Смена никнейма — имени пользователя

How to change your name on Instagram – step by step guide

When registering a profile on Instagram, you provided incorrect information about yourself: made a mistake in your name; chose a bad nickname? In this article, we will look at how to change your Instagram name from your phone and computer.

Can I change my Instagram name?

In the process of creating an Instagram account, you need to specify your first name, last name and nickname – a unique username that is filled in in Latin.

The nickname is displayed at the top of the mobile app interface.

Отображение никнейма в Инстаграм-профиле
Instagram username

It is used as a login to enter the social network. Also, by nickname, users can find a person in the search.

The functionality of the Instagram social network allows you to edit your profile – name, surname, avatar, nickname, account description – an unlimited number of times.

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Observe the following rules when creating a new name:

  1. Don’t use foul language in your account name. This violates the rules of the social network. For non-compliance with the rules, the user is sanctioned in the form of blocking: for 14 days, for 30 days or forever.
  2. Use numbers and special characters in your nickname . This will help make the profile name unique. For example, it is difficult for a company that sells sneakers to find a unique account name due to the high competition.
    Add an underscore, dash or number to your nickname to stand out from the competition.
  3. Don’t write a long profile name . An Instagram nickname should be simple and memorable. This is especially true for business accounts.

Change name from phone

To change your Instagram name from your mobile phone, open the application.

Go to the “Edit profile” section, which is located under the line with account statistics: the number of publications, subscribers and subscriptions.

Редактирование профиля в Instagram
Button for editing Instagram account

In the “Name” field, enter your first and last name in any language: Russian, English, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese.

Смена имени в профиле
Specify a new username

Tip: In your personal profile, write real data: it will be easier for friends, relatives and acquaintances to find you on Instagram.

In the line “About me”, you can specify an additional description of the profile: occupation, interests, age, contact information.

If you have a commercial account – an online store, a brand page – then this is a required field. The information in this section will help potential customers to get more information about the company or product.

Заполнение блока «О себе» в Instagram
Fill in the field with detailed information about yourself, company or brand

In the description, you can use # hashtags and indicate links to other pages through the “@” symbol. For example: @smmtips_blog.

The process of changing a name on Instagram is the same on all mobile devices: an iPhone, an Android tablet, or an emulator for a computer.

Change name from computer

Open your profile page in a browser and click the Edit Profile button.

Редактирование Инстаграм-профиля с компьютера
Browser account edit button

A section will open where you can rename your account. In the “Name” field, enter your first and last name in any language.

Смена имени на компьютере
Specify a new name on Instagram from a computer

Also in this section you can change your profile photo, email address, description.

After making the changes you want, click the blue Submit button to save your edits.

In the web version of Instagram, you can use unique and beautiful fonts to fill out the About Me field.

For more information about changing the font on Instagram, see the article “How to change the font on Instagram” on our website.

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How to change your Instagram nickname

Open the profile settings on your smartphone, tablet or computer. In the line “Username” enter a new nickname.

Смена никнейма — имени пользователя
Specify a new Instagram username

Remember that the login is indicated in the Latin alphabet. Nicknames should be unique, short and memorable.

Underscores (_), dashes (-), and numbers (0-9) are allowed. You cannot write special characters and punctuation marks – “#! $ @? * “” .

How to change your Instagram name: tutorial video

At the end of the article on how to change your name on Instagram, let’s consolidate the learned material:

Nick is a unique username , which is used in two cases: logging into your account; search for a person on a social network.

Username is indicated in Latin ; the account name can be written in any language.

You can also watch the process of changing your name on Instagram in the video:

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