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How to change the font on your Instagram account

To increase the number of followers on your Instagram profile, you need to attract the attention of your audience. The first thing that the user who logs in to the account pays attention to is the description in the header. Next, the visitor begins to explore the content.

In this article, we will look at how to change the font on Instagram: in self information and text posts. We’ll also talk about how to make beautiful lettering on photos.

How to change the font in your information about yourself from your phone

The profile header contains information about your account. Bloggers write about their interests and indicate contact information for communication; brands talk about their products. The “About Me” section helps you get the first impression of your Instagram account.

Как заполнить информацию о себе в Инстаграм
An example of well-filled information “About Me” – an exotic fruit store in Moscow @ mangoed.msk

Use non-standard fonts and special characters to highlight important information in the description.

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The standard Instagram text editor has limitations:

  1. In s, you can only use Emoji (Emoji), hashtags and links.
  2. You cannot select a separate block of text in bold or italics, change the font. To do this, you need to download a special smartphone application that allows you to choose a font family.

iOS Applications:

Better Fonts . Download Better Fonts software for iPhone or iPad. The utility is distributed free of charge.

Start Better Fonts and minimize the program. Go to Settings – General – Keyboards. Click “New Keyboards …”. This is necessary in order to add the keyboard of the Better Fonts application.

Как добавить новую клавиатуру в iOS
Adding a new keyboard to iOS

Now launch the Instagram app and go to the section for editing your info. Start switching the layout language until the Better Fonts app keyboard opens.

To change the font, click on the “f” icon on your keyboard. A list of available families will open.

Смена раскладки с шрифтом в Better Fonts
List of Instagram fonts in Better Fonts App

Most of the fonts are locked. To remove the restrictions, you need to buy the Premium version of the application.

The main drawback of Better Fonts is that the utility does not support Russian fonts.

Cool Fonts. Download the Cool Fonts app from the App Store. You can download the application for free. Some of the fonts in the program are locked. To remove the restrictions, you need to buy a license.

Go to your iPhone or iPad settings and add a keyboard from Cool Fonts. Open the section for editing information about yourself on Instagram and start changing the layout language.

The Cool Fonts keyboard will open. To select a font for filling the section, click on the icon with the letter “F”.

Выбор семейства шрифтов в Cool Fonts
Choosing a nice font in the Cool Fonts application

Android Application:

Font for Instagram – Beauty Font Style. Go to the Play Store and install the application on your smartphone or tablet.

Run the utility. A small window will open in the main window in which you need to enter text. Below are the fonts for text content design.

Текст с красивым шрифтом для шапки Инстаграм
Writing a custom font for the About me

After you have entered the text, click the “Copy” button to save it to the clipboard.

Копирование текста в буфер обмена смартфона
Copy the text to the clipboard

Open the section for editing your Instagram profile. In the “About Me” field, paste the text you copied earlier.

Вставляем красивый шрифт в шапку Instagram
Add text with a changed font to the info field

This way you can change the font of the text in the profile about yourself from your mobile phone to Android or iOS. Similarly, the font in the text under the photos changes: you can create attention blocks in posts to increase audience engagement.

Attention boxes are portions of text that are bold, italicized, or framed. The task of the block is to attract the attention of the reader and convey important information to him.

How to change the font in Stories

Stories are the best tool for engaging your Instagram audience. In stories, they publish small video notes or photographs. You can also conduct polls in Stories.

To change the font and color of the text in Stories, download the Over app on your phone. The utility is available in the App Store (iOS) and Play Store (Android).

Click the Create button – the yellow plus at the bottom of the interface.

Создание шаблона для Stories в приложении Over
Create a new template in Over

Choose a template for your future photo. The image editor will open. Add your picture to the template using the “Image” function. Click Text to work with text and fonts.

Как изменить шрифт для сторис и опросов
Font selection for text in Stories

After you finish creating your photo, post it to Stories or use it in a survey.

Online font changing services

To change the font in the Instagram profile from a computer, we will use special online services.

Online services are applications that run in a browser. There is no need to download and install additional software on your computer. It is enough to go to the site and register an account in the system.

One of the best web apps for changing Instagram font from PC is Instagram Fonts Generator. Go to the website.

Enter the desired text in the “Type or paste your text here” box. As soon as you start typing the message, a list of available fonts will open.

Онлайн-сервис для смены шрифта в Instagram
Change the font on Instagram from your computer

Choose a font, copy the text and paste it on Instagram: in the profile header or under the photo.

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How to make a beautiful font on a photo

Photos with beautiful text are popular on the Instagram social network. To make an image with a caption, you need to download the AppForType application to your phone.

Open the program and take a new photo. You can add a ready-made image from the library.

The photo editor will start: at the bottom of the interface, click “FONT” and select a font for the future caption.

Как добавить новую клавиатуру в iOS0
Add nice text to the photo

After that, you can apply the desired inscription using a beautiful font.


A bright and non-standard font will help highlight the main meaning in the profile description or in the text under the Instagram photo. To change the font on your phone, you need to download special applications; you can use online services on your computer.

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