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How to find out how much time you spend on Instagram

Social networks take a lot of time: chatting with friends, publishing content, reading articles – all this takes from 2 hours a day. In this article, you will learn how to see how much time you spend on Instagram. We will also talk about how to set time limits for using a social network.

How to find out the time spent on Instagram?

The mobile app has a built-in tool to track the time we spend on Instagram.

Open the profile management menu. Go to the section “Your actions”.

Раздел «Ваши действия» в приложении Instagram
This section collects profile statistics

This will open detailed statistics for the account in the form of a graph. Above the graph, you can see the average usage time of the social network per day. The data is taken into account for the past week.

Время, которое пользователь провел в Instagram
The time you spent on Instagram. Daily average

To find out the data for a specific day, click on a column in the graph. The application usage time – hours and minutes will be displayed above the selected column.

Время, проведенное в Instagram за определенный день недели
Time statistics for a specific day

Time is taken into account when you use Instagram on your current device. If you log into your account from another smartphone or tablet, the statistics will change.

How to view the usage time of applications on iOS

The iOS operating system has a tool that allows you to track the usage time of all applications.

Open the settings section on your iPhone or iPad and go to Battery.

Настройки аккумулятора на iPhone
View battery statistics

Here you can find detailed statistics about the battery performance: the level of the last charge, the state of the battery. The data is displayed on a special chart.

Below is the section “Activity in programs”. Here you can find out how much time you spend on Instagram and other social networks.

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Statistics are shown for two time periods: for the last 24 hours and for the last 10 days.

Активность в программах — iOS
Application Usage Time: IOS Statistics

The list of programs is sorted from highest to lowest: at the top of the list is the utility in which you spent the most time during the specified period of time.

Also in this section you can see the percentage of battery that the application consumes.

Determine the time of activity on Instagram on Android

For smartphones and tablets on Android, you can download an additional application that will track the time spent on social networks. One of the best solutions is “QualityTime – My Digital Diet” .

  1. Install the utility on your mobile device – it’s free.
  2. Then open QualityTime. The main window collects detailed statistics – the time of work in the application.
Приложение QualityTime на Android
This is how Instagram usage times are displayed in the QualityTime Android app

You can see the total usage time of all applications. There is a detail for each program. The data is shown on a horizontal timeline.

How to set time limits for using the application

Instagram has a special tool that allows you to set time limits for using the application.

Open the menu on your profile page and go to the “Your actions” section.

This is where the Time Management section is located. Select the first item from the list – “Set a daily reminder”.

Установите ежедневное напоминание — Instagram
Set a daily reminder using the built-in tools

The timer will open. Set the time you want to spend on Instagram: 10 minutes, 20 minutes, 1 hour, etc.

Напоминание о выходе из Instagram
Specify the time after which the reminder will come

As soon as the specified time passes, the application will automatically notify you that it is time to close the social network and do other things.

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How long people spend on Instagram – some statistics

SimilarWeb conducted a study and found out how much time people spend on Instagram.

A detailed report can be found in the “Recode” blog.

Every day, the average American spends 53 minutes on Instagram. The study lasted exactly one year: from June 2017 to June 2018. At the beginning of the study, the average time people spent on Instagram was less – 27 minutes per day .

The leader among social networks is Facebook. Every day, users spend 59 minutes on social media.


Now you know how to see how much time you spend on Instagram. Try to limit your time on social media. Set a rule for yourself: I spend no more than 30 minutes a day on Instagram.

In your free time, do more useful things: read 20-30 pages of a book, start learning English, go for a run.

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