How to block and delete followers on Instagram

To gain a lot of followers on Instagram – today this goal is facing hundreds of social network users who want to gain the desired popularity. But what to do when it is not needed, and strangers continue to subscribe to the account? To find peace of mind, you can remove followers from Instagram. Moreover, you can protect your personal data by restricting access to your account.

Why remove followers from Instagram

Every day on smartphones of Instagram users there are several notifications that a beauty salon, fitness room, tattoo studio, etc. have subscribed to their account. This is due to the once effective tool for attracting subscribers – mass following.

Massfollowing is a massive subscription to random users in the hope that it will be a mutually and popular way of promoting among SMM managers. Some are neutral towards him, others – he is already tired of the order. Therefore, instead of reciprocity, mass following initiators often receive a backlash – a desire to delete an unnecessary subscription.

Having understood the motives of users, there are 2 reasons why they remove followers from Instagram:

If everything is clear with the desire to protect your personal information, then the second reason – the increase in the cost of the account – should be explained. One of the key factors affecting the value of an account is the engagement rate. It shows the percentage of active subscribers of the account and is calculated using the formula:

Average number of interactions / number of subscribers * 100%

The engagement rate decides which of the accounts with similar parameters will be in the TOP. Therefore, a large number of inactive subscribers pretty much spoils the rating of the promoted profile. With proper promotion, it is easier to get rid of them and focus only on attracting the target audience.

Can I delete followers on Instagram?

At the moment when it was decided to remove an unnecessary follower, a problem arises. After all, the “Delete” button, as in all other social networks, does not exist in the Instagram application. No, developers do not condemn users to the eternal contemplation of annoying subscribers. It’s just that the removal process is a little different than what users are used to seeing.

Method # 1. Account blocking

Instead of deleting a subscriber, you can block it on Instagram. Blocking is similar to adding a person to the “black list”, which is in other social networks. But it gives more restrictions to the user than usual.

What happens if you block a user:

  • He will be removed from subscribers, respectively, and your account will disappear from his subscriptions.

  • A blocked user will not be able to find your profile, even if he or she enters his username into the search box with character precision.

  • The review of publications is limited. Even if a person manages to find an account, he will see an empty wall in it.

  • Messages in Direct are blocked. Sent messages will not reach the addressee.

  • All likes and comments of the blocked user will disappear from the photos.

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If this method of solving the problem is suitable, you can start implementing it. It is worth noting that it is not applicable for bulk deletion. Having tried to remove at least 100 followers in this way, you can spend a whole day on it.

Blocking instructions:

Инструкция по блокировке

  • Find in the list the user you want to block and go to his page.

Инструкция по блокировке

Инструкция по блокировке

Инструкция по блокировке

The instructions are based on the example of the Instagram application for Android. IPhone owners can do the same as there is little difference in the interface of the apps.

Method # 2 Closing an account

For those who care about protecting their data, Instagram has a way to close your account from prying eyes. This function can also be used to remove a subscriber. To do this you need:

Закрытие аккаунта

Закрытие аккаунта

Закрытие аккаунта

  • We open the list of followers and find the user who needs to be removed from there. Please note that an additional button has appeared in front of each of them.

Закрытие аккаунта

Закрытие аккаунта

Инструкция по блокировке0

Instagram is good because it does not send notifications that a person has been blocked or removed from subscribers. Apparently, the developers felt that users did not need to find out this information. Therefore, it is unlikely that anyone will notice it right away, if you do not monitor the number of subscriptions every day.

Method # 3 Nonstandard

The last working method, which few people know about, is based on the same account blocking. But here it is used outside the box. The essence of the method is as follows:

Инструкция по блокировке1

Инструкция по блокировке2

Инструкция по блокировке3

As a result of these manipulations, the user will be removed from subscribers. But the comments and likes that he ever left under the posts will remain. The only drawback is that if a person notices that he has been deleted, he will be able to subscribe to the account again.

How to quickly remove many followers

Mass deletion of subscribers is not provided for by the internal functions of Instagram. But this gap was used by other developers who made third-party applications for working with a social network account. Most often these are programs for collecting statistics and analyzing your account.

What is their function:

  • Bulk unsubscribe from users who are not mutually signed.

  • Clustering subscribers into groups: followers, ghosts, bots, friends, etc.

  • Mutual subscription to all followers in 1 click.

  • Analysis of publications by the number of likes, comments, reposts.

  • Remove subscribers.

These applications can be downloaded for free in the Play Market or App Store. There are a huge number of their varieties, but in terms of functionality, they are all almost identical. Let’s look at how to quickly remove multiple followers using the Followers – Unfollowers application as an example.


  • After downloading the application, you need to log in. To do this, enter the login and password from your Instagram account. Click “Login”.

Инструкция по блокировке4

Инструкция по блокировке5

  • Here, to remove a subscriber, click on the “urn” opposite him. And so on down the list.

Инструкция по блокировке6

With this application, you can clean up the list of your subscribers in a couple of minutes without going to their profiles. Here you can also filter your subscriptions by removing non-reciprocal users from them. To do this you need:

Инструкция по блокировке7

Инструкция по блокировке8

There are programs in app stores with which you can unsubscribe from all non-reciprocal subscribers in 1 click. But, firstly, most often this service is paid, and secondly, it is unsafe. Here’s why.

Limits on Instagram 2018

Instagram administrators are well aware of the numerous “gray” ways to cheat subscribers, likes, reposts, etc. Therefore, in order for the fight for popularity to be honest, there are some restrictions on the social network related to user activity. Moreover, they were divided into 2 categories.

Limits for accounts under 6 months old:

  • subscriptions (unsubscriptions) – up to 30 per hour (up to 720 per day);

  • likes – up to 30 per hour (up to 720 per day);

  • comments – up to 30 per hour (up to 720 per day);

  • mentioning users in comments (@ account login) – no more than 5 in each;

  • the interval between actions is at least 50 seconds.

Limits for accounts older than 6 months:

  • subscriptions (unsubscriptions) – up to 60 per hour (up to 1440 per day);

  • likes – up to 60 per hour (up to 1440 per day);

  • comments – up to 60 per hour (up to 1440 per day);

  • mentioning users in comments (@ account login) – no more than 5 in each;

  • interval between actions – at least 20 seconds.

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Instagram uses special algorithms that track suspicious activity. Therefore, if you immediately remove 100-200 subscribers, the account may be blocked. Moreover, the blocking can last from several hours to several days. And repeated violation of the rules of the social network is fraught with the inclusion of an account in the ban forever.

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How to return a user to subscribers

If, after clearing the profile from unnecessary people, a friend / girlfriend accidentally gets locked under the lock, you can unlock them back. And this will happen imperceptibly. Instagram does not send any notifications about adding / removing people from the blacklist to users.

To return a blocked user, you need:

Закрытие аккаунта

Инструкция по блокировке3

Инструкция по блокировке4

Инструкция по блокировке5

If a user has been removed from a closed account, it will not work just as easily. To do this, you will have to use the search, and find a person from the million Instagram audience. It’s easier when a person has ever left a message in Direct, liked or noted in the comments, then you can find a link to his profile and just follow it.

After active marketing activities, hundreds of bots walk around on Instagram, and the same number of fake accounts hang, which are dead weight in the subscribers of real users. The social network is periodically cleaned by developers, but not as fast as new ones appear. Therefore, sometimes you need to remove fake pages from subscribers. Or completely close the account from them. There is no benefit from such followers, one threat is to become one of the recipients of mass mailing of spam.

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