How to design an Instagram profile correctly and beautifully: instructions (2021)

In this article, you will learn:

  • How to design an Instagram profile.
  • Why is it important to “package” your account beautifully and correctly.
  • How to use Stories Highlights.
  • Examples of good design.
  • How to design a feed of posts.

All tips and tricks are relevant in 2021.

Why is it important to make a beautiful and correct Instagram profile

Before you start actively promoting your Instagram account, you need to properly package it. By “packaging” we mean the layout of the page.

The profile should look bright and memorable; stand out from the competition.

What tasks does a competent design solve:

  • Increasing sales of your products and services.
  • Increasing conversion to subscriptions – users are more actively subscribing to beautiful Instagram pages.
  • Increasing audience confidence in the brand / company / personality – competent page packaging has a positive effect on the image.

Many companies, bloggers and brands believe that it is not worth spending a lot of time creating an account: you just need to post a couple of photos of your product, write a price, and then dozens of sales per day will immediately go. p>

But this is a mistake. When a person – a potential client and subscriber – logs into an account, the first thing that he evaluates is the packaging of the profile, not the content. Therefore, it is important to create a good first impression.

Profile design: step by step instructions

Let’s move on to the main part of the article: we will make a beautiful and selling description of your profile. By “selling” we mean not only the sale of goods / services, but also the “sale” of your thoughts and ideas (if you are a blogger or an expert in some field).

Select a nickname and profile name

The first step is to come up with a nickname. This is very important, as users will be looking for you on Instagram by nickname. Nickname should be simple and memorable.

How to choose a nickname:

  • Blogger or private specialist (photographer, pastry chef, manicurist, etc.). The easiest way to choose a profile name is to use your real name in combination with the word blog. For example @olga_blog. But such names are often taken over. Therefore, you can write a blog topic next to the name: for example, @olgadesigner_blog. From the nickname it is immediately clear that the account belongs to a designer named Olga.
  • Business account . Here you can use the name of a brand, store or company: for example, @flowermania. This is the nickname for the fictional company “FlowerMania”. If the name of your company is already taken, then make an addition – add the name of the city (can be abbreviated). Example: @flowermania_moscow or @flowermania_msk.
  • Brand . Here, as with a business account: use the brand name. If it is taken, then add the industry or city: for example, @brandname_flowers or @brandname_msk.
  • For personal page . Unlike business pages and profiles of bloggers / experts, you can use any nickname for a personal account: from real first and last names to fictitious pseudonyms and borrowings from films / TV series / books: for example, @knight_arthur, @frodo_from_moscow, etc. .

Next, you need to select a profile name. We recommend bloggers and experts to use a real name and surname: for example, Igor Ivanov. Better yet, add the type of activity: for example, Marketer Igor Ivanov, Producer Alexander Gavrilin, etc.

Remember this: if you add an occupation – for example, a copywriter – then upon request “Copywriter” in the search people will find your account.

For business accounts and brands, it is recommended to write your company name and line of business. Example: “OknaZdes” – plastic windows in Moscow. If you have a well-known brand, then one name – without mentioning the activity – will be enough.

For personal pages, everything is simple: enter your real name and surname. Although you can use a nickname or names from popular TV series / movies / books.

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Loading a bright avatar

The next step is to download a bright avatar. This is the face of your profile. Therefore, the image must be bright. The recommended photo size is 150 × 150 pixels.

The avatar should reflect the theme of your profile: a blogger or expert needs to set his photo, a brand or an online store, you can upload a company logo or a snapshot of the main product.

The image must be of high quality. All the elements that are on the avatar should be clearly distinguishable: without small inscriptions and hundreds of details that cannot be seen.

Recommendations for creating a high-quality avatar:

  • Use a solid color background.
  • Add a round border.
  • Make sure the text font is large and readable

Write a good description

Probably the most important stage in creating an Instagram profile is a competent account description. You need to fill in the “About yourself” section correctly – add information about your activities.

The maximum description length is 180 characters. Therefore, you cannot pour water in this section – skip right to the important information.

Remember this: The information in your account header is a mini-presentation of your profile. After reading the description, the user should understand exactly what your Instagram account is about.

How to fill in a block about yourself:

  • Business . Let’s say you are the owner of an online store that sells women’s shoes. It is important to display the following information in the profile description: what products you sell, delivery methods, opening hours, availability of discounts and promotions, how to pay for the product.
  • Blogger . Tell us about your activities: what content do you publish, what are you interested in. You can add an interesting quote.
  • On personal page . There are no clear rules and tips here: you can insert a couple of interesting quotes and that will be enough. You can tell about yourself: where you live, what you do, age.

Don’t forget about Emoji. Add themed emoticons at the beginning or at the end of each sentence. Use paragraphs: each sentence must start on a new line. This makes it much easier to comprehend information from the “About me” section.

We wrote more about filling out this section in the article “What to write about yourself on Instagram: 24 ideas + examples”.

You can experiment a bit with the description of the profile – for example, add text with an unusual font. To do this, read our article “How to change the font on Instagram.”

Adding buttons

You can add link buttons to your Instagram profile header. For more information on how to do this, read our article.

In short: buttons are a convenient way to communicate. The user can click on “Email” or “Call” and contact you: by mail or phone, depending on the chosen method.

Кнопки в Инстаграм
This is how Instagram profile buttons look like

Thanks to this, you do not have to add contact information to the description: write mail or phone.

URL and links

You can add the address of your store or office to the header of your Instagram account. It will be displayed as a clickable link – when the user clicks on the address, a map will open showing the exact location of the office.

You can also add an active link: to a website, blog, online store. You can also add a multi-link here.

Remember this: do not “shove” the link into the profile description – it will be displayed in the format plain text. No one will copy the link and paste it into the browser.

Stories Highlights: Decorating Timeless Stories

Another important element of an Instagram profile header is timeless stories. They are called Stories Highlights. Their main feature is that such stories are not deleted after 24 hours.

Вечные истории в Инстаграме
This is how the block with eternal stories looks like

What to add to Highlights:

  • Reviews.
  • Block with services and goods.
  • Portfolio.
  • Price .

How to make Stories Highlights

First thing you need to do is publish your story. Then open the published story and click “Select” – “Add to current”.

Now your stories will be added to the “Relevant” section and displayed in the header of the Instagram page. You can specify a name for the “Highlight”, add a beautiful cover.

Редактор Stories Highlights
This is how the editor of the “Actual” section looks like

Thanks to eternal stories, you can design your price list beautifully; make a separate block with services (consisting of several stories); add customer reviews in the form of screenshots.

How to design a feed of posts: looking for your own unique style

Now it is important to think over the design of the post feed. Of course, you can just post photos that are not related to each other stylistically or conceptually.

But when all the pictures are taken in the same style – for example, using the same color scheme – then your ribbon looks more organic and stylish.


Think over the structure of the feed: for example, place all posts in a checkerboard pattern. A simple example: the first post is a product photo, the second is text on a black background; the third post is a photo of the product, and the fourth is a quote on a black background.

Посты в шахматном порядке в Инстаграме
Posts go one through one, which creates a checkerboard effect

You can use a block structure. Each block consists of three photos (they are displayed in one row).

There is another way to publish posts in the feed – in line. The line can be horizontal or vertical. Its essence lies in the fact that due to the color scheme of the images (for example, a photo on a black background), a line is created.

Посты в линию
Posts on the right side of the feed “create” a vertical line

Still, the main trend of the last two or three years is the feed, where all posts are designed in the same style. Each photo and picture complements the other.

Публикации в едином стиле в Инстаграме
This is how a profile with posts in the same style looks like

This creates a single large image, which gives the impression of an endless ribbon.


It is important to decide on the main colors of your publications. For example, you can make a feed where all posts are pictures on a blue background. This will give the impression that your entire account is one big blue canvas on which additional elements are located.

You can also use the same filters as a color scheme: for example, so that all photos are in a dark style – without bright and vivid colors.

Content creation: publishing catchy posts

When creating publications, it is also important to think about a competent design: both visual and textual.

Selecting a photo

First of all, you need to choose a bright photo. The fact is that people on Instagram follow hundreds of accounts. And your task is to defeat all competitors in the feed: grab the user’s attention. Therefore, the picture should be catchy.

Remember this: if you are using the same style for all photos, then stick to the chosen concept when creating posts.

Writing text

Don’t forget about the text. It also needs to be well decorated. Use paragraphs, emoji and indentation. Add lists. Recommended paragraph size is 3-4 lines.

If your text is a giant canvas without indents and paragraphs, then it will be very difficult to read it. Here’s an example:

Текст без абзацев в Инсте
This text is physically difficult to read

People won’t finish reading this text – even if it’s a cool selling post – and will leave the account.

And here is an example of a post with paragraphs:

Текст в Инсте с абзацами
This text is easy to read: one paragraph, one thought

As you can see, such text is much easier and more pleasant to read.

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Using hashtags

Don’t forget to use hashtags. It’s a great way to get subscribers without a budget.

But since we are talking about a competent design, then insert hashtags in the comments under the post, and not in the publication itself. Let the text block consist only of useful information: without unnecessary elements in the form of a canvas of tags.

Examples of high-quality registration of accounts on Instagram

Let’s move on to examples: consider 5 accounts with a beautiful and high-quality design. You can implement some interesting ideas on your Instagram page: for example, “borrow” interesting tricks from the design of posts.

The first example is the GeekBrains Education Center profile.

Аккаунт GeekBrains в Instagram

The second example is the official Netology page.

Аккаунт Нетологии в Instagram

The third example is the SETTERS agency account.

Вечные истории в Инстаграме0

The fourth example is the Instagram profile “T — Z”.

Вечные истории в Инстаграме1

A fifth example is a Skillbox Education Center account.

Вечные истории в Инстаграме2


Now you know how to design an Instagram profile. Use all the recommendations described in the article. Proper packaging of your account will help you to increase sales and increase conversion in subscriptions.

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