How to create your store on Instagram Shopping Step by Step

Have you ever imagined creating your online store and earning money through social media? This scenario can come true if you create your store on Instagram Shopping.

The free tool allows you to create a virtual store within the social network to increase sales and attract more people to your Ecommerce.

For this reason, we have created a complete walkthrough teaching How to Create Your Instagram Shopping Store.

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In the video below, Ana Clara Magalhães, Ecommerce Content Manager in Practice, shows the complete tutorial on how to create your store on Instagram and Facebook Shop:

What is Instagram Shopping anyway?

Instagram Shopping is a function within the store part on Instagram where you can place a group of products and create collections. It works the same as tagging a friend in a photo, except in a new tab called “Buy.”

As soon as this function was created, there was only the catalog option, where you put all your products, but they were a little disorganized and it was not easy for the customer to find what they wanted…

For this reason, a new feature of the tool was created, which are collections.

In other words, now you can assemble a group of products and highlight what you want according to a theme or category.

For example, you can create a collection of commemorative dates, launches, promotions, outlet, among others… 

Ultimately, this feature makes the purchasing process within the social network simpler, increasing the chances of people purchasing your parts.

Instead of the customer having to go to your website to access the catalog or order through Whatsapp, they can simply look at your collections on Instagram.

In addition, using this tool, you can promote your products in a more organic way – without the need for ads.

If your post is relevant to users, you have a chance to appear in the “explore” space, one of the most sought after to gain visibility.

And now there’s a tab specially dedicated to stores, called “Store Directory” and it’s inside Explore.

The store referrals that appear on this tab are based on customer interests.

For example, if you are a person who researches a lot about home decor, there will be several suggestions for collections that are related to this segment.

So, this is a great opportunity for people to discover new brands, including yours!

This way, you will reach other people and can attract them to your store on Instagram Shopping.

Instagram Shopping Advantages

Having your products registered on Instagram Shopping provides a differentiated shopping experience for your customer… 

Not only because of the easy access to prices and images, but also because of other advantages that are valuable for both you who sell and your customer.

Here are the main advantages: 

  • Redirect to purchase page: When tagging your product with all the information, the customer who clicks on the link will be redirected directly to a page with the product details, in addition to the purchase website;
  • Fastest shopping journey: Speeds up the process and reduces the chances of a customer who will not have to leave Instagram to buy;
  • End of limitations with links : Previously, it was only possible to place a link in the bio and Instagram Stories from 10,000 followers. With Instagram Shopping, you can expose the links to your products.
  • Opportunity to win new customers: as the application offers several creative and interactive posting tools, the dissemination of your products can bring good results organically – that is, without investing in ads.

But, before creating your store on Instagram, you need to know some platform rules…

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Rules for activating the Instagram Shopping Store

For you to be able to set up your store and not have any problems in the future, it is necessary to follow some rules of the application.

The rules are:

  • Only physical products can be sold in the virtual store (items such as alcohol, adult products, animals and others are also not authorized).
  • Follow platform policies ;
  • Have a business account on Instagram;
  • Link this account to your store’s Facebook Page or have a Manager account
  • Have at least 9 posts to activate the store.

So please check carefully that you are following all these rules before creating the your store on Instagram Shopping. Otherwise, you might run into problems along the way and you won’t be able to finish the process.

Are you in compliance with all the rules required by Instagram?

So, let’s step by step to register for Instagram Shopping!

Step by Step to Create Your Instagram Store

First of all, it’s worth noting that your Instagram business account needs to be connected to the Facebook page and Ads Manager.

All products are registered and approved on Facebook and only later arrive on Instagram. Therefore, without both platforms, the system will not work.

Now, let’s start setting up your Instagram Shopping account:

1- Integration of Instagram with Facebook

On your store’s Facebook page, click on “settings” in the lower left corner of the screen, as shown in the image below: 

In the lower left corner, click in “Instagram”;

Where it says “Add your Instagram account to get started”, click “Sign in”.

Please enter your Instagram username or email and password. After offering your email, phone and an address, your profile will be officially professional, associating the Facebook page with the Instagram page.

After that, the step-by-step creation of a Store on Instagram goes through two stages: the first is on Facebook, which is part of the same group and is where you will register the products; the second is in the Instagram app itself.

2- Product Registration on Facebook 

To validate your online store, you need to register the products on your store’s Facebook page. That’s where you’ll put all your product information, photo and purchase link.

Route 1: Catalog via Facebook page página

Open your Facebook Page, click on “Settings”.

Then go to “Templates and Guides” and check if you are in the shopping template. Confirming this, you should click on “Purchase” and then activate the tab.

Once you do, click “save” to show your store link. The first time you open this link, the page will ask you to configure your store information.

After the configuration, press “ok”.

Another page will appear with the “Add Product” button. In this space, you will register your product, placing the photo, name, price, purchase URL and all the essential details so that the customer has no doubts.

Also inform the condition of your product – so the customer knows if it is a new, heavily used or little used product.

Now just save and the registration will be done.

Before being displayed for sale, your product will go through an approval process that can take up to 2 days, although it will generally be approved in a few hours. Once approved, Facebook will let you know.

Route 2: Catalog by Business Manager

There is this other way to register your product on Facebook. Even though it is not as simple a form as the previous one, it reduces the problems that may arise.

Log in to Business Manager using your own Facebook account to be able to make this product catalog template.

On the main tab of the Business Manager, click on “Catalog Manager”. It will open for you a page with a button saying “Create Catalog” at the bottom center of the screen.

Then select the option of Electronic Commerce and click on “Next” to continue registering the products.

If your platform is the same as the one that partners with Facebook (Shopify, Opencart, 3dcart, Big Commerce…) just select and transfer the data.

Otherwise, you will need to manually register each of the products.

If your registration is manual, follow these steps:

Place the name of your catalog in the space provided and click on “create new catalog”.

Click on “Items” and then on “Add Items” to register all your products with the necessary information (the process is the same as we did in the catalog directly on the page);


After filling in all the spaces, click on “Add Product” and, if you are not registering any more product, on “Finish”.

Then, go back to the “Overview” tab and link your catalog with your Instagram business profile.

With all steps completed, you will have a catalog of your products ready.

Now, you have to wait for the products to be approved. Once they are approved, you can go to the second phase, which is activating Instagram Shopping (your Instagram store).

3- Activation on Instagram

The catalog activation process on Instagram is very simple and fast, as your products have already been approved on Facebook. Follow the step by step: 

  • Click on “Settings”;
  • Select  “Company” and then “Purchase”;
  • From there, a page with your catalog will appear. Just select it;
  • Go back to your profile, select the photo of the product you want to tag;
  • Click on the 3 dots in the corner of the photo;
  • Click on “Edit”;
  • Click on the “+” botão button in the left corner;
  • Then click on the “Mark Products” option;
  • Select the correct product and finally click on finish.

Done! Your product is branded and your store is using Instagram Shopping features.

But, remember that we said that it is now possible to organize your products in collections, which will give you double the sales potential?

It’s time to learn how to create your collections, the differential that will attract new customers to your business.

Creating Instagram Store Collections

Go to the Ad Manager, click the “Trade Manager” button and click “Get Started”.

The next step is to choose where you want your customers to complete the purchase, which can be on your own website, Instagram or Facebook and also via Direct Message.

After choosing the best option for your business, just select your Facebook page and then click on the catalog you prefer (you may have more than one catalogue).

Verify that all data is correct, accept the terms of the platform and, finally, click on “Create your store”.

You will be redirected to a Commerce Manager page and there will appear a button “Create a collection”, just click on it.

From there, you will define the name of your collection (eg black friday), create a simple description with a CTA (call to action).

CTA will help people make the decision to click through to your collection, so do something brief and flashy.

Finally, define the image that will be on the cover of this collection and then click “Next”.

Now you can select all the products from your catalog and add 6 to 30 items to your collection.

After selecting all the items, just click on confirm and wait for the approval of your newest collection.

But before it’s even approved, you can configure the layout of your collection, just click “Go to store configurator” and adjust the style, whatever you want to be highlighted… 

Besides, there is a preview of how it will look on Instagram and Facebook.

If it’s already the way you want it, click on “Publish updates” and “Publish now”.

This is how your collection will appear in Practice… We took the example of the Meg & Meg store: 


When to post for engagement?

To have good engagement, you need strategies that get people’s attention… 

So, it’s no use just posting product images. This won’t bring relevance to your brand and, little by little, people will lose interest in what you say.

But what can be applied so that people continue to follow the brand?

This is the role of Content Marketing .

Also, pay attention to the time you publish your posts… 

Knowing the best time to post is essential to achieving the best possible engagement, influencing people to use Instagram Shopping.

After all, if your audience isn’t present at the time of your post, Instagram’s algorithm understands that people aren’t interested in your content and, consequently, your relevance drops.

In other words, the time and effort dedicated to creating a good publicity photo or video will be in vain, as the post will be lost among the other posts made on the platform.

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Learn the Best Posting Ideas for Your Business

According to Instagram, every month, more than 130 million users click on a purchase post… 

Nothing fairer than using this app to start selling online in a simple way.

However, you need to invest in good content to attract people with potential to buy into your store.

To help you produce valuable content every day on your social networks, we have developed a FREE material with 32 posting ideas to apply TODAY in your business.

These are simple and easy-to-implement ideas that will bring immediate results in terms of engagement, customer retention, attraction and sales.

Download yours now:

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