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How to choose a winner in the Instagram draw: TOP-11 best services

Want to interest subscribers in your profile and increase engagement on your page? If the answer is yes, then you should run Instagram contests. Giveaways like this are great at increasing reach and attracting potential users.

But the functionality of the social network itself is not enough to collect a list of participants, assign an individual number to each, and determine the winner. In this case, you should use a third-party service – a random number generator for drawing on Instagram.

We offer you to familiarize yourself with the most simple and functional online programs.

How to choose the winner of the drawing on Instagram by comments – order of actions

Instagram is a platform with simple rules and great opportunities in terms of earnings and development. So any blogger, company or individual can submit their requirements to the competition.

The objectives of such prize drawings are as follows:

  • creating more user reach;
  • attracting new subscribers;
  • promoting a personal profile from scratch;
  • increasing the activity of an existing audience.

In the process of organizing, it is important to create a post-proposal that can maximize the interest of the target audience. In addition, you should think in advance and communicate about the prizes. The more valuable they are, the more actively subscribers show themselves – they like, mark you in stories, try to fulfill all the conditions, even if there are several of them.

There are two ways to determine the winner of the competition on Insta by comments:

  1. Manual selection. Suitable only if there are few participants, and the check of the fulfillment of the conditions of the drawing is carried out deliberately, and not randomly. For example, the best caption for a photo in a post is selected.
  2. Using a randomizer. There are a lot of services that allow you to make a choice automatically. Among them there are universal ones, that is, they perform all actions at once: search for a finalist, check the fulfillment of all requirements. But there are also ones with a simpler set of functions, in which case it is necessary to check the fulfillment of the specified conditions on your own.

General scheme of actions during the drawing to select a winner in a special service:

  • Open the selected site.
  • Set the required numerical range.
  • Specify the number of numbers to be selected (by the number of prizes).
  • Check the box “No repeats” (if any).
  • Click “Generate.”

It is best to summarize the results of the drawing live. This builds your subscribers’ trust and shows that everything is being done as honestly as possible.

TOP-11 services for contests and sweepstakes


One of the most famous sites for contests in social networks. It has been operating since 2013, has an excellent reputation and a high level of trust among users. Simple and easy to use. With its help, you can choose the winner on other platforms, such as YouTube, Vkontakte, TikTok.

Генератор случайных чисел для розыгрыша в Инстаграм

Key benefits:

  • user-friendly and modern interface;
  • repost check;
  • access to the functionality is free (except for paid Premium options);
  • processing of all comments ;
  • using the minimum amount of traffic;
  • high speed of work;
  • setting the parameters of the drawing.

It is not at all necessary to buy a Premium tariff, especially if it is an express or a small competition … But if you are planning a mass event, you can purchase Premium for 200 rubles.

2. Winner

Winner is another convenient and free random service that determines the winner according to the set parameters. Here you can save the results of all competitions you run.

Рандом сервис - Winner

The principle is simple. First, register, go to the main page and insert the link to the post with the giveaway. Then you set up the necessary conditions and determine the winner. You can choose one or several conditions yourself:

  • The presence of a comment under the contest post.
  • The presence of a like.
  • Subscribing to an account.

You can choose several prizes at once and find all comments from one member.

3. Youtogift

An excellent automated online platform created in 2019. Laconic and pleasant design, all information is displayed clearly and accessible. If necessary, you can easily contact technical support. Youtogift allows you to summarize the competition on Instagram, VK and YouTube.

Youtogift - отличный автоматизированный сервис для выбора победителя

The speed of work is high, it does not take much time, because the service does not require uploading comments and collecting likes. In the process of determining the results, the participants are automatically checked for the fulfillment of the conditions.

Moderators make up their own black list, where you can find all unscrupulous organizers. All information about the drawing is freely available, everyone can find their own number.


A unique tool that allows you to upload all likes and comments from any post on Instagram to a special Excel file. The site was created in 2018, so it already has regular customers. The design is modern and worked out to the smallest detail, even a beginner can easily cope with the functionality.

Уникальный инструмент генерации случайных чисел для розыгрышей в Инстаграм

Some resources have restrictions on uploading, but collects all the information, so it has practically no analogues. Other features include the following help:

  • Unloading from hashtag.
  • Bloggers rating.
  • Creating an Excel spreadsheet.
  • Cleaning up subscribers. The service offers 25 filters for selecting subscribers, but the cost is high – from 20,000 rubles.
  • Comparison of subscribers. You can easily compare subscribers of two accounts and unload unique or overlapping subscriptions.

Currently there are 4 tariffs to choose from: Free, Start, Pro, Unlim. For those who rarely conduct a giveaway, they can safely use the free tariff, that is, they do not subscribe, but pay in fact for the uploaded information.

For example, when uploading 1,000 likes, you need to pay 40 rubles. If you often increase the activity of your account, it is better to choose some other tariff.


This is a whole set of free lottery services with handy tools. The site is constantly updated with a variety of generators that can be useful.

Набор сервисов для розыгрыша -

It’s easy to use: choose a random number generator, mark the numerical range (from 1 to the last available digit), select the number of random digits and click “Generate Numbers”.

You can use the resource without authorization. Just choose the tool you want from a huge selection.

6. Simpliers

An excellent site designed not only for PCs, but also for mobile gadgets. All the results of the competition are in the public domain, so that anyone can check the honesty of the choice. If necessary, you can determine the winner directly online or record on video.

Simpliers - отличный сервис для проведения розыгрышей в Инсте

There is a free plan and simpliPro to choose from, the cost of which starts from 249 rubles. A support service is provided that promptly answers any questions that arise.

Many such programs take only 100-150 comments into account. So if, for example, there are more than 300 under the post, they all do not count. Simpliers counts everyone, even if there are more than 3,000 participants.

7. VerifyShare

Another way to find the winner of the draw. To do this, you need to insert a link to the post or mark the profile name. Here you can:

  • Check the fulfillment of the specified conditions of the competition in automatic mode.
  • Select several winners.
  • Analyze replays.
  • Set the chances of winning (select by number of comments).
VerifyShare - еще один генератор случайных чисел

The resource is free, but there is paid functionality – 150 rubles, 250 rubles, and 500 rubles. with additional features. The cost depends on the options selected.

8. Follower Analyzer

Dedicated giveaway app available for browsers and downloads to smartphones in Google Play and App Store. Allows you to analyze your account and subscribers.

Специальное приложение для розыгрышей - Follower Analyzer

Activity can be checked by comments, likes, reposts, and views of stories on Instagram. Additional options can be used to track and remove unscrupulous participants.

This software helps to find out page statistics and general audience behavior. There are additional paid features. The app is quite popular and affordable, as evidenced by the huge number of downloads.

9. Alpenbot

Automatically checks the fulfillment of conditions, such as subscribing to a contest profile, marks of friends without repeats, likes. Handles stop words and comment responses.

Рандомайзер Alpenbot

The service also checks the real reach and activity of users. Can download all participating profiles to Excel. Advanced analytics is available here, showing:

  • the most active participants;
  • the actual coverage of the drawing, lottery – the number of participants;
  • calculates the dynamics of the recruitment of commentators.


This project is non-commercial. It develops only thanks to user support. - сервис генерации случайных чисел

The tool allows you to randomly select a winner by generating numbers. You can specify a range or specify a list of specific numbers. The main features of the service:

  • Ability to manage stored data in your personal account.
  • No advertising on the site.
  • After registration, all options of your personal account are available.
  • All draws and numbers will be automatically saved for an unlimited time.
  • Registration cost – 300 rubles.

11. Castlots Random Number Generator (RNG)

This randomizer has a very simple interface. Helps to generate a sequence of random numbers or one number from a marked range. To select a random winner, you need:

  • Specify the number of numbers.
  • Specify a range, for example, from 1 to 15.
  • Click the active Generate button.
Рандом сервис - Winner0

You can use the site free of charge and without registration. There is a possibility of eliminating repetitions and picking up even bigger chances.

Brief characteristics of services

Paid functionality

Yes, 200 rubles

Yes, 399 rubles, 999 rubles and 9999 rubles

Yes, 249 rubles

Not needed if free

Yes, 150 rubles, 250 rubles and 500 rubles

Yes, 149 rubles per draw or 2,000 per month

Yes, 300 rubles

Not needed if there are enough free ones options

Frequently Asked Questions

The manual option can be used if the raffle among subscribers is very small. If there are more than 10 participants, it is better to use the program. This will increase the loyalty and level of trust in your account.

First, you need to decide on what parameters the winner will be selected. Will it be a drawing for likes, numbers, reposts, etc. After that, you need to check the functionality of the service and choose simple generators or those that have advanced options.

What types of pranks are there?

The easiest option is to determine the winner based on the publication’s likes. There can also be a choice by comments, hashtags, reposts, photo competition, lottery.

Briefly about the main thing

A properly organized Instagram contest is a great tool to attract a potential audience. The above are the most popular and convenient programs for determining a random winner.

Each of them has its advantages: somewhere there are no extra options, but somewhere you can set several conditions at once. For example, and RNG Castlots can only generate a number, while VerifyShare, and Winner offer advanced features and the choice of the lucky one for any parameters.

Definitely, it is more convenient to hold draws where you need to choose one single winning number with the help of special resources. So you don’t have to count likes and comments, assign a number to each participant. It is best to summarize the competition live.

Sincerely, Elena Sosnina
specially for the project

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