How to copy text on Instagram

Like a quote or article under a photo in someone else’s Instagram blog? In this article, we’ll show you how to copy text on Instagram.

Copy text on Instagram from phone

First, let’s look at the process of copying a description under a photo from mobile devices on Android and iOS.

From iPhone

Text notes and comments cannot be copied in the Instagram app. The administration of the social network has disabled this feature to combat plagiarism.

If you want to copy a fragment of the description in the application, then open the desired post and go to the publication management menu – a button with an icon of three dots in the upper right corner.

Меню управления постом в социальной сети Instagram
Three dot icon – post management menu

In the menu that opens, click “Copy link” – it will be added to the clipboard of your smartphone.

Копирование ссылки на пост в Инстаграм
Copying the link to the publication

Now open a browser on iPhone: Safari Google Chrome, Opera, etc. Paste the copied link into the address bar.

Вставляем ссылку на пост в браузер на iOS
Paste the copied link to open the post in a browser

An Instagram post will open. Now tap the smartphone screen on the first line of the post.

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In a moment, the selection tool will appear. Set the “borders” of the selection and click the “Copy” button – the record will be added to the clipboard.

Копирование текста в Инстаграм на Айфоне
Now select and copy the text

You can now add text to a post on your Instagram page.

In order not to lose your recording, save it in the standard Notes application on your iPhone.

On android

The first way to copy a description under a photo on Android does not differ from the one described above – on iOS.

Copy the link to the post in the Instagram app from the post management menu.

Копирование ссылки на публикацию на Android
Copy the link to the post in the Instagram app for Android

Paste the link into the address bar of your mobile browser.

Вставляем ссылку на в адресную строку мобильного браузера
To open a post through a browser – paste the link into the address bar

Select the desired piece of text, copy and paste into a text editor or your own publication.

The second method is the “Saver Reposter for Instagram” application. Download the program from the Play Store – it’s free.

Start the “Saver” application. Next, open the Instagram mobile app and copy the link to the post.

Go to the Saver program and paste the link into the address bar.

Вставляем ссылку на фото в приложении Saver для Андроид
Specify a photo to publish in “Saver”

An Instagram post will open in the application: photo, text, hashtags. Click Copy Text.

Копируем текст, который расположен под фото, через приложение Saver
Now copy the text under the photo – in the “Description” section

You can save a photo and hashtags, as well as copy all materials related to the publication.

Via Instagram web

To copy the text of a post to Instagram via a computer – log into your account on the web version of the social network. Find the post you want and highlight the post description.

Right-click and select Copy.

Копирование текста в Instagram для ПК
Copy text in the desktop version of Instagram

The text will be placed on the clipboard. Save it to a third-party text editor – Microsoft Word, Google Docs, Notepad.

Instasave Web Application

You can also use the Instasave online service on your computer, a tool for saving videos and images from the Instagram social network.

Go to the web application site.

Copy the link to someone else’s or your own post on Instagram.

Paste the link into the information entry line on the Instasave website. Click the Download button.

Использование онлайн-инструмента Instasave
Insert the link to the post into the web app

A post will be displayed under the address bar: first the username, then the text, and at the end a photo.

To copy the text fragment of the recording, click the “Copy caption” button.

Копирование ссылки на пост в Инстаграм0
Button to copy text to Instagram

Special Telegram bot

Now let’s look at a way to copy text through the Telegram bot @instasavegrambot. With the help of the bot, you can copy beautiful text with a changed font and special characters: check marks, emoticons (Emoji), brand icons.

In the first window of the bot, click the “Start” button.

Копирование ссылки на пост в Инстаграм1
Bot start @instasavegrambot

To get a post description – paste the link to the post and send a message.

Копирование ссылки на пост в Инстаграм2
Message with text from the description below the photo

Two messages will be received in response: the first is a photo from the post, the second is a text. Copy the second post and save it in your notes or add to your own post on Instagram.

To get a profile description, send your account login via @.

Копирование ссылки на пост в Инстаграм3
Send profile login to get account description

The bot preserves text formatting: special characters, indents, paragraphs, spaces.

How to copy text from comments

Now let’s look at a way to copy text to Instagram from comments. The easiest method is to open the post through a browser – on a computer or smartphone – and copy the comment.

The second method is a special bot for Telegram @getcombot. Send the bot a message with a link to the post where the comment you want is located.

Копирование ссылки на пост в Инстаграм4
Bot will send a link to comments

The link will be added to the job queue. Uploading comments may take 5-10 minutes – the time depends on the queue.

A special link can be used to view information about the task.

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Recognizing and copying text from a photo

If the text is in a photo, then standard copying methods will not help. In this case, you will need a tool for character recognition in the image “ImgOnline”.

  1. To use the web tool follow this link.
  2. Save the photo with the text on your computer or smartphone.
  3. Add an image in the online application . Supported formats are BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG, TIFF.
  4. Specify the recognition language: Russian, English, Italian, etc. Multiple languages ​​can be specified at the same time.
  5. Click OK. On average, processing time for one photo takes from 20 to 60 seconds.
Копирование ссылки на пост в Инстаграм5
This is how the text recognizer settings look like

If the photo uses an unusual font – serifs, italics, highlights – then there will be errors in the text. Please correct any errors manually before copying the resulting text.


Now you know how to copy to Instagram from your phone and computer. If you add a borrowed fragment in your personal profile, please provide a link to the source so as not to violate copyright.

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