your profile as you can print it on business cards, packaging, coasters and wherever else you like.

The Instagram badge is also a great way to get followers in real time, in events, for example.

They just need to scan your code and start following it.

A good idea, too, is to print it out and use it on a real badge holder, to be exposed.

Your badge is located on the upper right side of your profile, on the 3-line icon.

19. Identify your location

Identifying the location in your publications and Stories makes it easier for users to find your content on the platform.

For those who have a physical business, identify location is a very effective strategy for gaining followers on Instagram.

That’s because when you identify the location of your posts and stories, users will be able to click on the icon and view photos taken there, which increases chances of gaining more followers.

20. Use Stories as a Strategy

Qual a importância de ganhar seguidores no Instagram2

I believe that by now you have realized how much Stories is a resource that attracts users for your profile.

So it’s still worth mentioning it as one of the tips on how to gain followers on Instagram.

The numbers don’t lie. Half a billion Instagram users use Stories every day, and 45% of them are commercial Stories. This is great news for anyone who owns a business and uses Instagram to market it.

Stories is an Instagram feature that generates a lot of engagement. According to data from Instagram itself, one in three Stories generates a direct message.

Generate even more views by adding location and using hashtags. This makes your Stories visible to users who don’t follow you yet.

21. Create an augmented reality filter 

Did you know you can now create your own augmented reality filter on Instagram?

The augmented reality filter is the one that appears on face photos of the user, such as glasses, pizza, emojis… 

Now Instagram allows you to create your own filters and, if it is not a brand, the platform makes it available for other users to use, which increases your visibility and can help you gain more followers on Instagram.

Whenever a user uses your filter, their name will appear in the upper left side of the screen.

Your name will appear clickable, which makes it even easier to be found and followed by new people.

22. Post on time

Qual a importância de ganhar seguidores no Instagram3

Instagram uses an algorithm to check the time when posts are made.

You need to identify the best time to make your publications. The best time is when your audience is connected, when they are most active.

That’s why it’s so important to know your audience, know what their habits are…

Take tests, post at different times, and observe engagement, see if your audience is liking and commenting on your posts.

Sometimes lunchtime can be the best time to make your posts, because, depending on the audience, this is the time when they are on break from work and take the opportunity to access social networks.

23. Be consistent in posts

Qual a importância de ganhar seguidores no Instagram4

People started following you because they were interested in your content.

In other words, you need to maintain consistency in your posts, so that your followers are satisfied and so that new people start following you too.

Also, the more you are publish, the more engagement you generate and the more people interested in your content and the more followers you will gain.

Seek to publish content every day. Take advantage of the tips that were given here, in this article, and have consistency in publications, to get more followers.

24. Create a posting schedule

Qual a importância de ganhar seguidores no Instagram5

How to get Instagram followers if you don’t post anything, or post only once in a while .

You need to post regularly so that people are interested in following you.

Ideally, post daily, for example:

Publish 1 or 2 photos or videos per day, from 5 to 30 Stories, 1 live stream, always at the same time.

The higher the frequency of posts, the more visibility your profile will have, which means you’ll get more followers.

Publish at least 5 Stories a day and a maximum of 30.

If you found a lot, I’ll explain the strategy.

Instagram Stories are a maximum of 15 seconds, so you can post 5 to 30 Stories in a row, so they complement each other and become a long video, conveying the full message.

But why this number? Because less than 5 Stories is not enough, and Instagram doesn’t allow more than 30 Stories a day.

Stream 1 live video per day, at the same time.

Live videos on Instagram only show up while they’re streaming, then just fade away.

O ideal is to broadcast your video at the time your target audience is online, and always at the same time, so users don’t forget.

You can publicize your broadcast by posting one to your feed photo with the schedule or posting a daily video, announcing the schedule of the live broadcast.

To find out what is the best time to make your broadcasts, just test different schedules and see which one has the highest audience. .

25. Point to the Explore Tab

The Explore tab is located under the magnifying glass icon at the bottom of the screen.

The Explore tab, as its name suggests, is for exploring the app and find interesting accounts you don’t follow.

It also shows Publications, Stories and IGTV.

Users are first presented with content chosen by Instagram’s algorithm.

From there, the user can choose to see more about the topic that interested him, through the topic channels.

26. Tag relevant users

Tag relevant Instagram users so they receive notification of your tag.

This way, the person who has been tagged in your post, as well as themselves engage, feel motivated to share on her profile as well.

It’s very important to remember that you should only tag people who appear in your photo or who have been cited.

When I say “users relevant”, I’m referring to people like:




Someone who was mentioned in the publication.

27. Use the interactivity features

Instagram Stories offers several interactivity features for the user to take advantage of.

These are features such as polls, drawings, stickers, chat, voting, among many others.

Use these features to generate engagement with your video.

These interactivity features also attract new users and arouse their curiosity to know more about your brand, which increase your chances of gaining more followers.

Create your 15-second videos with a poll or use a voting sticker and see your Stories “boom” bringing more followers to your profile.

28. Get involved with communities

Qual a importância de ganhar seguidores no Instagram6

Get involved with Instagram communities.

Comment, like , share relevant content. This engagement sparks interest in other users, which helps you get more followers.

This is because people receive notifications like or comment on their post, which prompts them to click on your profile to verify who you are and, possibly, they will reciprocate by following you.

Likewise, other people who read your comments in the communities are also interested and curious to know more about you and, if they find content of value to she will most likely follow you.

29. Partner with other brands

Partner with other brands in your niche. If you work with the slimming niche, look for companies that also work with this theme and make partnerships.

Partnerships between brands is very positive and can generate followers for both sides.

Think of ways to create these partnerships, according to what each brand offers, and get in touch.

You can, for example, organize a contest on your Instagram and use products or services from these brands.

In this way, you will be working together on one purpose, which is to gain followers.

30. Create Instagram Ads

Qual a importância de ganhar seguidores no Instagram7

By creating Instagram Ads you won’t necessarily be “gaining” followers, but this is a foolproof strategy to increase your reach, gain visibility, and attract many followers.

You see, I’m not talking about buying followers. This is a completely wrong practice and it doesn’t work.

I’m talking about investing a value and being able to attract many followers, quickly, because your content will be seen by many more people.


Many entrepreneurs don’t use Instagram as a business strategy because they don’t know how to get followers in order to promote their business.

They think it’s a very difficult task, so they don’t even try.

But they can’t imagine how valuable Instagram is for generating revenue and if they put it all into practice the tips you’ve been able to check out in this article will not only gain followers, but fans of your brand.

If you consistently deliver valuable content to your followers, they will continue to follow you and even become evangelists of your brand, which will further increase the number of followers.

In addition, by and by, you will no longer have to work so hard to get followers on Instagram, as they will start to follow you, in a way organic and totally natural.

Do you use Pinterest ? Save this infographic to your account: Just click on the image and save.

Qual a importância de ganhar seguidores no Instagram8

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