Добавляем местоположение в сторис

How to create a geolocation on Instagram in 2021: detailed instructions

In this article, you will learn:

  • What is geolocation and why is it needed.
  • How to create geolocation on Instagram.
  • How to add geolocation to posts and stories.
  • Let’s figure out why the created label does not work.

All described methods are relevant in 2021.

What is geolocation and why is it needed?

Geolocation on Instagram is a useful marketing tool to help you promote your business. The owner of a coffee shop, bookstore (or any other establishment) can mark his offline point on the map. This will increase your post reach and account traffic.

Moreover, using the created geotag, other Instagram users will be able to find your profile, as well as posts with reviews about the institution. Therefore, if you have an offline business, then spend 10 minutes of your personal time creating your own geotag.

The benefits of geolocation for business:

  • It will be easier for social network users to find your establishment.
  • Geotags can be used in history to increase reach.
  • Customers and visitors to your offline outlet will tag the establishment in their posts. This is another way to increase your reach and brand awareness.

The Instagram algorithm works like this: the more often users use the geotag, the higher it is rises in the search results in the category of similar tags.

How to create your own geolocation: step by step instructions

You won’t be able to create a geolocation in the Instagram app. To do this, you will have to use Facebook and create a location tag on this social network.

In the first step, create a Facebook business page and link it to your Instagram account.

Important: before proceeding to the next step, be sure to enable geolocation detection on your smartphone.

Now open your business profile and click “Create Post”. In the new post creation window that opens, there is a menu – it is located at the bottom of the interface. Here, select the “Mark visit” option.

Отметить посещение в Facebook

In the search bar, enter the name of the location you want to add. If this geotag is not on Facebook, the system will offer to create a new tag. To do this, click “Add new label name”.

Добавить новую геометку

Now you need to choose a category: home, entertainment, events, restaurant, ATM. The category depends on the type of your activity. To quickly find the category you need, use the search.

Выбор категории для геотега

The next step is to choose a location for people to bookmark visits. Here just specify the city where the geotag is located.

Местоположение метки

The last section is “Create a place”. Check basic information: tag name, category. You can upload a photo to illustrate this place – for this, click on the camera icon to the right of the name.

Создаем новую геолокацию

In the “Location” subsection, specify the exact address of the point: this is a very useful option for restaurants, cafes, shops. It will be much easier for users to find you on the map. Add a postcode if desired.

To avoid specifying an address, activate the “I’m here now” function. The app will automatically detect your location. In this case, you must be in the created geopoint.

Geolocation settings are complete – click the New button to complete the process of creating a new geotag.

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How to add geolocation to Instagram

Now let’s add geolocation to the profile. Open the Instagram app and start publishing a new post. In the “New Post” window, select the “Specify a Location” option.

Добавляем геолокацию к посту в Инстаграм

In the Places window, enter a name for your placemark and set it as the geolocation for your post.

Указываем название метки

It is not necessary to create a new post – you can modify an existing one and add a geotag to it. To do this, open the publication and go to the menu (3 dots in the upper right corner). Click the Edit button.

Under the nickname is the “Add place” option. Click in this area to specify your geolocation.

Отмечаем локацию в публикации

Similarly, you can attach an existing geotag to a post. For example, you visited a museum and took a photo against the backdrop of a beautiful and unusual exhibit. In the publication, indicate which museum you went on a tour.

Can I add geolocation to the profile header?

No, you can specify the address in the header in text format. For example: Moscow, st. Pushkin, 125.

Marking a location in Stories

To add the created geolocation to the story, start publishing a new story. At the top of the interface, click on the square smiley icon. In the widget window that opens, select “Location”.

Добавляем местоположение в сторис

The search window will open again – enter the name of the geolocation: the placemark that you created through Facebook or a previously created geotag. The geotag will now appear in your story.

Why doesn’t geolocation work?

Often users face a problem: the created geotag does not work – it is not included in the publication, since it simply is not in the list.

We offer you 4 options for solving the problem:

  • Make sure you link your Facebook business page to your Instagram account accurately.
  • Check if geolocation is enabled on your phone. It is important that while Instagram and Facebook applications are running, they can track your current location.
  • Restart the Instagram application, or better yet, restart your phone.
  • Wait 15-20 minutes – sometimes generated tags do not appear immediately.

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