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How to Become Popular on Instagram: 20 Cool Ways (2021)

In this article, you will learn:

  • How to become popular on Instagram: 20 ways.
  • Why you need popularity.

All the tips and recommendations in the article are fully relevant in 2021.

How to become popular on Instagram: TOP-20 ways

Let’s go straight to the main part of the article. Let’s talk about how to become popular on Instagram from scratch. To do this, consider 20 ways to help promote your Instagram account.

Create useful content

This is the foundation. Only content can make you a real star. You can spend hundreds of thousands of rubles on promotion, but if your posts are of no interest to anyone, then all investments will go down the drain.

If you are developing an expert blog, then create useful educational content. Let’s say you are a fitness trainer. Post different workouts for abs, legs, back, arms – in the format of regular posts and videos.

You also need to correctly design your content: choose bright and beautiful photos, use paragraphs and emoji in the text. Apply filters to the photo – for example, through the VSCO app or edit photos in Lightroom.

Connect with your audience

Communicate with your subscribers. Reply to messages in Direct, communicate in the comments. Ask questions at the end of each post.

Conduct polls. Let subscribers become a part of your “project”. This will increase audience engagement.

Make your profile cool

Be sure to make a beautiful Instagram profile design:

  • Upload an avatar. For a blog and a personal page – a personal photo; for a company or brand – the company logo.
  • Add a description. Place important information about yourself or your company in your profile header. Use Emoji. Read more about what to write about yourself in our article.
  • Make buttons for communication. This will make it easier for your audience to communicate with you.
  • Add an active link to the header. For example, you can insert a multi-link.

Analyze your competitors

Keep track of your competitors. See what kind of posts they post. Perhaps some ideas will seem interesting to you and you will add them to your content plan.

Analyze how competitors communicate with their followers; what promotions are being held.

Try the LiveDune service. Here you can track the statistics of your competitors: for example, how many people have subscribed to a competitor over a certain period of time.

Try cheating

To quickly gain first subscribers, likes, views, increase reach, try cheating. We recommend the Likemania service.

Here you can wind up subscribers, likes, views, saves, comments. It is cheap. It’s also safe: you don’t have to worry that your account will be blocked.

Накрутка показателей в Инстаграм через Лайкманию
Cheat in Likemania

You can select the type of promotion: attracting live people and robots. To get started, you need to specify the service, type of promotion, quantity and Instagram login.

The promotion will start immediately after you pay for the order.

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Make a content plan

Make a content plan. This is a schedule of publications for a week, month or year. This will help you focus on what’s important: developing your profile.

Пример контент-плана для Инстаграм
Sample Content Plan

You don’t have to “rack your brains” every day in search of topics for posts. Better to spend a day or two putting together a content plan.

Use hashtags

Many people ignore this way of promoting on Instagram. But in vain. Hashtags are a great way to promote for free.

But you need to use tags wisely. The maximum number of hashtags per post is 30.

Use only subject tags that are relevant to the subject of your post. For example, if you are publishing a selection of books, then the following tags will work for you: #books, #what to read, #selection of books, #interestingbooks.

You don’t need to add popular millionaire tags that are in no way related to the topic of the post. By thematic hashtags, you will only attract the target audience.

Don’t forget about Stories and Livestreams

This is kind of an addition to the quality content advice. In addition to posts and videos, publish Stories. They get more outreach.

For example, one of the use cases for Stories is to announce new posts. Add a link in Stories for the latest post.

Broadcast live. Answer questions from subscribers, tell interesting stories from life. You can do thematic broadcasts: for example, show effective exercises for the abs.

Mass following and mass liking

Try mass following and massliking. This is a massive follow-up and likes of Instagram users.

You subscribe / like your target audience, and they subscribe / like in response. But it is important to respect the limits – read more about this in our article “Limits and restrictions on Instagram”.

You can perform bulk actions manually. But it takes a long time. Therefore, automate them through Zengram.

This is a service for automatic promotion on Instagram. He subscribes himself, likes, watches Stories. You only need to add your account and choose a promotion method: by competitors, geolocation, hashtags.

You can try Zengram for free. There is a test period for 3 days.

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Post content regularly

Don’t take long breaks. Try to publish at least 3 posts per week. The bigger, the better. This will help you increase your post reach – and thus organic audience growth.

Finding the perfect time to post is also important. How to do it? Read our article “The best time to post on Instagram.”

Mutual PR

Collaborate with other bloggers. One of the most effective ways to promote – without cheating and investments – mutual PR.

Its essence is as follows:

  1. Find 5-7 accounts with related topics.
  2. Offer the authors of these profiles cooperation – mutual PR.
  3. If they agree, then you advertise them in your Instagram account and they advertise you.

Thus, you can quickly gain the first 1,000 subscribers – literally in one or two weeks.

Automate your routine

By routine, we mean publishing posts. Let’s say you have a content plan for the week ahead. We even prepared posts – all that remains is to publish them.

And every day you open the Instagram application and perform routine actions: first, choose a photo, then write text, insert hashtags.

We suggest you try deferred posting. To do this, use the “Parasite” service.

Сервис Паразайт

It’s simple: add an account and add posts to your account. Specify the desired date and time when the publication will be released. Thus, after spending one to two hours of time, you can schedule the publication of posts a week in advance.

Contests and Sweepstakes

Conduct contests and sweepstakes. This is another great way to promote organically on Instagram.

For the competition you need:

  • Come up with conditions for participation: for example, participants need to subscribe to your account, like the contest post and mark two friends in the comments.
  • Choose a prize. If you are an online store owner, then play your product. If you are an expert, then play a free consultation or training manual. You can choose a small cash prize as a prize.
  • Choose a winner. If you are running a creative competition – for example, for the best portrait, then rely on personal preference: whose work you liked the most won. But if this is a regular giveaway with classic conditions (like + subscription), then trust the random.

Targeted advertising

Set up targeted ads. This is a paid way to promote – you need an advertising budget.

You can set up a target through the Facebook ad account or in the Instagram application. To do this, you need to connect a business account.

After that, open the desired post and click the “Promote” button.

When setting up targeted advertising, it is important to choose the target audience correctly so as not to drain the entire budget. Plus it’s important to make a cool selling post that grabs the attention of potential subscribers.

Track important metrics

By “important metrics” we mean statistics: namely, the reach of your posts. To access statistics, you need to connect an author or business account.

See how your audience interacts with your content. There is a section in statistics that displays popular posts, stories, as well as top IGTV videos.

Обновленная статистика в Инстаграм
This is how Instagram statistics look like

Study these parameters to understand what type of content “hits” your target audience, and which posts are not worth spending time on.

Advertising with bloggers

Buy ads from bloggers. This is a great way to get things started quickly. But you need a budget – as a rule, advertising with famous Instagram bloggers is expensive.

For example, the average cost of one post for an author with an audience of 100,000 subscribers is 10 thousand rubles. At the same time, for this amount you can attract 5-7 thousand subscribers.

But before you buy ads, be sure to check bloggers for cheating. The trendHERO service will help you with this.

Also, trendHERO can help you find suitable bloggers to advertise. More than 30 million accounts are available in the database.

Study trends

See what’s hot on Instagram right now. To do this, analyze the accounts of famous bloggers.

Study their content: they often launch various challenges. By publishing trending posts and videos, you increase your chance of getting featured in recommendations. Read more about this in our article “TOP-12 Ways to Get into Recommendations on Instagram”.


Feel free to experiment. Try different content formats. Change the look of your posts.

This will help you find your unique style. Also, by constantly experimenting, you will quickly understand what content your target audience likes.

Constantly learn new things

To become popular on Instagram, you need to constantly learn. This applies not only to your professional activities.

In the social network itself, new ways of promotion and trends are constantly appearing. Therefore, always “keep your finger on the pulse”: read thematic blogs and sites (for example, ours), take training courses on Instagram promotion.

Interesting suggestion: Do you want to master the demanded profession of Instagram marketer and earn 80,000 rubles a month or more? Get trained in Skillbox. The program consists of 3 courses: 255 lessons in total. Training is conducted online.

You will learn how to promote Instagram accounts: develop a strategy, set up ads, create content. At the end of your studies, you will receive a diploma. There is an installment plan for 12 months: for online training you will pay 3,250 rubles / month.

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Be yourself

Well, the final tip: be yourself. No need to copy popular bloggers. This will definitely not make you popular.

People love sincere and “real” authors who are not ashamed of themselves. Tell the audience about your life, interests, and goals. This will increase the credibility of your subscribers as an author or brand.

Why popularity is needed: setting a goal

Now let’s talk about goals – let’s try to answer the question why you need popularity on Instagram.

Popularity goals:


Now you know how to become popular on Instagram. There is nothing super complicated here: try to use all 20 promotion methods that we described in the article.

This will help you gain subscribers much faster – even without a huge budget.

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