How to come up with a beautiful and original nickname on Instagram: 13 ideas and tips

In this article, we’ll talk about how to come up with a nickname on Instagram. To do this, I will share tips and ideas to help you choose a unique and beautiful username for your blog, personal profile or business account.

Let’s study examples of successful nicknames – foreign and Russian, – consider free online nickname generators.

Why do you need a beautiful and memorable nickname?

An Instagram nickname is a profile business card. A beautiful, laconic and memorable nickname is the first step in promoting your account. If you use a keyword in the profile name – for example, you sell Ray Ban glasses – then social network users will find the account in the search for “Ray Ban”.

Also, the nickname should reflect the profile of the profile so that Instagram users understand what your page is about. A simple example: on a business card, in the feed or on a website, a person sees a link to an Instagram page with the nickname @ abrakadabra23123. It is unlikely that he will go to this profile, since such a set of characters “says” that there is nothing interesting on the page.

Let’s replace “gibberish” with @kino_blog. Now the person understands that this is an Instagram profile about a movie. The probability that he will go to the page increases 2-3 times.

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How to come up with a nickname: tips and ideas

Let’s move on to the practical part of the article – we’ll come up with a nickname for the Instagram account. Since the blog is read by entrepreneurs, bloggers and regular users, let’s look at the process of “generating” a username for each category of Instagram users.

The maximum nickname length is 30 characters. It is allowed to use only Latin (English) letters. You can add numbers and an underscore “_” if your name is already taken. You cannot use third-party fonts, such as in the profile header or text under the publication.

Personal Profile

Recommendations and advice when choosing a nickname for your personal profile:

  • Use first and last name. For example @vasya_pupkin. If the username is taken, remove the underscore, add a number, or leave only the last name.
  • List your favorite activity. If you are singing, you can add the word singer to the name. It will be @vasya_singer or @singer_pupkin. Use other areas of interest in the same way – drawing, writing.
  • Add the diminutive form of the name. This tip is more suitable for girls. Instead of @elena, write @lenochka, and instead of @nina, write @ninochka. Add your last name, patronymic or hobby to make your nickname unique.
  • Enter a city or region. Add the name of the city, town or region where you live to the name. For example, @vasya_moskva or @evgeny_omsk. If the username is taken, then add the region number after the city or town.
  • Initials. Instead of first and last name, use initials in combination with a hobby or city: @vp_writer (writer Vasya Pupkin), ei_msk (Elena Ivanova from Moscow). To achieve uniqueness, add the first letter of the middle name to the nickname: @vip_painter (Vasily Ivanovich Pupkin, artist).
  • Transliteration. If all interesting and memorable variations of a nickname with a name, hobby and city are busy, then try transliteration. Instead of @singer, write @pevec, and instead of @writer, write @pisatel.
  • Additional letter. Add one more letter to the first or last name: @igorr_petrov or @olegg_msk. But don’t overdo it – one extra letter is enough.
  • Creative with numbers. Usually people add the year of birth at the end of the nickname. But numbers can be used in a more interesting way. For example, a four can replace the letter “A” – @ m4ster, @ c4t. For nicknames in English – without transliteration – you can replace part of a word with a number. For example, the figure eight in the word “hater” is @ h8ter.


We’ve sorted out the personal profile. Now let’s move on to blogs and come up with a nickname for the thematic page on Instagram.

Blog Ideas and Recommendations:

  • Reflect the subject in the username. If the blog is about social networks, then add the word @smm or the name of a specific platform: @instagram, @vk, @ok. For example, let’s take the Instagram account of this site – @smmtips_blog. The first part of the nickname contains the name of the website, and the second contains the type of page.
  • Professional activity. A similar item was in the section for choosing a nickname for a personal profile. But there it was called “hobby”. Instead of hobbies, indicate professional activity: @designer (designer), @copywiter (copywriter). It is not necessary to indicate the profession in English – use transliteration: @stomatolog, @marketolog.

Business Account

An Instagram profile is a great tool for promoting your business. A business page needs a nice and memorable nickname. It should reflect the activities of the company.

Tips and tricks for choosing a username for business accounts:

  • Field of activity. Indicate the field of activity in the nickname – so it will be easier for users to find you in the search. If you are installing plastic windows, then use @plastikovye_okna in the profile name. Similarly, select a nickname for other areas: @shop – for a store, @hotel – for a hotel.
  • Company or brand name. Use your business name. This is a great way to increase company or brand awareness.
  • The name of the product or service. If you sell t-shirts, use @ t-shirts in your title. This also applies to the service industry – nail artists often use @nails and hairdressers often use @hairs.
  • Enter a city or region. As with your personal profile, specify the town or city where the company operates. Are you installing windows in Novosibirsk? Then the username @okna_novosibirsk is a good choice.

Examples of successful nicknames

Let’s move on to examples of successful and beautiful nicknames on Instagram. Let’s take a look at the unique nicknames of blogs, business accounts, and personal pages – with an explanation of why this is a good username. There will be 3 examples in total.

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The first example is the Instagram profile of the T-Zh online magazine. The name of the publication is used as a nickname: @tinkoffjournal. Without additional characters and numbers – in one line. When users see a profile in the feed of publications, subscriptions or search, they immediately understand what this page is about: Tinkoff is a well-known Russian bank combined with the word “magazine”.

Instagram account “T — Z”

The second example is the personal profile of the American entrepreneur @garyvee. The owner of the page is Gary Vaynerchuk. He uses the first and last name for the nickname. But his last name is complex and long, so he simply shortened it to vee. This username is much easier to remember.

Instagram page @garyvee

The third example is the Littlest Pet Shop page. The name of the store is used as a nickname. There is a trigger word “shop”. When people see this profile name, they immediately understand that there are products for sale that are related to animals.

Instagram online store

Online nickname generators

Can’t come up with a unique and unusual nickname for your Instagram profile? Delegate this task to artificial intelligence. To do this, use special online nickname generators.

Title Short description Free online nickname generator. To generate a username, specify the first letter of the nickname, the number of characters, select the type of generator. You can completely trust the random. Foreign online service for generating nicknames. Enter a name, nickname or keyword and click “Spin!” The tool will suggest 30 username options. A simple and free online tool for generating nicknames. In the settings, select the creation option, the first letter and the language option. Indicate the number of syllables. You can completely trust the random.


Using the recommendations from the article, you will definitely come up with an unusual and free nickname for your Instagram profile in 5-7 minutes. Tips are suitable for personal pages – it doesn’t matter if you are a boy or a girl – blogs, online stores, brand accounts.

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