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How to check Instagram for cheating bots: manually + online services

In this article, you will learn:

  • How to check Instagram for cheating: likes, subscribers, comments. Let’s consider several different methods: manual methods and automated (using online services).
  • Why Instagram users cheat bots.
  • Let’s answer the question: “Mass following and massliking – cheating?” .

What is the purpose of boosting subscribers and likes

Followers and Likes are the two main metrics that Instagram bloggers are chasing. What can I say: even an ordinary mom, who posts photos of her child, and on weekends – cake recipes, dreams of gaining a large audience.

Followers and likes are fame. Everyone dreams of becoming popular and starting to monetize their blog: selling ads or selling their own products. But gaining an audience larger than a circle of friends and relatives is difficult. You need unique content, interesting presentation and budget to promote your Instagram account.

Therefore, novice bloggers choose an easier path of development – promotion. They wind up likes, wind up subscribers. Even comments can be bought. That’s just a “dead” audience – bots.

The inflated indicators are shown to advertisers: look, I have 100,000 subscribers, pay me 30,000 rubles for one post. Only there will be no exhaust from such advertising: bots will not go to the advertiser’s channel. They won’t even read the ad post.

How to check cheat manually: the main signs of bots on Instagram

It’s easy to check an Instagram blogger for cheats. This can be done manually – as they say, without registration and SMS. The only costs are personal time. And here for a full analysis, you will spend no more than 10 minutes.

Looking at likes and comments

This method will help to determine the cheat of likes. Study the last 20-30 posts. Look at the number of likes and comments. If a post has 10-20 thousand likes and only 10 comments, then there is a high probability that the indicators are screwed up.

Even with 1-2 thousand likes under one post, 10 comments is a very low rate.

Reading comments

So, we checked the ratio of likes and comments. Now read the comments that are left under the posts. Bots rarely write meaningful things. If all 20-30 commentators simply admire photography – they write something like “What a beautiful picture”, “Great photo”, “Nice shot” – then this is a cheat.

Also, among the cheated comments, there are often messages in English or Arabic. It is unlikely that foreigners found a Russian-speaking account and were able to understand what the blogger writes under the photographs.

Likes spread

Take another look at the posts. More precisely, the likes. Explore 20-30 recent publications. If there is a wide range of likes on them – for example, one has 10,000, the second has 700, and the third has 60,000 – then you have found a cheater.

Usually, likes are given by an active audience, who are interested in all publications: they are waiting for each new post. This is the core of the account.

An exception is viral posts, which can get 100,000 likes instead of the usual 10,000. But viral posts are rare.

This means that such a crazy spread of reactions from the audience is another proof of cheating.

Comparison method

Compare 2-3 accounts of the same topic. It is better if you take profiles for comparison, where there are definitely no winding indicators. First, evaluate the quality of the audience in a profile with a live audience: look at the number of followers and likes, read the comments. To do this, take the last 20 publications.

Then compare these metrics with a suspicious Instagram account. In theory, two profiles on the same topic have a similar audience. But on a boosted account, the indicators will be much worse – even with equal subscribers.

Here’s a simple example of comparing two profiles:

  • First Instagram account. The number of subscribers is 30,000 people. The average rate of likes for the last 20 posts is 3,000. Under each post, at least 60 comments – all of them on the topic of the post. We conclude: the account is alive.
  • Second Instagram account. The number of subscribers is 30,000 people. The average rate of likes for the latest posts fluctuates: some materials get 3,000 likes, others – 50. Each post has 5-6 comments. But there are exceptions – 300 comments, 90% of which are from foreigners. We conclude: this is an Instagram account with high performance indicators: only bots subscribe, comment and like.

We use online services for audience analysis

Analysis of Instagram accounts can be automated. To do this, use special online services: they determine the percentage of bots in the profile.

Let’s take a look at 3 of the best analytics tools. We recommend using one of them.


LiveDune is a major online service for complex social networking. The main direction of the tool is Instagram. The service analyzes accounts: monitors comments, compares several profiles, looks for new growth points, monitors competitors.

Главная страница онлайн-сервиса LiveDune
LiveDune Home

There is a separate tool “Cheat Check”. It is he who we need. To get started with LiveDune, you need to register on the official website and add a suspicious account for analysis.

The LiveDune service is paid. There are 3 tariff plans available.

– Monitoring from 300 accounts
– Uploading 5 million comments
– Priority support
– Autoposting
– Reports in PDF, Excel, PowerPoint

Fare name Opportunities
Blogger – Monitoring from 1 account
– Profile statistics
– Reports in PDF and Excel
– Monitoring comments
– Autoposting
Business – Monitoring from 5 accounts
– Quick collection of statistics
– Comparison of accounts
– Analysis of # hashtags
– 50 blogger checks

LiveDune cost starts from 300 rubles (“Blogger” tariff). The “Business” tariff plan costs from 2,000 rubles, and the “Agency” – 9,900 rubles.

Free trial for 7 days

Try LiveDune service for free >>>


trendHERO is a professional service designed to find and check out bloggers on Instagram. The platform has over 30 million accounts.

trendHERO — проверка на накрутку в Instagram
Home trendHERO

More than 90 metrics are used to check an account for cheating.

Why the tool is useful:

  • Search for the right bloggers who will reach your target audience.
  • Cheat check Find out which blogger will give the result: subscribers, sales.
  • Analysis of the quality and growth of subscribers .
  • Researching audience interests.

You don’t need to connect your account to start reviewing.

Service cost: from $ 10 per month. There is a free plan – it gives you the opportunity to get basic information about bloggers.

Get started with trendHERO for free >>>


A simple service that allows you to quickly check your Instagram account for cheats. The tool determines the real number of followers, likes and comments. Also, FakeLikeInfo helps to find out the engagement level (ER) of an account: how the audience interacts with publications.

Сервис для проверки Инстаграма на накрутки
FakeLikeInfo service main page

To get started with the online service, you need to register on the site: log in with your Instagram account or email. Next – specify the account login for the analysis. The tool is paid, but there is one free plan.

There are 6 tariffs available.

Tariff name Opportunities
Free – Analysis of Instagram accounts with an audience of up to 500 subscribers (1 time)
Lite – Checking accounts with an audience of up to 20,000 subscribers (1 time)
Standard – Analyzing profiles with an audience of up to 50,000 subscribers (1 time)
Marketer – Checking Instagram accounts with a total audience of no more than 150,000 subscribers (1 time)
Business – Analysis of profiles with an audience of up to 500,000 subscribers (1 time)
Brand – Checking accounts with an audience of up to 3,000,000 subscribers (1 time)

Functions include:

  • Post analysis. Checking real and winding likes.
  • Account analysis. ER calculation.
  • Follower analysis. Checking active and fanned subscribers.
  • Analysis of comments. Search for real and fake messages.

The price for using the service starts from 399 rubles (“Lite” tariff). The best option for the ratio of cost and number of functions is “Standard”. It costs 599 rubles. The maximum “Brand” tariff costs 4,999 rubles.

Is mass following and massliking a promotion?

Sometimes mass following and mass liking are equated with cheating. This is mistake. Unlike cheating bots, mass actions are one of the ways to promote on Instagram.

Cheating is a gray promotion method that is prohibited by the administration of the social network. If you are suspected of cheating, the page will be blocked – possibly forever.

Mass following and mass liking are also discouraged by the Instagram administration. But getting blocked for using these promotion methods is more difficult.

The main difference between promotion through bulk actions and promotion is that in the first case, you attract a live audience: readers, buyers, fans. To do this, collect a list of target audience and start bombing them – subscribe and rate posts.

A person sees that someone subscribed or liked, went to this account and, if he liked it, subscribed. This is how we recruit live followers.

This is important: Do you dream of becoming popular on Instagram and start making money? Do you want to attract new subscribers and customers for your business? This will help the Zengram service – a tool for professional and safe promotion.

The tool attracts only live subscribers – your target audience. There is a free trial period (3 days).

The first results of promotion (new subscribers and clients) – already in 2-3 hours after the start.

Start promoting your account for free >>>

In the case of cheating, we only get bots – they are definitely not interested in the content. And even more so, “dead souls” will never perform the desired target action: an application, a purchase, a meaningful comment.


Using the methods described in the article, you can quickly check any Instagram account for cheating: followers, likes, comments. All you need is free time or a few thousand rubles in your pocket.

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