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How to create a biography for professional Instagram

The biography space for Instagram (or BIO, commonly known) is the first thing people see when accessing your account.

So it needs to be flashy and explain your brand’s value proposition in a nutshell.

Here, you will find tips and the step-by-step creation of a biography for professional Instagram and win customers right on the first contact.

In the video below, Ana Clara Magalhães, Director of Inbound Marketing at Ecommerce in Practice, talks about how to improve your store’s biography on Instagram. Watch:

The importance of a professional Instagram biography

The Instagram biography is essential to clarify your brand’s value proposition and strengthen the connection with users. From it, not only does your profile have greater conversion potential, but it also makes your approach more professional.

One of the biggest objections everyone has when shopping online is fear.

People always wonder if they won’t get scammed, if they’ll get the right product, if they can change it later…

For this reason, one of the most important tasks that every entrepreneur needs to do is to convey confidence to consumers.

There are several ways to build trust, but without a doubt, the first step is to present yourself in the best way possible to the customer.

The popular phrase used to say: first impression is what stays. Especially in the business world.

In the case of Instagram, the first impression is linked to the feed and the biography. If platform users arrive at your profile and within a few seconds they don’t understand what you sell, what your niche is and even the name of the store, they are unlikely to spend any second browsing your profile. Thus, you lose the chance to gain potential customers for your company.

Tips for having a good Instagram biography

1 – Professional account

First of all, the first step should of course be to turn your account into a professional profile.

This way, in addition to being able to categorize your business among the 12 options available, you can also access the metrics that the platform itself offers.

To turn your account into a professional profile, just:

1 – Access the 3 horizontal arrows in the upper right corner;

2 – Click on “settings”;

3 – Access “account”;

4 – At the bottom of the page, click on “Switch to professional account”;

5 – Select the “Company” option;

6 – Connect to your Business Facebook page (or do this later);

7 – Select the category of choice;

8 – Confirm your contact information and you’re done. Your professional profile is now created.

2 – Profile picture

biografia para instagram foto de perfil

For Ecommerce, the ideal is always to put your company logo on your Instagram profile picture. In this way, you convey a more professional image to customers and, consequently, build trust. Only upload your own photo if you are a public figure, entrepreneur or digital influencer

Whatever you choose, the photo needs to be of good quality and visible to users. It’s worth investing in the work of a designer to create a professional logo or a photographer to take good pictures of you.

3 – Have a good profile name

Your profile name (using with the @) is how people will search for your account. In other words, it needs to be simple and easy to remember.

The more self-explanatory you are and contain a word related to your brand, users will hardly forget how to find your account.

4 – Title with keyword

It is very important that your name just below your profile picture (known as the title) has a good keyword.

For example, let’s say you have a beauty products ecommerce site called Glamour. Instead of just leaving the name alone in the title, include a keyword relevant to your audience. It is usually accompanied by the “ | ”.

For example: Glamor | Makeup and Moisturizing Creams.

This helps the search engine to find the profile when people are not typing your brand name right.

5- Clear description

In the Instagram biography, you can use up to 150 characters to write about your brand. With this limitation, the important thing is to be be direct and clear.

Show what users can find on your profile and how their problems can be resolved. Always remember to present a value proposition for your brand, the transformation it generates and for whom it is intended.

In our profile, for example, we do this using just 2 lines. In the first, we show what we do. In the second, we have included a Call to Action for the user to click on the indicated link..

“🥇Biggest Online Ecommerce School in Brazil. Education and support at all stages of your business”.

“❗Everything you need to sell on the internet👇🏻”. And here, we solve your doubts about how to sell online, through the link.

biografia para instagram descrição

6 – Use a link aggregator

The Instagram biography is one of the places where Instagram allows you to include a clickable link. So it’s a good idea to direct users to your website, Whatsapp or other sales and lead generation environment.

It is only possible to add 1 link in the biography. However, if necessary, you can use a link aggregator to add more O , for example, it is a free-optional and very useful tool.

This way, the user clicks on your bio and is redirected to a portal with all available links, where you can click on whatever you want.

See our how it works:

biografia para instagram links (2)

7 – Use visual elements

In addition to passing necessary information, your Instagram biography cannot be composed only of texts. It needs to be visually beautiful and eye-catching.

So don’t be afraid to use some emojis to make your bio more colorful. This gives your business more personality and attracts people.

A good idea is  to use emojis that suit your Ecommerce. If you sell pet products, put a puppy. If you sell beauty products, it could be makeup.

However, just as you need to balance hashtags, the drawings in your biography should also be used well. Be careful not to visually damage the Instagram biography with too many emojis.

8 – Inform contacts in the biography for Instagram

Add contacts so users can talk to you. This is possible in the professional profile, just include the information you want to share.

On the Ecommerce in Practice account, for example, you can send an email or direct just by clicking on the biography.

biografia para instagram contatos

To do this in your account, go to the “Edit profile” option, then enter “Commercial information” and, finally, go to “Contact option” to add your address, email and telephone number.

9 – Essential Information

There is some information that is essential in your Instagram biography, such as location, delivery, etc. To decide which ones to include, just understand what can add value to your brand.

Added the location of your Ecommerce, it will be much easier to generate contacts with partners who depend on proximity to close a deal.

In addition, it attracts even more consumers who live near you. For people, the closer the shipping point is to the customer’s home, the more confident and likely they are to close an account.

But when informing the location, make it clear which places you send to so as not to scare off customers who live further away from you.

Regarding delivery, it is important to highlight if you offer free shipping or any special conditions for certain regions. This helps to influence the purchase in your store.

10 – Instagram biography highlights 

In your biography, you can leave stories permanently highlighted so people can watch them whenever they want.

This is a great way to record necessary information about your business that might not fit the description.

Some companies post “Who we are”, “Contacts”, “Promotions”, “FAQ” and much more. You can edit them whenever you want and keep them up to date.

Sell on Instagram every Day!

biografia para instagram ebook

The Instagram biography is the first step to getting great results on your social network.

As your first contact, you need to present yourself in the best possible way and show that your business is trustworthy.

However, to sell a lot, you need to better understand the platform and what strategies to use.

You can learn this and more in the How to Sell on Instagram ebook. See how to use one of the biggest social networks in the world in the best way possible!

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