Defina entra conta pessoal e conta comercial no Instagram

How to Create a Business Profile on Instagram

Want to know how to create a business profile on Instagram to use as a strategy in your affiliate business ?

Or even if you have one other business and want to use Instagram, a business profile can help you a lot.

So keep reading the article and see the step-by-step instructions on how to create a business profile on Instagram.

In addition to great tips for you to get the most out of this platform, to leverage any type of business, whether online or traditional.

How to create a business profile on Instagram

To create a business profile on Instagram, you need to download the app to your mobile phone. If you already have an Instagram account, you will have two options:

1 – Switch to Business account

2 – Sign up for one business profile

Before I explain these options to you, I’ll teach you how to create a new Instagram account. And after that I explain the options above.

How to Create an Instagram Account

Step #1

Access the Play Store or the App Store and then search for “Instagram”;

Step #2

Click on “Install”;

Perfil Comercial no Instagram

Step #3

Click on “ Accept”;

Criando uma conta no Instagram

Step #4

Click “Open” to configure your account;

instalando o Aplicativo do Instagram

Step #5

Register your email or mobile number, you will need to confirm the mobile via SMS or your Email;

Use o Email ou Telefone no Instagram

Step #6

Set name and password, then you will be able to connect your account with Facebook and import your contacts who already use Instagram;

Step #7

Edit your profile. Editing the profile is very relevant, as it conveys the identity of your business. In the image below, I show how I edited my profile:

Exemplo de perfil comercial no Instagram

Choose an image that represents your business. I advise you to use your blog logo or some image that represents the visual identity of your business;

You will need a Fanpage to use Instagram Business Profile, as Instagram also belongs to Facebook. And that’s great for creating your business’s commercial identity;

Pay attention to image quality;

Add to URL of your website or blog;

Describe your business, in brief, in your BIO. Talk about your business, what it’s about and the products or services you offer as an affiliate ;

Insert multiple links in your Instagram BIO to direct users to your blog, Facebook page, your product’s sales page or any other link you want. In the image above, you can see the custom url I created.

That done, let’s go to the two options I told you about. You can have two Instagram accounts on the same phone, a personal profile and a business profile.

Creating the Instagram Business Account

Now is the time for you to choose, whether you want to have only one business account, or both accounts. To do this, click on settings and set your option.

Defina entra conta pessoal e conta comercial no Instagram

Afterwards, just follow what is being requested on Instagram and link with your business’s Fanpage, if you don’t have one, take the opportunity to create your Facebook page.

Now that you have it learned how to create a business profile on Instagram, I’ll leave some tips for you to promote your business as an affiliate or any other type of business.

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Check out the tips!

Advantages of having a business profile on Instagram

If you have a business profile on Instagram, you will have access to resources and information different from a personal profile.

Understand the benefits of having a business profile on Instagram:

Access Metrics

One of the most important advantages of having a business profile on Instagram is the ability to track metrics so you can understand and optimize the results of your Instagram strategies.

With a business profile, you will have access to information such as:

  • Range: shows the number of unique accounts that saw a post;
  • Impressions: shows total views that your post got;
  • Follower activity: shows the average number of times your follower base accessed Instagram in one day;
  • Video Views: shows the number of times your video has been viewed. This metric considers replays longer than 3 seconds;
  • Clicks on the site: shows the number of users who accessed your profile;
  • Saved : shows the number of users who have saved a post from their profile;
  • Replies:This is Stories-specific data, which shows how many users have viewed the video and sent a message from there;
  • Outputs: This is another data specific to Stories. Shows how many times a user has gone from one of your stories to another, from another profile.

Knowing your audience

Creating a Business profile on Instagram for your online business , you may also be able to access more personal information about your followers, such as age, gender and location.

With a business profile on Instagram, you’ll know your audience better and, in this way, you’ll be able to optimize your strategies.

By knowing your audience better and how it behaves on Instagram, you’ll also be able to invest in what it brings the most result for your business and change what is necessary.

Promote your posts

Another advantage of having a business account on Instagram is the ability to promote your posts directly on Instagram and also target the post to each specific audience.

Insert interactive buttons

Besides being able to put several links in your bio, another advantage of having a business profile on Instagram is being able to insert interactive buttons, so followers can contact you, via email and phone, inserted in the buttons.

How to Gain Followers on Your Instagram Business Profile

It’s no use wanting thousands of followers on your Instagram business profile to promote your business and ignore the quality of the content.

As I’ve said many times, here on the blog, you need to offer content that people value.

Provide useful, quality content in your business profile on Instagram, to get many followers.

For your profile to stand out in the midst of such competition, you need to offer something that most do not, as only by posting interesting content will people want to follow your profile.

Optimize your business profile on Instagram

In order for the profile you created for your business to be seen as a serious business profile, passing professionalism, it is essential that you take care of it all the details, starting with a well-filled profile.

Give your BIO the necessary attention when filling out your profile and make a short summary about your business, adding links that direct the user to your blog, your Facebook page, to the sales page, and wherever you see fit.

Leave the your business profile on Instagram as complete as possible, giving a positive and very professional image to those who visit.

Promote any type of product on Instagram

Use your business profile on Instagram to promote your business as an affiliate and generate lots of leads.

Lots of affiliates they promote non-physical products such as courses and software, for example, and believe that Instagram is not a good place to promote their business. That’s because Instagram works with ads in images and videos.

But creating a business profile on Instagram is essential to promoting any type of product you sell as an affiliate, and I’ll explain why.

If the product you’re affiliated with can’t be photographed or filmed for Instagram, you can post a photo or video “putting hands on”.

For example:

If you promote software, you can record a video teaching how to use the tool. Or, you can post a photo of your team working “behind the scenes” of your website, etc.

You just need to be creative to promote your business as an affiliate. The important thing is to gain followers and drive traffic to your blog and sales page.

And just between us, no you can stay out of such a popular and growing social network around the world, can’t you?

Encourage your followers’ engagement

To make your followers closer and show how important they are to you, try to engage with them.

Whenever a follower leaves a comment on a photo or video you posted, reply, thank you, with sympathy and intimacy, so that he feels like you are friends.

Always comment on your clients’ posts with a relevant hashtag and take polls , to stimulate engagement from your followers.

Make Lives on Instagram by answering your audience’s most frequently asked questions, invite and interact in real time with your followers. This is one of the best ways to encourage engagement with your audience.

It’s this proximity that will differentiate your business from other competitors.

Advertise on Instagram

Create Instagram ads linked to Facebook. The investment you will make, at least in the beginning, is very low and you can increase it, according to the results you get.

With less than R$ 10.00 per day you can start to create your ads to sell your products as an affiliate.

Advertising on Instagram is a great strategy, too, to get traffic to your blog.

Use this feature and further develop your online business.

Stay tuned for Instagram updates

For you to be successful with your business on Instagram’s business profile, you need to stay tuned for app updates and network trends social.

It is very important, for your business as an affiliate, to know what actions you should take to follow all the news that appear on Instagram.

Seek inspiration through cases of success, within Instagram.

That way you’ll know what to do when you feel “lost” in amidst so many advances.

Be careful with photos

Be very careful with the photos you publish in your business profile on Instagram.

Don’t forget you’ve created a profile to promote your business and you need to maintain a professional image.

So beware of excesses and the degree of intimacy of your photos, because if you want to show a serious profile image, about business, for example, it probably won’t be interesting to publish photos with jokes all the time.

The important thing is to keep common sense and analyze the result of each post, to see if your photos are pleasing yours. followers.

Always make the necessary changes, always looking for improvements to your business profile and, consequently, to yours business as an affiliate.

Give rewards to your followers

Give rewards to the followers of your business profile on Instagram . So, you’ll win over your followers and retain existing ones, after all, who doesn’t like to earn something?

Offering some kind of prize to your followers will spark their and other people’s interest in your business.

Also, this keeps customers coming back to check out what’s new.


So, start offering discount coupons, exclusive codes, give away sweepstakes, whatever….

Give prizes to people who follow you, and soon others will follow you.

Set up a publishing calendar

Establish a calendar, with a defined day and time to make your publications. You don’t have to post every day and fill the followers’ feed with your updates, as no one likes that.

Set when you’ll publish your content to keep your business profile up to date on the network, but beware only publish content that adds value to people and that links to your business as an affiliate.

After One time, make metrics to see if the days and times you defined are working, otherwise, make adjustments, always.

Instagram Stories

For even greater reach of your business profile, take advantage of this feature to increase your engagement with people, through these short videos.

Over 10 thousand followers , you can include a link, directing people to your blog, sales page for the product you promote, or wherever you want.

Promote your business profile

Promote your profile on other social networks, including your profile link on your blog, on your Facebook page, on Twitter and on all social networks where you have a profile.

Take a chance to make an exchange, putting the link from other social networks on your Instagram profile too, after all, the more channels people have access to reach your business, the better.


Instagram is a social network that has grown all over the world at an impressive speed.

So take advantage of a commercial profile on Instagram and put everything you’ve learned here into practice to grow as a digital affiliate.

Using Instagram to promote your business online is simple and the reach is extraordinary.

So, what are you waiting for?

Start boosting your business right now through your business profile on Instagram.

Hugs and see you next time!

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