How to create a channel in Telegram: a cool cheat sheet

It seems that only the lazy does not have a Telegram channel in our time. But in fact, there are not so many truly successful channels. Naturally, the question arises: how to create a channel in Telegram, so that it is not only interesting to read, but also has the opportunity to make money on it?

A channel in a messenger can be compared to a blog, but with a higher penetration quality. Here, with 100% certainty, you can not worry about the fate of your content – it will appear in the reader’s smartphone and will be read. In other words, the creator of the channel and his target audience will definitely have a relationship.

Read all the details and subtleties of creating a channel in Telegram below.


How does the Telegram channel differ from other social networks

A Telegram channel is a kind of analogue to a Facebook or VKontakte page, but with some minor differences.

Main differences:

  1. Not highlighted in a separate news feed, the general list of conversations is its place.
  2. When new entries appear, the reader receives a push notification, which can be disabled.
  3. No commenting on entries.

Those who have just started using the Telegram messenger, having subscribed to a couple of channels so far, use the first option in this list. Active users, which is about 10% of all, prefer option 2, that is, push notifications, so as not to waste time looking through the list of conversations.

Also, a distinctive feature of the Telegram channel is the presence of a record viewer counter – a small eye-shaped sign located next to it. This “eye” counts all views, no matter where the news is viewed: a dialogue, a group chat or another channel.

Счетчик просмотра в Телеграм-канале

The main advantage of the Telegram channel over other social networks is the lack of competition. Whether on Facebook, on VKontakte or on Instagram, the main thing is leadership in the news feed in order to get as much of the advertising budget as possible.

This is why there is so much absolutely unnecessary content in custom feeds. What can not be said about the Telegram channel, here you subscribe to specific notes. Viewed the post, you are interested in it, – subscribed, and you will receive content on this topic.

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What channels exist in Telegram

There are two types of channels: an open channel and a private (closed) channel. Their internal mechanics are the same, but you can add new subscribers in different ways.

Private Telegram channel

Not everyone can subscribe to this private channel. To do this, there is a special link that the invited person must follow.

A private channel is created if there is a need to control who you send specific information to. For example, in this way it is convenient to send paid material or a case to your subscriber.

Частный канал в Телеграмме

Of course, subscribers to your channel can share recordings with other people, then they will appear in other conversations or channels. But an outsider, if he is not your subscriber, will not be able to use other records.

Telegram Public Channel

A public channel is called public because absolutely everyone has access to it. You can subscribe to it both by search and by the short link https: //t.me_name of the channel.

Публичный канал в Телеграмме

Before subscribing, a person can familiarize himself with the entries added up to this point and, if anything, change his intention.

How to create a channel in Telegram: step by step

Before you start creating your own channel in Telegram, you should clearly understand what it is for. In other words, define the purpose and theme. It is important that the niche you want to occupy is original and, if possible, free. Although, in fact, now it is already quite difficult.

First of all, look through as many already existing Telegram channels as possible – there is a high probability that such an idea came to mind not only for you and has been successfully implemented for a long time.

So, you need to come up with something else, so as not to become a competitor to large active “players”. Due to a lack of experience, you may simply not be able to withstand this competition and be disappointed in the business you have started.

Goals for creating your own channel

The goals of the creators of their channels can be different:

  1. Additional (and later, perhaps, the main) income, for example, from advertising. The more promoted the channel, the higher the advertising rates.
  2. You may well want to promote your ideas and thoughts. It’s no secret that your friends and family do not always understand and accept them, but on your channel you can share your thoughts with like-minded people.
  3. Promotion of your business. Aspiring entrepreneurs are increasingly using Telegram as a launching pad for their business, successfully promoting it. And this messenger helps existing companies to create the right image and the right reputation.
  4. Creative implementation. Everything is clear here: if you are a writer, artist, photographer, musician, etc., you have a great opportunity to share the fruits of your talent with millions of people.

Decide on the goal, this is an important moment for the continued existence of your channel. An equally important point is the topic.

Choosing a theme for your Telegram channel

We have decided on the goal, now the main thing is to choose the right topic. If you succeed, the result will not be long in coming.

First, monitor competitive channels with similar topics to make sure there are not so many of them. And then start acting, filling the channel with interesting and high-quality content.

Channel name

By the name of the channel, you should immediately attract the attention of the reader, interest him, so that he wants to familiarize himself with the content and, accordingly, subscribe. After all, your main goal is to gain subscribers, isn’t it?

The title should not be too long and complicated. It should evoke some kind of association, be memorable or funny. If you are promoting your business, then let the channel be named the same as your company.

Channel logo

The logo should be bright and visible. Since the icons in this messenger are small, try to make sure that your logo does not contain small details. Otherwise, the user will have to pick up a magnifying glass, but of course he will not want to do this, and then the idea with a logo will not make sense at all.

It is best to ask an experienced logo designer to design your logo. You can find it on any freelance exchange, the cost of this service is not high.

How to create a Telegram channel on iPhone

It’s pretty easy to create a channel on an iPhone.

Follow this instruction:

  • Log into Telegram on your mobile device, log in and click “Menu” in the upper left corner.
  • Select Create Channel. Создаем канал в Телеграмме на Айфоне
  • A window will open. Enter the channel name and description. Now the checkmark is on the top right. Вводим название канала
  • Select the type of channel, edit the link to your channel, again the “checkmark” at the top right. Выбираем тип канала
  • Add members from your contacts if you like. If not, just click on the checkmark. Добавляем участников из списка контактов

So, the Telegram channel has been created. But he is still pristine clean. And the invited users will be at a loss, not seeing anything.

Tip. Before inviting users to the channel, fill it with content, at least 4-6 entries on the topic of the channel.

How to create a Telegram channel on a computer

Not everyone is comfortable managing their channel from their phone. Many do this through a computer. You will see the algorithm for creating a channel below. For starters, if Telegram is not yet installed on your computer, then download it from the official website.

Create channel:

  1. Enter Telegram. Click on the three horizontal stripes in the upper left corner. Создаем канал в Телеграмме на компьютере
  2. Click Create Channel. Нажимаем Создать канал
  3. In the window that appears, specify the name of the channel, add a description and select a photo for your avatar. Click “Create”. Вводим название и описание канала
  4. Select the channel type. Частный канал в Телеграмме0

Well, now you can manage your Telegram channel from your computer.

After your account is ready, you need to set up management. Telegram allows you to add different chats and bots that can automatically reply to messages.

However, to keep your subscribers loyal to you, try to communicate with users live as much as possible. This will lead to an increase in interest, as a result, your audience will begin to grow, and therefore income.

How to create a link to a channel in Telegram

You form this link when creating a public channel. If necessary, you simply copy it and place it on the desired resource.

What to do to get the link (for a computer):

  • Select the channel you need from the list, right-click on it.
  • Click on View Channel Information.
  • Find the link and copy.

Now you can promote your channel on any resources available to you: VKontakte, Odnoklassniki, on your blog, on forums, etc.

How to promote a channel in Telegram

Nothing in life happens without some effort. So it is here: in order to receive income from your channel or move your services, you will need to work hard. The most important thing is the constant increase in the number of subscribers.

Tips for getting started with promoting your channel

  1. Try to subscribe the first two hundred people to the channel yourself. These can be your friends, relatives, acquaintances, colleagues from your contacts. This will revive your account and create the appearance of activity.
  2. It is important to post 3-5 entries every day. Add visual content to make them more interesting.
  3. Don’t overuse emoticons.
  4. Upload your posts at a convenient time for readers, usually during the day. Most people sleep at night, and a notification on their device might wake them up.
  5. Post your channel link wherever possible.

Where to advertise your Telegram channel

Ditch the hope of free channel promotion in Telegram if you need to do it quickly. But do not be alarmed that you will not be able to do it. Everything is within reason.

At the very beginning, the main task is to ensure that your channel gains some kind of fame. The promoted Telegram channels provide an opportunity for a certain fee to place your link on your resource. You just have to choose channels with similar topics to reach the target audience you need.

But for a third-party community to post your link and recommend your account, you need to pay (approximately 100-200 rubles).

Tip. At first, do not get carried away with buying expensive posts, so as not to drain your budget. Start with affordable ads, monitor growth by tracking statistics.

In addition to paid methods, there are free ones. True, the promotion will take longer, but it will not hit the pocket.

Tips for free channel promotion on Telegram

  • Name your channel the same as, for example, your Instagram or VKontakte account. It will be easier and faster for subscribers from these social networks to find you in Telegram.
  • If your profiles in other social networks are promoted enough, use this to promote your Telegram channel. Be sure to share information about your Telegram brainchild with subscribers or advertise it as someone else’s account.
  • Mutual PR is a good way of free promotion. The technology is simple: someone will publish a post in their account and insert a link to your channel in it, and you will do the same for yourself, only with a link to it.
  • Share the channel wherever possible. This can be conversations with friends, relevant discussions on social networks (you can leave a link), an active link to the channel in your free articles on popular platforms, etc.

Three more secret tips for the most curious

  1. Use a 7 and 30 day content plan. This will discipline.
  2. Contact the authors of channels with similar topics yourself, without waiting for an invitation from them.
  3. Organized interactions on your channel (such as puzzles, contests, polls, etc.) will help attract new subscribers.

Now you know how to create a Telegram channel and make it successful. And finally, do not forget: the higher the channel promotion activity, the more successful it becomes.

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